Several years ago, I helped a friend out with his non-profit business. I qualified for a position (got fingerprints, etc.) and I was given the title of a BST—short for Basic Skills Trainer. Within a few days, I was sent to a client.

My first client was a single mother. I drove her to the unemployment office where she picked up a welfare check. This woman was 25 and had two children—from two different fathers, mind you. From all appearances, she was a perfectly healthy woman. I noted that in a third-world country, she’d be selling apples (or vagina) on a street corner. But thanks to Uncle Sam, she was living in a condo, collecting unemployment, and receiving the help of a “non-profit.”

The experience left a bad taste in my mouth. And it made me wary of the “non-profit” industry. So I began doing research, which lead me to an ugly conclusion: the non-profit industry is contributing to the decline of American culture; it does this by promoting feminism, undermining the role of the father, and bloating the egos of women.

1. Many Non-Profits Are Feminist

The Feminist Majority Foundation, Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian’s site),…all of these are non-profit organizations; in other words, they all receive their funding from the federal government. That’s ridiculous. The fact that the American taxpayer is funding Anita Sarkeesian should produce a small taste of vomit in the back of your throat. Apparently, the government believes that making YouTube videos about video game tropes is deserving of a pay check.


In today’s speech, I’ll talk about how to grease the government for thousands of dollars.

The feminist non-profit also highlights a blatant double standard. What manosphere site that fights for male causes (ROK, Rationale Male, Chateau, etc.) could receive non-profit status? Well, the question is rhetorical—none of course. If anything, the reverse has happened. The government has ignored a host of transgressions against the members of the manosphere: death threats, doxing, etc.

The companies I mentioned are only scratching the surface. There are hundreds more where that came from: Her Justice, Safe Nest, etc. These organizations take money out the taxpayer’s pocket and they route it back into the coffers of a feminist “company.” In short, the government sponsors a culture of misandry that undermines the edifice of the American family.

2. Non-Profits Undermine The Role Of The Father

Non-profits undermine the father by providing a parachute to women. A woman can cheat on her husband, file for divorce, and emotionally damage the children…no problem; the government will catch her. The non-profit is a safety net for women that make bad decisions.

I’m living proof of this. When I separated from my ex-wife, she went to live at a non-profit shelter for women. She stayed there for two weeks—all on the taxpayer’s dime. Meanwhile, I stayed in a hotel for a hefty fee. Of course, these stories are common to the readership. We know that equality is an empty slogan, and that misandry is the de facto philosophy of the government.


A non-profit leader, encouraging your wife to “Divorce that jerk!”

Without the non-profit, a woman would think twice about her actions. She’d realize that she has no safety net—that her actions have consequences. As Machiavelli stated, “It’s better to be feared than loved. People respect those they fear, but are fickle with those they love.” Very true. The ancients were strict with women, and the women behaved accordingly. But the modern government is a supplicating beta, bending over backwards to its female constituency. The result has been an increase in divorce and a generation of broken families.

3. Non-Profits Give Women Horrendous Egos

The women who work for the non-profit industry are usually arrogant. This was pointed out by Roosh in his video “10 Reasons Why Washington D.C. Sucks” (cue to 1:28).

“The city is stock full of boring, cookie-cutter women who get all of their value from their careers. This is a place where a woman think she’s made it in life, she’s   accomplished, not by being beautiful or by being a mother or by serving a man. But by having a fancy business card, for having a business card from a  non-profit…”

My experience has proven this to be true. From the case workers down to the secretaries, I found the women to be unbearable. They act as if a degree in social work is the apex of intellectualism. But most of them are credentialed—not educated. If you have a conversation with them, you’ll find that most are parroting the talking points of “girl power”: sexism, patriarchy (then rinse and repeat).


I’m so impressed by your shirt…let me put my head in the oven when you start speaking.

And God help you if you decide to date one of these women. The pitfalls of the “strong and independent” career woman are well documented. You’ve already been warned.


12% of the current US economy is the non-profit sector. Let me phrase this another way–the government creates jobs for 12% of the workforce. If you removed the non-profit industry, the unemployment rate would be close to 20%. People would begin speaking of the United States in the same way that they speak of Greece–a place with massive unemployment and a struggling economy.

Non-profits are draining the US economy. The US is 19 trillion dollars in debt and counting. It’s time to stop funding projects that don’t work. Non-profits do not create anything of value: iPhones, software products, medical devices, etc. Instead, they focus on helping people that–for the most part–are incapable of self-improvement. Moreover, they rob the country of valuable finances. This money could be used to cure a disease, or to explore a distant planet. Instead, the checks are going to Anita Sarkessian.

Now truth be told, some non-profits might serve a useful purpose. And I’m all for a kid with cerebral palsy getting a little help on the side. I’m not heartless. But as we all know, noble purposes in the US are quickly denigrated by the SJW Weltanschauung. It doesn’t take long for them to turn a “Let’s help” mantra into the “Fight the Power” battle cry.

Remember my adage—most women do not fight for male causes, and they are indifferent to the suffering of the average male. Therefore, you have no obligation to support their causes. Moreover, you should look for a way to end their government-sponsored organizations, since these organizations are taking money directly out of your paycheck.

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