Nearly all the writers at Return Of Kings support Donald Trump. We believe that he represents a genuine threat to the hegemony of the oligarchs that control US domestic and foreign policy. While we are hoping for a Trump win, we recognize that it is far from a sure thing and that we should always be prepared for the worst. Here are some things we should do if the unthinkable happens and Hillary wins.

Realize that the game is over

INF85742 The Return of the Crusader, 1835 (oil on canvas) by Lessing, Carl Friedrich (1808-80); Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn, Germany; Interfoto; German, out of copyright

If Hillary wins the election, trying to change the country democratically will become impossible. Hillary promises to grant citizenship to the 12 million illegal Central American immigrants already in the US. She also promises to flood the country with more third world immigrants from Islamic countries. Once this happens, the US will change from a center-right country to one that is hard left. The change will be permanent.

There are people who disagree with my conclusion. These “principled conservatives” believe that Islamic and illegal immigrants are “natural conservatives” who will become Republicans if the party is true to its “conservative principles.” They imagine that Muslims and illegals will join white and black Christians in voting for a government that opposes socialistic welfare programs and supports conservative positions on marriage, abortion, and small government.

Although these principled conservatives are good people, they are hopelessly deluded and naïve. In reality, over 90% of blacks, 70% of Asians, and 60% of Hispanics consistently vote Democrat. Despite all of the pandering the GOP has done over the past 50 years, they haven’t moved the needle in their direction. The only thing preventing the US from going full SJW is white men. Once white men lose their demographic advantage under Hillary, the US will permanently become a leftist state.

What that means for us is that it will not make further sense to pay attention to conventional politics or participate in the democratic process. But that doesn’t mean that we should be passive. We’ll just have to recognize that any positive change will have to come from more difficult, less appealing avenues.

But opportunities will arise


An opportunity to storm the gates will arise

A state built on constant racial agitation, tax laws that protect the wealth of the super-rich while making it difficult for everyone else to get ahead, unchecked immigration, proxy wars, and globalist trade policy that eviscerates the country’s manufacturing sector is not sustainable. It will not happen immediately but it is just a matter of time until things begin to unravel. Your job will be to prepare for this inevitability.

Don’t expect one huge collapse. Rather, expect a long series of small collapses followed by periods of stability as the government gradually becomes unable to manage the chaos it has unleashed. This will create opportunities for local action to fill the gaps that the crumbling system is unable to address. This process will take years, but you will not be able to fill the gaps unless you begin preparing today.

Arm Yourself


A more immediate concern is ensuring that you are exercising your Second Amendment to bear arms. Hillary has repeatedly made it clear that she favors more stringent gun control. So far, Democrats have been stymied by the Supreme Court that has tilted slightly conservative. If Hilary wins, that protection will be removed. Justice Scalia’s slot is already open and Justice Ginsburg is ancient and not doing well. Justice Kennedy is already 80 and Justice Breyer is not far behind at 78. It is possible that Hillary could fill four to five slots during her supposed presidential reign—tilting the Court in a liberal direction for the next 20 years.


Conservatives like to think that liberal justices will still feel bound by the text of the Constitution. This is just more naiveté. A liberal Court will interpret the Constitution as a “living document” where it means exactly what the Court wants it to mean. You can expect a Court case that holds that guns are intended only for state regulated militias like the National Guard—not regular citizens.

But before that case comes down the pike, Hillary will move to regulate firearms and ammunition. After all, if you can’t obtain ammo, your gun is useless. If Hillary gets in, stock up while supplies last.

Prepare to lose your platform


Ravens are used for communication in Game of Thrones but we’ll need something better.

Americans are proud of their First Amendment right to free speech but even today that doesn’t mean that you have the right to say anything. For example, no one has the right to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theatre because it would endanger lives. Expect the same reasoning to be applied to speech that might hurt other people’s feelings. President Obama has already signaled that he prefers a more limited First Amendment.

Does what you are saying offend Muslims and cause them to blow up? It can be banned. If an article makes feminists feel bad, it can be banned. If your speech is in any way racist, it can be banned. The newly upgraded Supreme Court will interpret the First Amendment in the same way as it interprets the Second—in a more limited fashion.

Expect the currently damper on free speech to accelerate on the private social media platforms. It has already happened to Facebook. You are allowed to freely espouse any political opinion as long as that opinion comports with what Mark Zuckerberg deems acceptable political discourse. The same is becoming true of Twitter. If Hillary wins, we can expect that trend to continue with the encouragement of the federal government.

By the way, this may jeopardize Return Of Kings which is guilty of just about every “sin” that the left wing hates.

Prepare now by developing alternative methods of communicating with people electronically. This will necessitate the development of alternative communication platforms and the technical know-how to stay one step ahead of the censors.

Build your tribe


It follows naturally from what has been said above that face-to-face relations will increase in importance in the future. This applies whether or not Hillary gets in, but will happen faster if she does. It is imperative that you build a network of men (and it has to be limited to men) locally. This is a group of men that you work out with, train with, and socialize with. Ideally, you all know why you are getting together. General agreement of world view is important as well. You can’t have soy-eating, Hillary-supporting, transgender otherkin as part of your crew.

It is possible to meet your tribe members online, but try to make use of existing face-to-face networks as it makes it more difficult to infiltrate. I personally spend time with a group of very traditional men from my local church. Not everyone of them realize the depth of onslaught we will face in the future, but they all know that traditional society is under attack. We share the common goal of wanting a healthy society where we can raise our children in safety.


Of course, I still hope that Trump wins in November. In the best case, Trump will not only be able to arrest the decline but begin reversing it. If that is the case, we will able to begin rebuilding a healthy society. But we have to remember that Trump is only one man and the forces arrayed against us are great. In any case it is prudent to adopt the old Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared.”

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