Only in The Current Year is it necessary for me to pen an article explaining that women are happiest when they engage in the natural, feminine, nurturing act of motherhood.

Recent data in the UK and US shows that stay at home mothers have the highest happiness and satisfaction ratings of any other career choice.

Working Is Fine, It Just Doesn’t Impress Us


I think I like you, but I’m not sure. Please tell me more about your job. Said no Bond ever.

Contrary to what angry feminists will say, I have no personal beef against a woman wanting to work; indeed throughout modern history most women have worked at some point in their lives.  But if she makes her job her #1 priority, I know she is not going to value my needs or the needs of her family.

Furthermore, I do not care one iota about what a woman’s job or career is, short of her suppressing her unicorn horn and curing cancer.  Men are not impressed, attracted by, or interested in a woman’s work.  Indeed the only time I’ve ever paid attention to a woman’s career is when putting her on a relative comparison chart with other working girls:  an HR girl who stares at a computer screen all day, sitting in a lonely cubicle, and issuing mandates about the next transdoodle appreciation day picnic is going to have a different demeanor than, say, a kindergarten teacher, who is nurturing her feminine side by caring for and playing with children.

The Data


Several surveys back up the obvious conclusion that women enjoy being feminine, nurturing mothers, and not corporate drones.  A 2007 Pew Research survey shows that 48% of women consider being a full time stay at home mom the ideal situation versus only 39% 10 years ago.  (The number saying working full time is ideal declined from 32% to 21%).  Considering all the propaganda encouraging women to become career slaves, this data is quite impressive.


Less than 10% say career women are best

When polled about the ideal role of mothers, less than 10% of respondents believed a full time working mom was best for the family.  The number of working mothers is far above 10%.  Which makes us ask, why do these mothers not value their families enough?  Do they crave the consumer goods that badly that they must sacrifice their family’s happiness in order to bring in more income for smartphones, Chinese trinkets, and overpriced sugary coffee drinks?


Redbook magazine’s survey of stay at home mothers

Redbook magazine recently polled their readers and found that stay at home mothers with 4 children were the happiest, and that 56% of stay at home mothers consider themselves “very or extremely happy,” with only 10% reporting “slightly or not happy.”   Considering that at least 25% of all women are mentally ill, these numbers are huge.


Stay At Home Jobs

There are a large number of part-time, stay at home jobs that women can do from the home.  Indeed, they are able to get the best of both worlds: small businesses are the major source of income growth in the US, and many of these ideas are far more fun than writing TPS reports.  Blogging, making arts and crafts, making jewelry, painting, drawing, photography, tutoring, and many of the self-sufficient jobs that many ROK readers are searching for to get us out of the rat race, are far more rewarding and interesting than having a corporate job where she wears a masculine pantsuit and works in a mentally debilitating office environment, full of restrictions, codes, office politics, infighting, scheduled meals and breaks, and political correctness.


I met a friend the other day who just expanded his basement for his wife’s embroidery business.  She is a stay at home mother of three, and started out with a sewing machine in a small den.  She now has several thousands of dollars of screen printing equipment, and has partnered with a couple of other moms in the neighborhood to create t-shirts, and whatever else women can sew or embroider.  They are happy working on these projects, most of which involve their children, and they are able to make money at the same time, selling to the parents of other children.  Best of all, she can work as much or as little as she wants, and is always home to look after the home and family.

While men do not care about women’s careers, I think a woman with a hobby or part time job that she is passionate about could be a source of great pride for her husband.  Many stay at home mothers are artists, authors, public speakers, or make other creative and valuable contributions to society, and I would be proud of a wife’s accomplishments in these venues, far more than if she just got a promotion to Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Staying Home Prevents Feelings Of Boredom And Worthlessness

Further surveys from the British Office for National Statistics, British insurance conglomerate Liverpool Victoria, and others show that the “well-being” index is highest for mothers who stay at home to care for children instead of working, and have the strongest belief that their life is “worthwhile.”  These stay at home moms have less anxiety, more satisfaction and happiness, and higher optimism even when they are doing poorly.

Indeed, raising children is a laudable goal, and certainly more rewarding than earning another paycheck this week at Megacorp, Inc.  Laura Perrin of Mothers At Home Matter, reflected on the ONS survey stating stay at home moms “are not only making their own family happy but also making a contribution to society as a whole.”

We Are Winning


Sorry Big Red, you didn’t make the cut this week.

Despite the increasing insanity on the social justice front, more mothers than ever are choosing to stay at home to raise their children.  More women are realizing they are happier when they do things which align with their natural nurturing motherly instincts, and not when they try to be loud, aggressive, brash, short haired, men.  Women, you are happiest when you find a good man, and become a devoted mother and wife.

As there is no budget for national men’s research, I will only hypothesize that men are also happiest when we have challenges, struggles, and purpose, which is often found in a job, versus staying at home and raising a family.  Since society doesn’t care about the relative happiness of men, we do not yet have the data to back this up.

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