In addition to the sun rising, us dying, and the inevitability of taxes, another thing that is certain is that SJW-inspired drama and general hassle will continue to worsen and become more ridiculous as our societies further circle the drain. Today’s topic is the University of Michigan, their quest to force “identity tolerance” on their students directly (and us all indirectly), what you can do to deal with this crap, and some fairly decent trolling done by one U of M student taking advantage of the situation.

200 kinds of special snowflake

The university, I am sure, has the best intentions at hand. The student can pick whatever mental illness they think they have and pick anything from ze to (presumably) attack helicopter, and it will automatically populate up on the faculty rosters for each student’s classes so that they don’t involuntarily make an error and assume that person with breasts, long hair, narrow hips and a Mixalot ass is a woman addressed as she.

He, she or ze? University of Michigan students are now able to choose the personal pronoun they want faculty and staff to use when talking with them, the school announced.

The move was made to help foster inclusiveness, according to an e-mail to students and faculty members on the Ann Arbor campus from Provost Martha Pollack and Royster Harper, vice president for Student Life.

There’s a couple (at least) problems with this. The first is that you don’t know where each student is coming from, and you can’t ask them. On one end of the spectrum, you have people who legitimately believe they are the opposite gender from what their biology indicates, and, although that is definitely still a mental illness, it’s not one to mock, as the only real treatment is radical, irreversible surgery.

Second problematic (yay, SJW buzzwords) situation is the generally confused students who pick one of the many new genders that have spread like a bad case of the jungle rot in the past couple years. All of these, without exception, are mental illnesses, bullshit, and delusions not to be humored or enabled. There are only men and women, you can’t be anything else as nothing else exists outside the malfunctioning minds of the progressive.

Third problem are the attention whores. These are people who are straight, and are secure in that their mental identity matches their physical form, but they realize that just isn’t edgy, so they create some made up thing to victim-signal and be more socially relevant and desirable. It’s the evolution of all girls going bisexual in college; it’s just attention whoring.

There is, however, a fourth problem.

Enter the troll

Grant Stroble, University of Michigan student, conservative, and candidate for 2016 Shitlord of the Year, decided to troll the hell out of the campus, and registered his pronoun as His Majesty, (er, His Majesty’s pronoun as His Majesty…this shit is confusing.) Anyway, Stroble’s name presumably appears with His Majesty in the pronoun field next to it, which is an obvious troll, but brilliant as they have to entertain it.

What if he identifies as a 16th century English king? Isn’t that more believable than “female on Tuesdays” or “black on the inside?” Fortunately, he exercised a little restraint; he could have gone for Reichsführer  or something equally triggering.

His Majesty Grant Strobl

Theoretically, the university has to follow through on their procedure and address Mr. Stroble as His Majesty when in the third person else they risk exposing this whole charade of pandering to the infantile and deluded as the farce that it is. Eventually, inevitably, however, all houses of cards fall, and therein lies our opportunity.


Live in reality

In a mixed audience, I’d simply say to check out what apparatus you possess from which to urinate next time you feel the urge, and that will tell you what gender you are, however, even though Return Of Kings has some female readers, the majority of us are male, so we can skip that check.

Gentleman, if you posses a dick, you’re a man; it’s that simple. You might be a gay man and fancy other men, or you might be an asexual man and fancy no one, or you could just be what used to be considered a normal man and like a principled, monogamous, healthy woman like we espouse here, but regardless, you are a man nonetheless.

That’s reality. I know it’s been argued that there is no reality, that it’s all perception and, since we can’t see reality outside of our perception, it could be all our perception. I’m an engineer, not a philosopher, and if you perceive that you can step off a pier and fly, your perception will be corrected by reality as gravity asserts itself and you move towards the earth’s center at some 32.2 ft/s^2 until stopped by something.

Yes, but we are being asked to buy into this person’s delusions, which is something we can decline to do.

The point is to be effective, and I will use an example of computer gaming. In most online multiplayer shooters, there are three “realities” going on between you and your opponent with whom you are trading shots. There is your reality, which is where your computer thinks you are, and where it thinks the other guy is. There is his reality, which is where his computer thinks you and he are. However, the most important one is the server, which controls where you both actually are, and it’s the one that matters.

Back when I was in college, I played these games and this was when we had a nice, fat internet connection, but many of the players all over the country were on dialup modems still. Their performance suffered because they had a bad connection to the server’s “reality” and they got stomped by those of us better connected.

This works in life; those of us who are better connected to reality and not suffering delusions tend to do better. Anything from fitness, to valuable skills, to not tolerating shitty people in your life; the man that is squared away prospers, and he can recognize that same skill in other people.

I’ve long said that there are two kinds of people in the world; those that can do stuff, and those who can’t and just talk about it. Similar to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, competent people can recognize competence (or incompetence) in others, whereas incompetent people are ignorant of their failings and those of others.

Gender identity disorders, like many other mental illnesses, affect the competence of the mind of the person suffering from it, and those people are just kind of noted and dismissed by the people who actually do things. I mean, I’m a straight guy, but, like we teach here, chasing women is not my identity and main purpose in life; do you think someone that identifies as a man or a woman based on what side of the bed they wake up on is really going to ever accomplish anything when that’s their most important part of their personality?


More and more institutions will be adopting this nonsense and the best thing to do is ignore it. There’s no need to take a stand or make a statement, just ignore it and refer to men as him and women as her. If you get yelled at, a simple “yeah” or “uh-huh” will suffice to placate the snowflake, then you immediately get back on with your life.

This will benefit you as you won’t be wasting time with nonsense, and you will associate favorably with others who don’t waste their time either by staying in reality and getting stuff done, as opposed to worrying about nothing. Life is too short to entertain the left.

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