It’s no secret that more and more men are opting to avoid colleges and universities altogether. With false rape accusations at an all time high, SJW indoctrination posters surrounding every square foot of your dorms, and the value of a college degree plummeting, a lot of men are deciding that it simply isn’t worth it.

But what are you to do without a college degree, then? Surprisingly, you can do a lot. Not only are there a lot of decent paying jobs that don’t require a college education, but due to our digital world, there’s endless opportunities for self-employment.

Here are five of the best options for college dropouts.

1. Tradesman


As has been said many times before on Return Of Kings, attending trade school is a better option than 85% of the degrees that they offer in college. Anthropology? History? English? If you’re phenomenal in your major, and plan on getting a doctorate or becoming a self-published author, then sure—by all means major in non-STEM related fields.

But, if you’re a typical man who is looking for someone to employ you, I would urge you to look into trade school. Becoming an electrician, plumber, or carpenter is almost guaranteed to land you a job when you’re finished getting certified. Compare this to the average unemployment rate of current college grads which is roughly 10% (according to liberal skewed polls), and it’s clear that trade schools are the better option.

Even if you can’t get a job at a trade school, often times you can work for companies that will pay you $15-20 per hour and train you, paying for your trade school. If you follow this route when you turn 18, you could easily be netting $55,000 to $70,000 a year by your mid 20’s. And if you decide to start your own business? Forget about it—you could easily earn six figures and beyond.

Plus, as an added benefit you’ll be working in an environment that is almost guaranteed to be 100% men. No woman that I know is willing to work in trades, which means that there are no HR departments to deal with. Having an environment where men tell it how it is and don’t pander can NEVER be underestimated.

2. Las Vegas VIP Host


Will you have to deal with vain, slutty girls? Yes. Will you have to deal with snobby clients who aren’t satisfied with anything no matter how hard you try? Of course. But, if you take this as a chance to develop some emotional resilience, and look beyond it, you’ll see that being a VIP host has a plethora of lifestyle benefits.

First, let’s talk about the pay though. Starting off, you’ll be a street promoter—expect to earn $10 an hour. This isn’t meant to be a permanent position, however; there’s plenty of room for growth if you do well. Within a year, if you’re calibrated and know how to talk with charisma, you can work your way up to a sub-promoter, and eventually to a promoter in under a year.

Once you reach this point, you’ll probably earn around $1,000 a week. Beyond here, there’s plenty of room for growth; some of the most successful promoters earn millions a year, especially after they build up a list of high-rolling clients.

But, the true benefits of club promoting come from the lifestyle that it affords you. Being a good promoter is easily one of the best jobs to get pussy. Period.

As a promoter, you have the power to let anyone into your night club, past the red rope. You have the power to give people free bottle service and discounted tables, and you have all of the connections in the club.

So, when an eager young club slut sees this, what do you think she’s going to do? If you know anything about female nature, the answer will be obvious: she’ll sleep with you to get the benefits that come with your lifestyle.

Plus, if you know how to pull club girls from open to close, you’ll be able to game in the top nightclubs in the world…while you’re working. What could be better for a young lad? You’ll sleep with women, gain razor sharp social skills, and make connections with high end business owners.

3. Blogger Or Writer


As many of you know, having a job can have benefits and detriments. One of the major drawbacks of having a job is that you can’t say anything too controversial; any mentioning of 90% of the things we talk about here on ROK, and you’ll get called into an HR department for a talking to.

With this in mind, many men choose to start their own blogs. Sure, it doesn’t make much money at first—but after a year or two of hard work, you can expect to make a livable salary. After three or four, if you know some basic internet marketing skills, you can be netting six figures.

Bloggers typically make money three ways. First, they write articles for other, more prominent blogs (like LifeHacker or and get paid per article. This is great, but it isn’t passive income, so many bloggers only do this at first to get by.


The second way that bloggers make money is through affiliate advertising; this is where you get paid to recommend products that you use and like. I’m not going to name names, but I know of one blogger who recommends certain penis enlargement devices, and makes a cool $500 per week just from this.

The real money, however, is in eBook sales. Learning how to write and sell eBooks is what separates the amateurs from the pros. The reason why is that eBooks are a major source of passive revenue; in other words, you invest a lot of time at first, and then make money every day afterwards.

This allows bloggers to focus on writing great content, networking with other bloggers, and expanding their social media reach…all while making $300 per day in passive revenue. If you do decide to start a blog, I recommend you look into niche marketing—a lot of markets are super saturated nowadays, so it’s important that you learn to differentiate yourself.

4. Trader


This is definitely one of the more difficult professions in this list, but if you can master it, expect to make seven figures per year, sometimes eight. This won’t happen at first, of course, but if you’re willing to put in the time required to understand the market and its fluctuations, you can expect to make some serious cash. In fact, some traders frequently triple their investments in a matter of months.

Typically, traders choose to specialize in one area of interest. For example, precious metals is one area that I’m fairly familiar with. Another field might be the agricultural industry, or the Forex market. Regardless of what you choose to specialize in, it’s important that you become a master at it.

The benefits of trading the market successfully are, aside from the wealth, very rewarding. First off, you’re your own boss—you don’t have to answer to anyone, but yourself. Second, you can work whenever you want, and if you know how to set up automated trades with triggers to sell and to buy, you barely even have to work.

The greatest benefit of trading, however, is that you’re location independent. You can work anywhere in the world, so long as you have a WiFi connection. This is why many traders frequently travel the world, staying in different countries for months at a time, while trading the Foreign Exchange market.

I would not recommend that you make this a career choice, at first. In my experience, trading should be a hobby until you gain some proficiency in it. Start off by putting $10,000 or so into a brokerage account, and get used to placing trades and observing predictable trends.

Watch the news VERY frequently, and you’ll be able to capitalize off of panic and greed in the market. Again, this is one profession that takes years to master, but the benefits are extremely rewarding if you’re willing to put in the work.

5. Real Estate Agent


Plenty of men have become fabulously wealthy through real estate investing. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Robert Kiyosaki, countless men have proven that with a good work ethic, some charisma, and a little bit of know-how, you can make millions through savvy flipping.

Many men choose to get into the real estate development industry, but I wouldn’t recommend this at first—start off as a broker. You’ll have to get your license, first, but this won’t take very long compared to a college degree. Look for a major agency in your area to employ you, and try your best to get one of the studs of the office to mentor you.

After several years, with plenty of experience under your belt, consider going into business for yourself. Still take the connections and knowledge that you got from your agency with you, but now it’s your turn to keep 100% of the profits.

There’s a few methods to real estate investment that men usually employ. The first is to flip; this entails buying a house that the owner needs to sell quickly. Because of their desperation, you can frequently get the house at a fairly low cost. Then, simply flip it within a few months and earn yourself a good $20,000-30,000.

The second method of real estate investment is buying and holding; this would be where you buy a broken down house when the market is bad, fix it up over the course of a year or two, and then sell it when the market starts to come back up. This can make you some great money, but the real key is in method #3.

The third method is to buy a house, and rent it—although this does require you to maintain the house, it’s by far the most passive. Think about it. Imagine that you have 5 duplexes, and you rent out each room for $750 per month. That’s an easy $7,500 per month!

Sure, you have to pay the bankers, replace the water coolers, and so on and so forth, but this takes very little effort—maybe 5-10 hours a week at the most. The rest of your time you can focus on investing in more real estate and creating other streams of passive revenue.


All in all, there’s plenty of options for men who didn’t go to college. In fact, some of these options are far better than being an office drone—not only in terms of income, but in terms of emotional health.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a self-employed, independent man, or work alongside a team of men, than be stuck in an office where Machiavellian politics and micro-managing policies consume every waking hour of my life.

If you have any advice, tips, or guidance for men looking to make it big in the world without a college degree, be sure to leave them a note down below.

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