On October 4th, the Indianapolis Colts released Antonio Cromartie. The release came just two days after Cromartie took a knee during the National Anthem to protest racism in America. For those who don’t know about the NFL, Antonio Cromartie played for ten years and made it the Pro Bowl four times—so he was a relative star. However, it’s safe to say that at 32, his glory days are behind him.

The Colts did not comment as to why he was released.  They lost the game to the winless Jacksonville Jaguars in London, England (30-27) and now have a record of 1-3. Some people will say Cromartie was released because of the team’s record. Others will say that he was released because of his contract.

However, I believe that Antonio Cromartie was fired—at least partially—because of a drop in NFL ratings; moreover, the incident shines a light on the hypocrisy that’s often peddled by the far left.

NFL Ratings Are Still Down

One month ago, I wrote an article about the decline in NFL’s ratings for week one. I questioned whether it was just an anomaly or a sign of things to come Well…now we’re a month into the season and the NFL ratings are still down. Take a look at the ratings for week four (as compared to last year at this time):

  • Dallas vs. San Francisco Fox      Down 13%
  • Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh NBC    Down 27%
  • New York Giants vs. Minnesota ESPN  Down 11%
  • Seattle vs. New York Giants Fox      Down 14%
  • Miami vs. Cincinnati NFLN  Down 13%
  • Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville CBS     Down 25%

These numbers show that week one was no accident—fans are boycotting the NFL. Their displeasure is a real thing and not just a momentary fad. The hash tags, the online commentary…they highlight the American public’s discontent with the NFL product and its players. Note that Indianapolis (the team that Cromartie played for) saw a 25% decrease in viewership in week four. That’s a significant drop.

In light of these numbers, we can deduce that Cromartie’s release was due—at least in part—to a declining interest in the NFL.

My point is furthered by the fact that hatred for Colin Kaepernick (who also refused to stand for the National Anthem) is at an all-time high. Kaepernick has spurned a series of #BantheNFL hashtags, inspired people to burn his jersey on YouTube, and he recently won the “NFL’s Most Hated” award. The incident has picked up so much speed that ESPN has dedicated several sessions to the Kaepernick controversy (AKA, damage control).


Kaepernick’s behavior has had a detrimental effect on NFL viewership

The league needs more than sold-out stadiums to make money; a lot of their payroll is dependent on lucrative TV contracts, so losing viewership is detrimental. The Indianapolis Colts are well aware of this reality, and I believe that it played a role in their decision to release Antonio Cromartie.


Antonio Cromartie is a hypocrite

The most vocal SJWs are the biggest hypocrites, and Antonio Cromartie is a shining example of this. What kind of man fathers 12 children from 8 different women? Let me answer that for you—one that’s morally impaired. Just take a look at this video of Cromartie, where he struggles to remember the names and ages of his own children:

What a guy. His actions should come as no surprise, however. We’ve already seen a host of SJW’s with skeletons in their closet. Here’s a short list of the guilty:

Cromartie is the newest addition to the list. Statistically speaking, children from broken families are nine times more likely to commit crime. Subsequently, Cromartie’s children have a greater chance of becoming criminals, drug addicts, and felons. If he wants to see changes in the African-American community, then he should look in the mirror; it’s men like Cromartie—because of their absentee parenting—that plant the seeds of failure within their communities. The integrity of a man is marked by his level of parental investment, and Cromartie’s actions show a man that’s lacking in this virtue.

Cromartie is not completely to blame, however. What kind of woman allows herself to be impregnated by a known philanderer? Again, the answer is simple—a morally reprehensible one. It’s irrelevant to these women if their children grow up with a father in the home. As long as child support checks arrive, then they’re happy. It takes two to tango, and these women share in the blame. Don’t expect that narrative to arrive anytime soon, though.


The NFL fans who are boycotting the product should be proud—and I’m one of them. We’re showing that we don’t accept the tainting of our beloved sport. We view the NFL as a welcome respite from a difficult week at work. When we sit down on Sunday with our friends and family, we want to be entertained, not preached at. I encourage everyone to continue the NFL boycott. When we are finished with them, they’ll be approaching us with a much different tone: they’ll move from arrogant disdain to desperate courtship.

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