Last Monday, crowds of protesters (almost entirely women) lead a strike in over 50 cities across Poland to demonstrate against a controversial law that would introduce a complete ban on abortions in the country. Many of those female protesters were sporting black clothes, to symbolise the mourning of their rights.

In the Catholic nation of Poland, where as we have seen before, the religion holds an essential part of the ethos and culture of the country, droves of loud women assembled in front of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) headquarters in the capital, Warsaw, to yell their disagreement. The largest turnout in the land occurred in the Polish capital and reached 20,000 people.

Ain’t no rest for the triggered


No functioning ovaries in sights

The project of law that might be adopted will not bring a lot of change to the already existing one, as abortion will still be available if the woman is raped (by the same “rape culture” or “epidemic” that only exists in the unstable mind of a few 15-stone “real, beautiful women”) or the development of the foetus endangers the mother’s life.

This demonstration was mainly organised on social media and by liberal women hence its lack of substance and actual measures proposed to address the issue.

The Czarny Protest also took place in the spots where strong, independent Polish girls flock to slut it up, away from the scrutiny of the motherland. London, Berlin, Paris and Sydney also had their microscopic Black Protest.

The usual suspects


It was mainly organised to score a work-free day and “not doing domestic chores”. As you can guess, the crowd was mainly composed of old women past menaupose, young unemployed slutty girls (none above 7/10 WB) afraid that their pass for the cock carousel might be revoked and ugly Skrillex haired feminists that no man in his right mind would touch with a ten foot pole.


The token low-t white knights were dragged along to show the patriarchy that “men” agree.

Man-jawed feminists’ main goal, instead of actually caring about women and proposing ideas, was to “halt the economy” by exhorting girls to walk out of their daily jobs.

It failed. Women, representing a lesser workforce in Poland than in the Western nations, were already not very keen about forfeiting a day of salary (that kind of behaviour does not go well with the masculine, hard work ethic that carachterises Polish male bosses) and taking the risk of being seen as slackers.

Add to that the hard reality of the Polish minimum wage (gravitating around 450 USD) and the fact that the only “acts of resistance” consisted of shared hashtags and selfies with black clothes, and you have a movement that will be short-lived

A storm in a teacup


The turnout was minimal compared to the headlines that the mainstream media slapped all over the waves. Around 20.000 screeching carousel enthusiasts for Warsaw (1.7 million inhabitants) and much less for all the main Polish cities. Also, it was raining so many hairy legged harpies said “Meh” and went home.

Nothing compared to the crowds that far right rallies usually bring in Poland, which of course, are not relayed by the left-leaning press. The feminist mobs totalled to a bit more than 100.000 protesters for the whole country, far from the “6 million women” human tide that leftist MS papers such as the defunct Independent announced. Sad!

It does not change anything to the fact that girls accustomed to regular one-night stands and who forgot to slap a condom on that sexy bad boy they met at the local dive bar can still cross the close border to Germany to abort the fruit of their slutiness if they feel like it. The ones that usually travel to cockfest destinations like the Spanish Islands or the French sounthern coast will still do it, as they have done for a few years now.

It was just as unsuccessful as the Pro-European liberal demonstrations organised a few months back. But even if the protest is nothing particularly worrying, it is a reminder for the manosphere that no country is safe from the onslaughts of liberalism, no matter how conservative.

Of course, if you disagree with the protest, you are a mohawk-sporting racist and sexist hooligan. Bubble reads "Listen, they played us with thie Black Protest! There are no blacks, just chicks!"

Of course, if you disagree with the protest, you are a mohawk-sporting racist and sexist hooligan. Bubble reads “Listen, they played us with this Black Protest! There are no darkies, only chicks!”

The conservative response was just as present

If any of the football clubs won the national league trophy, the turnout would probably be twenty times stronger. The number of screaming cunts brandishing coat hangers was dwarfed by demonstrations such as the one organised by Polish nationalists against the European Union reforms (50.000 strong in Warsaw alone) last winter.

Polish anti-EU nationalist protest of November 2015

Polish anti-EU nationalist protest of November 2015

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski puts it quite well, taunting the demonstrators on the absence of measures proposed by their clique.

We expect serious debate on questions of life, death and birth. We do not expect happenings, dressing in costumes and creating artificial problems,” he said, as cited by AP.

Conservative movements were fast to react by chastising the Black Protes about its lack of depth and its complete contradiction with the Christian faith, engrained in the Polish soul. Traditionalist men and women joined forces against the Black Protest by creating a “White Protest” group. It would not be surprising if a nationwide pro-life march occurs in the next few days.

The kind of pro-life Polish women using the #WhiteProtest hashtag:

ct1laudweaacmet cti8da7xgaazdpf

I cannot quite put my finger on it but somehow, their style and beauty level seem slightly different from the one of the women present in the Black Protest march.

As it was expected, PC-controlled social networks like Twitter censored the hashtags #BialyProtest and #WhiteProtest (until some Twitter accounts exposed it) while the #CzarnyProtest and #BlackProtest were relayed everywhere and shown as trending.


Many were also mocking the protesters by recycling their slogan “Moje ciało, moja sprawa!”(My body, my business) directly copied from the “My body, My rules” trumpeted by Western Slut Walk and Fat Acceptance movements.


Conservative parody of the Black Protest slogan. The text reads “I want to snort cocaine legally. My nose, my business. #WhiteProtest”


Another conservative parody : “Henry! You got drunk again!” “My liver, my business!”

Keep you guard up, Poland

This law is being discussed since Spring and until this little happening, few really cared about it. Such an event is again a way to divert the attention of the masses away from the real issues that plague the country. the lack of jobs, the decreasing fertility, the expensive student loans or the EU trying to pressure Poland into opening its borders for thousands of Muslim migrants for its “enrichment”.

What will be interesting in the next few days will be the organised and material response of the majority of the Polish people. Even more so, the results of the investigation on who exactly started this campaign and mobilised this menstruating mob.

Many Polish and European fingers start to point at the crooked shadow that usually pulls the strings behind the destabilisation of Central European democratically elected governments: George Soros. Did not see that coming, did ya?

The squad of manginas working at Gazeta Wyborcza, left-wing journal which was financed more than a few times by George Soros

The #BlackProtest squad of manginas working at Gazeta Wyborcza, left-wing newspaper which was financed more than a few times by George Soros. How quaint…

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