As most of our readership is aware, America is in deep decline on multiple levels. Economically, our nation is largely a service-based economy, where the ever-dwindling supply of good paying jobs are either taken by foreigners on H1B visas, or fought over tooth and nail by young and old alike. Militarily, our nation no longer cares about winning conflicts or supporting its active-duty personnel or veterans, instead choosing to corrupt it from within by promoting disastrous social engineering or outright incompetence. Finally, on a cultural level, our society is on the verge of outright conflict between races, genders, and different generations. These metrics, as well as others, clearly demonstrate that America could possibly collapse within the next few decades.

Although some might diagnose our decline to incompetence or idiocy, the true answer is that our precipitous decline was deliberately orchestrated by our political, intellectual, and cultural elites in order to achieve a utopia that they themselves have never experienced. In order to understand why, it is necessary to understand their favorite tool of choice: the Cloward-Piven Strategy. If we can understand how this strategy works, we stand a better chance at surviving whatever specific endgame the elites have in store for us.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy


Eventually, the cow will cease to exist.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy was born in the midst of the fiery and violent leftist protests of the 1960s, as the brainchild of two sociology professors from Columbia University: Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Dissatisfied with the Antonio Gramsci style of cultural marxism, they sought a quicker and more explosive method of destruction that would cause America to collapse within a matter of years as opposed to decades.

In a paper entitled The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to end Poverty, Cloward and Piven argued that the only way to end poverty was to enroll as many individuals as possible in government welfare programs. In doing so, the massive influx of new recipients would cause the system to collapse, at which point leftist activists would take to the streets and demand the establishment of a government that could address their “grievances”. In the mind of people like Cloward and Piven, the ideal government was a totalitarian one that would implement Marxism and crush any and all opposition.

While the Cloward-Piven strategy was initially created to specifically address the issue of poverty, it also resulted in an effective 3-step process that others could use to destroy any advanced civilization. First, the political elite must indirectly stretch governmental and societal institutions to their breaking point, the idea being that once these institutions reached that point, it would only take one push to collapse the system entirely. Next, they must enable the creation of a flash point that would initiate society’s collapse, be it a series of violent riots, a hasty military conflict, or unwise economic policies. Finally, after society collapses, the political elite would then initiate an overt power grab, thereby ensuring the existence of a leftist totalitarian regime for decades to come.

Although there are many examples that can be used to prove that this plan is the one being used by America’s political elite, the three most compelling consist of the threat posed by illegal immigration, the Left’s reaction to Black Lives Matter, and the Federal government’s attempts to disarm law abiding citizens while also arming federal agencies to the teeth.

1. Illegal Immigration


They want to bring THESE people in.

Illegal Immigration on its own is already one of the most important threats to the future of the United States, because it reflects a deliberate attempt by our political elite to displace and supplant its native population with one that will always vote for them, remain dependent on welfare, and take jobs from Americans by working “under the table” at wages that American citizens cannot survive on.

This raises a logical question: if illegal immigration already displaces such a great number of Americans and creates so much controversy and strife, why keep bringing in as many as possible? A further question to ask is why do so now, as opposed to waiting until the economy is better? Our nation is nowhere near the point of recovery since nearly 50% of Americans are already on one form or another of government assistance, our nation has an interest rate and student loan bubble that will both burst soon, and an economy that is either being outsourced or stolen by thieves with H1B visas.

All of these factors clearly show that our nation is at its breaking point, yet we have a political elite that wishes to first enact unconditional amnesty and then import migrants from shady 3rd world countries. Any rational observer will realize that adding 13 million MORE welfare, public assistance or student loan recipients may likely cause the entire system to collapse due to inefficiency and a lack of adequate funding.


The reason that the political class is respectively pushing amnesty and sanctuary is that they, like Cloward and Piven, have realized that importing people who lack viable job skills and also possess values antithetical to those held by Americans, can help to create an atmosphere of distrust. They also understand that if a climate of distrust persists long enough, then it will eventually explode into outright conflict. As a result they have aggressively pushed these causes and will continue to do until our society explodes outright.

2. The left’s response to Black Lives Matter


This is what they actually believe.

Although distrust and discord among different parts of society can serve as important catalysts for massive upheaval, they still require a violent spark order to fully initiate. This spark consists of Black Lives Matter and their activities that have taken place over the past two years.

The rise of BLM is difficult to trace because it seemingly appeared out of nowhere with a mandate to supposedly end structural racism, stop blacks from being shot by police, and force police departments to conform to dictates that Black Lives Matter supports. However, if one looks closely, there is no logical reason for Black Lives Matter to exist at all. This is because not only has violent crime largely been decreasing everywhere but the ghetto, but also due to the fact that many of the token cases cited by BLM were instances where the police were justified in their decisions.

If an astute observer notices the disconnect between BLMs raison d’etre, the reality surrounding violent crime trends, and the specifics of these publicized cases, they may conclude that BLM only cares about getting attention. Such a conclusion would be accurate, because not only is BLM an illogical movement, but it also exists solely due to generous funding from George Soros. This is both important and disturbing because if an organization receives funding from Soros, it is because elites like him have a plan for that organization, one that even the movement’s leaders may not even be aware of.

In Black Lives Matter’s case, the political elite allows them to exist and treats them with kid gloves because they intend to use them to spark outright conflict between various segments of society. Their hope is that if BLM burns enough cities down, takes over enough schools, and savagely attack enough whites, that whites will respond in kind, thereby triggering a race war that they could actively influence. If an open racial conflict arises in the near future, and if it is combined with the massive strain and societal distortions created by illegal immigrants, our government would be powerless to contain it, thereby collapsing in the process.

3. The plan to disarm the American Populace while arming Federal Agencies


Respect authority figures, they said. It’s patriotic, they said.

The final component of the political elite’s endgame, though not specifically called for by the Cloward-Piven Strategy, consists of establishing the framework for a totalitarian government that can pick up the pieces of a society shattered by an overburdened safety net and civil unrest. Unfortunately for them, they cannot do so unless they disarm law-abiding Americans while simultaneously arming federal agencies to the teeth.

Since Obama took office in 2008, the political elite has tried everything from smuggling illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels, attempting to make ammunition expensive through regulation, to convincing banks to refuse to extend credit or loans to gun store owners. Schemes like these are intended to make gun ownership such an impossible venture, that eventually no one will own any, thereby making any attempts to establish a hard tyranny slightly easier.

Although disarming law abiding Americans is an important step in implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy, the political elite must also establish an enforcement mechanism for the new government they intend to create. Coincidentally, over the past five years, reports of numerous and excessively large transactions have occurred between federal agencies and ammunition manufacturers. While some agencies need ammunition for training purposes and to do their jobs, why do agencies such as the EPA or the Department of Education require ammunition and weapons as well, especially in an era where there isn’t even enough for the military?

One possible answer to this vexing question is that even if the political elite succeeds in gutting the military completely, they likely don’t trust the average soldier or Marine to carry out orders for a hard tyranny. Therefore, the political elite likely intends to use federal agencies to carry out tyrannical orders, all in the name of “law enforcement”. If this is the case, it would likely explain the comments made by President Obama during a speech he made in Colorado, where he argued for a domestic force that was equally as well-equipped and funded as the military.

The endgame at a glance

The Cloward-Piven strategy represents an effective high-level blueprint for collapsing an advanced nation such as the United States. By stretching the pillars of society to their limits, fomenting civil unrest to cause the existing system to collapse, and disarming the populace while empowering the government; the political elite can easily enslave an unwitting populace.  We can only survive if we recognize their plan for what it is, and take affirmative steps now to prepare for the worst.

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