Reach A Predominately American Male Audience With ROK Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are an affordable way to share your site, product, or service with the ROK audience. Your message will be published on the ROK main page among our normal articles.

Create the article you want potential customers to see

We allow you to submit sponsored articles up to 1,500 words in length. Within that article you are free to include images, video clips, testimonials, and external links that sell your product. However, keep in mind that we only accept sponsored articles that give value to readers (i.e. content marketing). We are more than happy to help you come up with a theme or message that ROK readers will be receptive to.

Example 1:

If you have a men’s suit company, a good post idea is “5 Photos That Show You How To Wear A Suit” that links to your site after educating the reader on proper style.

Example 2:

If you have a bodybuilding product, a good sponsored article would teach men about lifting or gaining muscle before mentioning your product as a way to solve a common problem that lifters face.

You are free to use your sponsored article to display a conventional ad after giving helpful content to our readers. This ensures your sales message is well-received while not annoying readers who dislike traditional advertising.

Since ROK doesn’t want to confuse readers between editorial and advertising content, the top of your post will display this notice: “The following article has been sponsored by name.” We must also use nofollow rules on your link to abide by Google’s terms of service concerning sponsored content. Click here for an example sponsored article.

MikeCF testimonial

“How many views will my sponsored article get?”

We can’t make any guarantees since it depends on your headline and topic, but we expect 5,000 – 15,000 views per sponsored article. The more benefits that your headline suggests to the reader, the more likely they will click and read your message. Your article will run on the first available Tuesday or Thursday. You will be notified approximately one week after it’s published with stats on its performance.

We ran two sponsored posts with ROK that were together responsible for 1852 visits (from 1519 unique visitors) over the course of the past month or so… including 191 signups to our newsletter and 1093 unique visitors to our sales presentation. While we weren’t able to track which sales came from where, if ROK traffic converted at even half of our presentation average then we made double our money back from the spend. All in all, investing in a pair of sponsored posts with ROK was a good move for our business: it put us in front of an audience receptive to our message, and one that would benefit from our offer. This was another solid spend for us with Return of Kings and the Return of Kings readership. —Chase from

“Can you construct the sponsored article?”

Yes! For an extra $50 fee, we can construct an article using raw information that you supply us. You will be able to preview the article and suggest changes before it goes live on the site.

We help you track your sponsored article in Google Analytics

All links pointing to your site will be tagged with utm_source and utm_campaign so that you can track its performance in Google Analytics. You can view this data in Acquisition > Campaigns within the Analytics dashboard to see if the traffic we sent achieved the Events you configured.

Advertising with Return Of Kings was one of the best decisions I ever made for my store. Over 300% ROI within 36 hours. I plan to work with them again soon. —Brian from Island Lion Herbals

Readership stats and demographics

  • Monthly page views per month (average from previous 3 months): 3.1 million
  • Unique visitors per month: 1.0 million
  • Twitter followers: 17,500
  • Facebook followers: 14,000
  • Email subscribers: 9,500


Price and booking

The rate for one sponsored article is $225. As mentioned above, there is an additional $50 fee if you would like us to write the sponsored article for you. If you’re interested, send Roosh an email at [email protected] or use the form below. Inform him of (1) the product or site you’d like advertised and (2) ideas on what content your post will contain.

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