Everywhere you look, it seems that we are facing an epidemic: more and more weak men are being created, and more and more strong men are dying off. We live in a society that encourages weakness. We encourage men to be effeminate; to be scared of physical conflict, to value emotions over logic, and to hide their sexuality.

These changes are not an isolated incident. A series of systematic changes all throughout the US have brought about this lack of masculinity in our culture, and the results have been horrendous.

Men are more depressed than ever. We feel as if we have no purpose, no cause—we WANT a great war, we WANT battle, but we can’t even get into a simple fist fight without lawyers being involved.

The Evidence


I can hear the pencil-pushing nerd shout out: “Where’s the EVIDENCE?! I want proof!” What I would say to him, is to open your eyes. The proof is all around you; hell, if you can’t see it, then you’re the proof.

Our culture has become infected with the disease of anti-masculinity; we warp normal, functional, healthy desires into being disgusting, and “toxic.”

Men aren’t allowed to rough play anymore; they aren’t even left unattended for a few minutes, let alone an hour or two to go explore. The second that a baby boy tries to adventure, his clingy mother shouts: “Oh no! Not my precious baby boy! He’ll get hurt!”

And like that, she’s chipped away at his masculinity. Little events like this add up over the course of a boy’s life; the constant restraint that’s put on him, the lies about how tussling with other boys is bad, and the high dose of shame that he’s given destroy his masculinity before he even has the chance to develop it.

And need I mention the other lies that our culture pushes down our throat? We’re all special snowflakes! You deserve a trophy just for participating! Give me a break—if you want a reward, you should earn it.

This type of “everyone is equal” attitude breeds a culture of entitlement; everyone’s been raised to believe that their moronic opinion is somehow equal to others, and that they should be treated the same regardless of their abilities and characteristics.

Sexual Shaming


Any and all sexual advances made by men are now painted as being rape. Just because a man made you uncomfortable does not mean he raped you. A man has the right to express his sexual advances to a woman, and a woman has a right to either accept or reject them. That’s a fact, and it’s time for people to grow up and accept it.

Men are expected to be asexual little princes for their entire lives; you can’t even call a woman beautiful or sexy anymore without the HR departments threatening to fire you and sue you.

No, it isn’t degrading, it isn’t demoralizing, it isn’t insulting—it’s a fucking complement. Go to other countries some time, do you know how the men act when a beautiful woman walks by? In awe. In other cultures, they actually admire beauty, but in the US? All bodies are equal. Nope! You’re not allowed to be attracted to a sexy woman, because it would offend a fat, ugly girl.

Marxists and liars try to point to sociological evidence to claim that beauty is subjective, but this is a half-truth. Yes, some aspects of beauty are subjective, but there is in fact a certain symmetrical and proportional mathematical backing behind objective beauty.

This aside, you can clearly see the motives of those arguing for “subjective” beauty—they’re ugly individuals who put zero effort into their appearances, and want to be treated the same as a gorgeous supermodel who spends two hours a day doing her hair and makeup.

The Causes

doctor low test

“You go to UVA? NURSE! Get this man some testosterone, STAT!”

There are a multitude of causes that are all contributing to this lack of masculinity in our culture, but they fall into two broad categories. The first, is chemical. As I’ve said before, there are a multitude of artificial chemicals and pollutants that we’re exposed to today. This is, in large part, due to the unprecedented, nationwide drop in testosterone. These contaminants that lower our testosterone levels are everywhere. They’re in our food, they’re in our water supply, and they’re in our materials.

The second, is cultural. As I alluded to previously, we live in a culture that encourages men to be effeminate, and women to be masculine. It encourages men to value safety over independence, feelings over facts, and to remain in a boyish state of emotional and physical weakness.

Now, I want to be very clear here: nothing is wrong with valuing safety over independence or feeling over facts…IF you’re a woman. It’s normal for women to value these things, because it’s in their nature. Valuing safety and emotions, as well as receptivity and intuition is a simple cause of having higher estrogen levels. Now, of course the angry feminist would yell: “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE EMOTIONAL WE LIKE INDEPENDENCE TOO,” and my reply would be this: No shit—it’s called a generalization. I would also note out the angry tone that feminists use when claiming that they aren’t overly emotional.

Your Water is Contaminated


It has long been known that our filtration system (at least if you live in the US, I’m not sure about other countries) does not do a good job at filtering out birth control and other estrogens from the water supply. Every year, people dump tons and tons of drugs into the water supply—pills down the toilet, anti-depressants down the drain, and birth control down the pipes. These chemicals dissolve into the water supply, and every time you drink a sip of water, you guessed it, you’re putting these things into your body.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—these aren’t high doses, they’re fairly small, and you’re right, but we’re talking about WATER, something that you consume every day. Over years and years of consuming seemingly small amounts of estrogen and mind-altering agents, they’ll have an effect on you.


The solution is to get a reverse osmosis filter. This is the only way to safely drink our contaminated water supply. Another option is finding a local spring near you, and transporting the water in giant glass jugs (more on this later) to your home. I realize that this is convenient, but trust me, it’s worth it. Your testosterone levels and normal neurotransmitters will thank you.

Your Food Is Contaminated


A farmer inserting an estrogen implant into a calf

As I have touched upon before, almost all of the food that we consume is loaded with complete garbage, and it’s not always that obvious. Sure, there’s the obvious examples, such as trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and loads of sugar, but what about soy crisps or hydrogenated oils? Did you know that both of these things have been linked to higher testosterone levels?

And while we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at your produce, shall we? As I covered in a previous article, many of the pesticides on common produce, such as apples, bell peppers, and apricots, used have been linked to higher estrogen levels as well as increased rates of cancer.

In addition to this, our meat is the worst offender. Several decades ago farmers started to realize that if they artificially jacked their cows’ estrogen levels up, they would put on more fat while still eating the same amount of food.

In fact, there’s a little pill known as Synovex C that virtually every single farmer uses on their cows to increase “feed efficiency” by 30%. In other words, they’re jacking their cows’ estrogen levels up so much that they put on 30% more weight with the same amount of food.

And when they kill and butcher this cow, and sell you its meat, what do you think happens? Do you think all of that estrogen magically goes away? Of course not—it’s now in your body. And don’t even get me started on the rBGH, antibiotics, and high cortisol levels that we get from consuming meat, too.

The solution is to only eat organic meat from your local farmers’ market. If you want the highest testosterone levels possible, you cannot afford to be eating garbage—plus, buying from your local market supports hard working, small farm owners.

The Culture War


As has been said many times before, we are currently in the midst of a culture war; masculinity is no longer encouraged, and in fact, it’s actually crushed out of our youth at a young age.

Men aren’t allowed to rough play, they aren’t allowed to confront one another in a functional way that leads to more cooperation in the long run, and god forbid they try to learn game! They’ll face countless women dumping drinks on them, white knights trying to cock block them, and angry bitches screaming at them for being “objectifying.”

Wanting to have sex with beautiful women is somehow a social taboo—men aren’t allowed to express themselves sexually, lest they be slapped with a sex offender label and forced to move.

Oh, but women? They can talk about that sexy new employee or hot new boss as much as they like, and if you try to hold them accountable for their double standard? They’ll just social shame you into oblivion. This is what happens when men are raised from a young age to always cow tow to women’s desires, to be spineless cowards, and to be ashamed of their sexuality. There is one primary way that this is done, that all others flow out of: the media.

The social engineers had a brilliant idea many decades ago: instead of trying to destroy America physically, why not just infiltrate its media and slowly encourage degeneracy? Why not just fund women’s lib and other cancerous causes? And this is what they did. Over the last 50 years, they’ve slowly, but steadily moved the agenda farther and farther left. Just two generations ago it would’ve been unheard of to give millions upon millions of illegal immigrants an American citizenship—but now? We’re letting in tens of thousands of refugees that aren’t even literate in their own language.

The social engineers aren’t brave, but they’re very cunning—ever since the 1960’s they’ve been putting more and more degeneracy into the media, so by the time that these kids grow up, they’ve already been brainwashed to do the elites’ bidding. They’re useful idiots.

How To Reclaim America


Ultimately, a revolution may have to occur to throw the corrupt bureaucrats and bankers out of power. But until then, it’s time we focus on ourselves. Throw out your cable box—nothing of value has been made by Hollywood in the last 10 years. Save a TV and use it to watch old masculine movies about men overcoming struggle, like Rocky or Straw Dogs.

Start eating healthy to naturally raise your testosterone levels—eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, have a grass-fed, locally butchered steak every day, along with some pastured eggs.

If you’re overweight, learn how to shred fat fast as hell—every pound of fat beyond 12% BF has been linked to a 3% increase in estrogen. Lift some weights and consider getting on TRT if you have the resources to do so.

And, of course… learn game. You can’t argue with women logically over the state of our nation, so it’s best to just make them so desperately attracted to you that they follow your lead and accept your opinion as god’s word. Take my four week boot camp to killer game; go out and practice day game and night game every day for four weeks.

I swear, if men simply knew how to seduce women, most of this nonsense would go away—men need to stop acting as if they can change women’s opinions about America. You can’t. Instead, just learn game so that they’ll naturally change their behavior to suit your needs (AKA help you bring back masculinity in America).

And lastly, don’t forget to get a healthy dose of the manosphere every week. It’s been shown to decrease beta tendencies by a whopping 100%. Share, comment, and subscribe—I hope you guys enjoyed my column, and I’ll see you next time.

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