An interesting thought recently crossed my mind. What would have happened if I stumbled across the manosphere in my late teens?

Back when I was a blue-pill high school greenhorn, clueless about women and with a mind set on “neutral,” I was destined to be just another cog in the big government machine. Simply put, I would have been the dog’s bollocks.

But having all these resources served on a silver platter would not have given me the hunger that I have for life today. I would take this things as granted instead of considering every opportunity as the last one.

Dwelling on those thoughts is not good. What I can do is to keep writing so other young people and lost men turn their life around for the better. If I must condense the most useful things I have learnt:

On Game

Logistics are key


Get a private room or an apartment within 20 minutes walk of the date location or party district. Check that the security will not cockblock you. Have alcohol and music ready at your place. Clean it. Have condoms stashed. Get taxi numbers, a local SIM card etc.


Keep an abundance mentality


Stop “over-pursuing” as Quintus puts it. The sheer number of women cruising around prevents you from being needy. Showing this weakness to women NEVER works in your favour.

Next the time wasters. If it is not her, it will be another. Stop dwelling in the past, stop keeping the number of dysfunctional girls from previous bangs. Keep moving forward.


A bad approach is better than none


This should be carved in every man’s brain. What is the worst than can happen? You have balls, use them. Who cares if you mumbled a bit. Smirk and carry on.

If you don’t act, the opportunity is gone. Don’t count to three. You see, you jump.


Always escalate


Never apologise for being a man with a healthy sex life or hesitate to be sexual. If she calls you out, double down, fuck it. You are not here for a peck on the cheek or listen about her output on life.

One of the sentence that stayed with me and still is in a corner of my head to this day is “Think of it as the last time you see her.”


On Women

Red flags exist for a reason


The danger that they can signal is non negligible. Slutiness and mental instability go hand in hand. Heed the story of the Australian man accused of murder, whose Tinder lay fell from his balcony and the countless false rape accusations that you heard about on ROK.

Recognize the warning signs. Remember not to stick your dick in crazy. The promise of moist holes is not worth putting your life at risk.


Women need leadership


Despite the rubbish that the media spews, they love it. It’s ingrained in their membrane. You lead, they follow. If one refuses, leave her where she stands.

Women are children in adult bodies, deal with them as such. They want a firm hand and no heavy decisions. No need for long, clever plans. Use non-verbal communication and try to go caveman.


Be the villain


Dominant dangerous bad boys are to women what electrolytes are to plants (or kratom to ROK commenters). It is what they crave. We don’t make the rules of the game. Use it as a facade for romantic purposes although you are virtuous in character. A poon hunter’s Taqqiya of sorts.

Be rude, don’t call back, cancel plans, display amused mastery, do not give a single fuck. Men want young, pretty women. Women want unpredictable, strong, exciting men. They will forgive everything if they are in the palm of your hand


On Business And Lifestyle

Create and be regular in doing so


Regular efforts (even modest)  amount to a great deal in the long run. Always be after progress and aspire to more. You have to get out of the hamster wheel.

Getting stuck can happen. Doing nothing to get out of this spiral is criminal and failure is not an option. Sentences like “I am bored” or “I have nothing to do” should have been banned from your vocabulary long ago.


Money matters but…



Money does not buy happiness.

That said, you can hate the concept all you want but it is through money that one gains freedom. Free yourself from the nine-to-five grind through cash. No way around it.

But bear in mind that a man that trades his dignity, his word or his loyalty for money is the lowest of the low. Dogs are worth more than him. The weak treat money as God when it should only be seen as a tool.


Be independent and self-reliant


One of the pillars of what being a man means. You need to shelter yourself and your family from the bludgeons of fate or the malice of your foes. When you go against the narrative, they go after your money and your means to acquire it.

Get your finances in order. Avoid debt like the plague. Create alternative and passive ways to earn income. Learn about new ways to invest. Become bullet proof.


Time is your most important resource


The only thing as important as time is health. More on this below.

Money comes and goes, so do women. Time, spent in the company of the wrong women or men, is gone forever.

Someone on his deathbed will not say “I wish I spent more time reading blog posts.”


On Health And Fitness

Ditch the soap and shampoo


You don’t need soap unless you have spent four days in the mud of the Burmese jungle. Exercise, sweat, rinse with clear water, apply baking soda, repeat.

Buy a pack of it today. I have been using it for a year and a half as a deodorant and hair cleaner, it is amazing. Go further and get some apple cider vinegar and Vitamin D.


Fitness needs proper nutrition


When I was a student, I would hit the wrestling mat 4+ times a week. My technique improved but the muscle mass after a short period of progress would hit a plateau. Even with more rounds and training like a madman, the gains were hardly noticeable.

I was poor so I ate cheap, processed meat, bread, pasta and sauce and my staple diet: fucking couscous semolina with butter and salt (still smiling when I think about that).

Now I train less and results are better, because my diet is on point. Read what you need to do to bulk up or shred down and stick to it.


Keep it simple


Regularity is where it’s at. Progressive overload, more reps, reps to failure or higher intensity. Sounds like I am stating the obvious but how many of us still do not follow these principles?

A few years back, I would just do the same stuff, day in day out without keeping track and be surprised that no progress was visible. Don’t be like past me.

Stick to the basics that work. Get rid of unnecessary and expensive supplements.


On Culture And Politics

You are not alone


For all the dark, evil shit that can be found online, there is one positive outcome: we discovered that we were not the only one thinking that there was something wrong in our system.

In this day and age, we are no longer voices preaching in the desert and our numbers terrify the establishment as we can expose their lies and question their policies only with an internet connection.

But they won’t go down without a fight. Be armed, surround yourself with worthy men and strike first.


Distrust the mainstream media



That is how you call individuals who sell themselves and others for a narrative, money or fame. Truth is of little importance as soon as the narrative is kept safe and the mastermind stays hidden behind the curtain.

Their aim is to make men weaker, women more damaged while we should open doors and applaud invaders and freaks of nature. Such people should hang from trees.

Smash your TV set with a pickaxe. Torch your subscription to mainstream written press. Read books. Find other ways to inform yourself.


The government is not here to help


Your survival is not their goal. You are a pawn. When you are done being used, you will be put back in the box like the others.

If you dare defy those in charge, be prepared for the consequences. This is what their useful idiots are here for and they will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Trump is right in saying that the system is rigged. He is not the perfect candidate but he is the best available. Do not forget that he still remains a politician. You can count only for yourself in this world.


Des bases solides pour une vie meilleure

I now live a happier life thanks to those principles and intend to pass them on as I go to the people that I deem worthy. I wish to all the men at Return Of Kings a long and successful life and send my sincere thanks for the inspiration that they brought me and so many others.

Choose the path of strength to live in peace. Happy late birthday, Return Of Kings.

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