Inevitably you will one day be asked if you are an ass or tits man.  My response has always been “neither.”

Every man has his own tastes when it comes to women.  Ask 100 men what is their favorite physical feature about a girl and you will get some varied answers.  Some like them tall, some like them short, some like big asses while others love fake tits.  And despite how much of a physical reaction a great pair of milky white breasts or the tautest of butts may cause a virile man, I’ve personally found one feature that — if encountered on a high level — time and time again will stop me in my tracks and even at times leave me speechless:  the face.

Assuming everything else checks out (e.g. skinny, feminine, no flapjack tits or ginormous Colombian-style ass) then it’s really hard to not say face trumps the rest.  I’d take a perfect face over perfect tits/ass any day of the week.

Why Face?

It”s the only thing that will get me to stare in awe, almost as if I don’t believe something like that can exist.  Let’s be honest, I definitely do appreciate the body – a lot.  But while I will likely do a double-take of a nice set of cans, it will be a fleeting moment.  The flawless face however will keep me thinking for a while.  Maybe it’s the rarity — how often do you really see a girl with a beautiful face?  Now compare that with how often you see a great ass or a nice pair of tits.

Or maybe it’s because absent drastic measures like plastic surgery or botox, there is really nothing a girl can do to “fix” a bad face.  Therein lies its uniqueness and value.  Of course there is makeup, but eventually you will see her without makeup and in reality, no amount of foundation or blush will hide massive pimples or change how crooked that sniffer is.  Compare that with other “problems.”  Fat?  Diet.  Short?  Wear heels.  Flat ass?  Squats.  Small tits? Push up bra (though here you can argue for a boob job).

It’s Our Nature

Numerous studies have shown that infants and small children who are arguably born with blank slates and minds without previous influence are drawn to more beautiful faces.  So maybe, it is our nature to value face so highly.  Granted, they probably didn’t place an infant on the ground and see if it crawls to a fat or skinny chick first, but these studies still do tell us something:


The visual preferences of human infants for faces that varied in their attractiveness and is their symmetry about the midline were explored. The aim was to establish whether infants’ visual preference for attractive faces may be mediated by the vertical symmetry of the face. Chimeric faces, made from photographs of attractive and unattractive female faces, were produced by computer graphics. Babies looked longer at normal and at chimenic attractive faces than at normal and at chimeric unattractive faces. There were no developmental differences between the younger and older infants: all preferred to took at the attractive faces. Infants as young as 4 months showed similarity with adults in the ‘aesthetic perception’ of attractiveness and this preference was not based on the vertical symmetry of the face.

Another study:

Psychologist Alan Slater of Exeter University showed pictures rated by adults as being more or less attractive to babies which were, on average, 2 and a half days old and found that babies invariably stared longer at faces which adults had rated as more attractive.

Babies are born with an eye for beauty. Infants only hours old will choose to stare at an attractive face rather than an unattractive one…According to Alan Slater, a developmental psychologist at the University of Exeter, humans may have a biologically ingrained preference for beauty.


Most people know a beautiful face when they see one.  But some characteristics tend to surface more often than not when one describes or sees a flawless face.

  • Eyes.  Usually light eyes take the cake here, but frequently enough a girl with those massive brown or black eyes will make you stop and stare.
  • Skin.  My personal favorite.  If you have ever been to Iceland, you will know what I’m talking about.  The girls there all have this glowing silky skin sans any zits, creases or other deficiencies.  The smoothness of perfect skin is really a thing of beauty.
  • Symmetry.  If she has a snargletooth on one side, or she has a lazy eye, chances are she is not pushing the 9+ level on the face scale.  Studies have also shown that symmetry indicates beauty as discussed above.
  • Teeth.  The pearly whites, coupled with small teeth can lead to some serious good looks.  Oh, and none of that gummy smile shit…


Breasts, butt, stomach, legs, hair, youth, and maybe even the propensity for bisexuality — all very important and attractive features of any woman.  All I’m saying is if/when the time comes for a longer term situation with a girl, I can make some sacrifices, but face will not be one of them.

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