Commenting Rules & Tips

We have rules for ROK commenting. If you fail to follow the following rules, you will be banned.

1. Don’t talk down to writers, staff, or other commenters. Don’t call someone an idiot, moron, or hater. Don’t use condescending language such as “WTF are you talking about?” Don’t use textspeak. Don’t flood the comments with low value posts or troll others for reactions. Don’t post someone’s personal information. Defer to senior commenters.

2. Do not post about the following: jailbait pictures or stories, promotion of illegal crimes, p4p, gore, scat, or NSFW content. Do not share images or screenshots that identify your dates or girlfriends (e.g., first names, faces, phone numbers, etc) and do not share naked photos.

3. Do not post “racist” or “false flag” content that may incite attacks against ROK. This includes Nazi content, calls for race violence, and the use of racial epithets (“nigger,” “negro apes,” “coal burner,” etc).

4. Bans are permanent. If you try to return with another account, it will automatically be banned.

If you believe your banning was a mistake, contact us. If you don’t get a response to your appeal, it was denied.

How To Customize Your Avatar

Sign up for an account at Gravatar with a valid email address. Once you upload a custom avatar to their system, use the same email to post comments here. Your avatar will then automatically be displayed beside your comment.

How To Insert Links And Embed Images Or YouTube Videos

Simply paste the URL of the link, image, or YouTube in the commend field. It will automatically be converted to a link or embedded.

How To Stylize Your Comment

Some HTML code is valid in the comment field. To quote an external source, use the blockquote tag:
<blockquote>Insert quoted text</blockquote>

To bold your text, use the strong tag: <strong>Insert text to bold</strong>

To italicize your text, use the em tag: <em>Insert text to italicize</em>

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