If you graduated college more than five years ago, you have no idea what kind of indoctrination center your alma mater has become.  Last month I became involved in a weekly community program at my local university.  The college environment has changed so much that I barely recognize it, and must strongly encourage young men to reconsider entering the financial and social wasteland known as the American university system.

Ugliness Everywhere


I’m stable and healthy, trust me.

When I entered college as a freshman, it was an oasis of beauty.  This was the first time many teenage girls were able to show off their fit bodies without parental control, and they took advantage of this, showing off smooth, toned legs, nice figures, and long hair.  Yes, there were fat girls, goth-types that wanted to rebel by wearing black and being unique, just like all the other goth kids, and yes, several girls had tattoos.  But it’s nothing like what I see today.  If a girl had a tattoo in the last decade, you typically wouldn’t see it until you removed her clothing.  If she was fat, she would avert her eyes when you passed because she was embarrassed by her bad hygiene and weight.


If they were so oppressed and unhappy, why are they smiling?

Today, as I enter campus, I must search hard to find a co-ed even worth gazing at.  Laziness and ugliness are the norm.  Multiple facial (and I’m sure other) piercings, visible tattoos, neon hair, obesity, and poor hygiene are the norm.  The smartphone addiction is so bad it is rare to even make eye contact.  But most disturbing are the social changes.

Hetero Male Students Are The Enemy


National Gender Studies Honor Society at UCLA

During every visit to campus, without fail, I have been bombarded with at least one NEW anti-male slogan, flyer, sticker, or commentary.  Walking down the halls, one will see “Rape Free Zone” stickers and “Safe Space!” signs over professor’s doorways.  Female only, gay only, and degenerate only groups are encouraged, but male groups are met with violent reaction.  There are flyers for LGBTQ clubs and meetings.  I picked up the student paper to find a story about a new staff position that has been created to help comfort and support victims of sexual harassment.

The message, sent over and over again, is that YOU, straight male student, YOU are the problem, YOU are being watched, YOU had better shut up, and stop being patriarchal and sexist, YOU are responsible for all the ills of society, and YOU are not welcome here!  Finally, this new generation of students is going to control speech, censor ideas, and create new vocabulary until all the problems of society are fixed.

Today they have it all, but they're angry and pissed.

Today they have it all, but they’re angry and pissed.

Pick up the student newspaper: I guarantee the editor is a feminist.  Look around at the flyers.  You will see meetings to discuss sexual deviancy, clubs celebrating degeneracy, and recruitment to the gender studies department (hint: ROK will teach you more in a week about females than any gender studies degree).  This week an FBI agent was coming to discuss the sex slave trade and rape culture in America.

Entitled Attitude From Feminists With Zero Accomplishments


College Life, One Generation Ago

While male students are seeing daily reminders of what worthless pieces of shit they are, feminists and other degenerates walk around with their heads held high.  And why shouldn’t they?  They are king of the mountain here.  And don’t think this will end once they graduate college.

We are creating a new world, a new society where HR departments in the double digits are a requirement for any medium sized business, where gender studies consultants are demanded to give annual lectures to employees who may be tempted to use language not approved by the censors, and where employment benefits packages will include subsidized sex change operations, polyamorous spousal benefits, and free pet food, because it’s not fair to subsidize the children of married coworkers but not the expenses for those who have an unhealthy obsession with their German Shepherd.


Pick up a copy of the student newspaper, and you will be exposed to bland, insecure writing equality, feminism, diversity, and a variety of social justice issues, with warnings about second guessing everything you do.  Want to visit the Greek food festival this weekend?  Fine, but remember not to culturally appropriate anything you bigot!  Want to date someone from another culture?  That’s a nice gesture, but you’d better not be upsetting the power balance and microaggressing while you flirt.


In between propaganda articles, you will see ads touting the school’s diversity policy, reminding the student body how to behave in a nondiscriminatory manner, and oh look, here’s an article on trigger warnings, which half of college professors are already using, without the schools even telling them to.


I read a “review” of a local coffee shop that the feminist journalist didn’t really like because, like, they didn’t even smile at me when they handed my suppafrappalatte to me, and like they didn’t even offer the seasonal pumpkin spice option that I later wished I had ordered, and the music was kind of dumb so I doubt I’ll be going back there because I just felt kind of creepy the whole time.

Zero Balance

The underlying message behind it all

The underlying message behind it all

I am in favor of colleges being open, diverse, and free.  A university should expose students to a wide range of ideas, to people from a variety of backgrounds, to new subjects and areas of study, and languages, and foods, and experiences, and ways of thinking.  A broad, liberal arts education creates a well rounded, civilized society.  But that is not what is happening today.

The group that always made up the largest, most intelligent, and successful group of students, is being attacked, belittled, and marginalized, at the expense of diversity.  Diversity is good when it exposes someone to a new viewpoint, culture, or theory.  Diversity is bad when it removes two white men and replaces them with chicks with dicks, and pretends now they will be able to better cure cancer.  It doesn’t work that way.

A Brave New World


It is extremely easy for me to walk down the hallways, smirking at the latest silly SJW slogan, or safe space notice, but that’s because I was raised with common sense, morals, and a *real* liberal arts background.  People are social animals, and are products of our environment.  We are tribal, and as much as we’d like to think we are all independent autonomous geniuses, our behavior is based in large part on what society teaches us is acceptable.

Why do we eat a cow but not a dog?  But in parts of Asia this is reversed?  Why do Arab men expect women to be submissive?  Why do Western men wear coats in 90 degree summer weather if we work white collar jobs?  It’s because of our culture and its expectations.


Yeah, who needs morals, right?

The university system is creating a culture where diversity for diversity’s sake is good.  Where straight masculine men are evil and bad.  And where one should be accepted for who they are, no matter how hideous or unhealthy they appear.

This will create less masculine men.

If society tells children and youth that changing genders, mutilating your body, being weak and snarky, and having no universal standards or morality is good, then that’s what society will create.

Reconsider College


Rhodes students learning about rape culture

While I went to college, and got some benefit out of it, I would highly recommend young men to reconsider this option today.  I come from a family background where one is expected to attend a good college, perform at a high level, and be successful.  And yet, I’m not sure I would want my future son or daughter to attend college.  The amount of social conditioning, not to mention the increasing financial cost, makes the value of a Western university education questionable. (Although this is tempting).

If you are in college, resist the temptation to chase coeds.  They are being told on a daily basis that there are rapists out there, and a culture of rape, and a culture of sex slavery and the people behind all this look exactly like YOU.  Minimize your time with fellow students, and focus on getting into the workforce as soon as possible.  Or do something truly diverse:  take a semester abroad and visit a different culture that may affect your thinking and judgment for the rest of your life.

Seek out truly diverse opinions.  Take what good you can from the college experience.  Expose yourself to alternate sources of news, information, and viewpoints.  Listen to the Kingmaker Podcast instead of bad music.  Question friends, and plant seeds of thought and reason.  There was a brief time when I actually believed the one in 5 myth.  Until someone pointed out that it couldn’t possibly be true.  Be the voice of reason.  Avoid the conditioning, and live life on your terms.

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