For a long time, the political left has been on the rampage trying to call out Donald Trump as “literally Hitler“, obviously as an emotionally charged incentive to try to get (braindead) people to not vote for him. In many cases even his mere supporters have been grouped into the label as well!

However, little do progressives and SJW’s know, there are six (at the minimum!) ways in which it is actually they who are far more closely associated with Nazism, rather than the various libertarian and right-wing groups they are always attacking.

So don’t just sit back and take the punishment. Call them out and fight back!

1. They Both Use A Stupid Looking And Impotent Arm Gesture


The Hitler salute used in Nazi Germany


A wannabe-tough and Hitleresque salute used by Black Lives Matter and their leftist sympathizers

The Nazi salute or “Hitler’ salute was a gesture used as a greeting to powerful Nazi officials, and to glorify the German nation under the Third Reich. The salute was performed by extending the right arm to at least eye level, and straightening the hand so that it is parallel to the arm.

The George Soros-funded domestic terrorist group “Black Lives Matter,” which has a great deal of sympathizers and supporters from the political left, has also adopted their own (ultimately meaningless) arm gesture. Conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right simply don’t bother with such try-hard tough and faux-fascist nonsense.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

2. They Both Want Heavy Firearms Restrictions Or Outright Confiscation


In the build-up to Nazi Germany going on the war rampage, Hitler made damn sure that the non-military German populace (Jew and Gentile alike) would be thoroughly disarmed of any projectile firing weapons, as to prevent any kind of civilian insurrection or rebellion against his fascist regime.

Progressives and SJW’s in the United States by and large hate guns, and repeatedly call for heavy restrictions on firearms or outright Hitler, Stalin, and Mao style confiscation.

On the other hand, conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right (including neomasculinists) all respect and value the right to bear arms in order to stymie out-of-control criminality and keep government oppression in check. Not to mention it’s a damn good idea to have most of the population armed as a major deterrent against outside invaders.

Just ask Switzerland, who successfully avoided all of the chaos in Nazi-occupied Europe due to both their mountainous geography and by having the most strapped-up civilian population in all the land.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

3. They Both Blame All Of Society’s Ills On One Segment Of The Population

white man

From “Progressive” website Alternet. Could have come straight out of ‘Mein Kampf’ when talking about Jews.

Despite being responsible for about 95% of all major technological and medical advancements for the past 600 years, and the upholders or creators (along with Northeast Asians) of the most advanced infrastructure, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and peaceful countries on the planet (i.e. highly desired for migration for people of all races and colors around the world), progressives and SJW’s almost never have anything positive to say about white males.

Every real or perceived societal issue must be caused by the white man and his “supremacist” outlook on life and his “racist” institutions, and no personal responsibility must be accepted for what plagues the African-American, Native American, or Chicano communities. The finger of righteous indignation can simply point straight back to heterosexual white males, who are “privileged” beyond all comparison.

(But please, keep it quiet that many Asian minority groups are economically outperforming white people and are being imprisoned far less per capita. Ok? You’ll ruin the leftist narrative.)

In similar fashion, the Nazi’s blamed just about everything that caused pain to Germany on the mannerisms, behaviors, and business practices of Jews.


Nazi Germany: Jewness will explain away nearly anything.

white culture

Degenerate leftist outlets like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and MIC work day and night to humiliate, belittle, and blame white males for every perceived societal injustice, in the same way Nazi Germany blamed Jews for everything.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!


4. They Both Condone Violence Against Innocent People And Their Property

(2016 Alternate Universe: Black Lives Matter “Protest” And Beating Of Innocent Whites Begins At 0:42)

As part of the increasingly hostile treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, the Kristallnacht or “crystal night” was an evening in late 1938 where thousands of Jewish-owned businesses were destroyed or damaged in a coordinated act of malice. Additionally, several dozen Jews were murdered during the attacks and untold thousands were injured.

In the late 2010s, the progressive and SJW-supported Black Lives Matter have enacted several major “protests” (riots) in various cities across the United States which have seen hundreds of businesses burned or looted, and innocent white people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time have been specifically targeted for violent reprisal. Because, you know, another police officer (whether white or black) must have shot and killed another black felon.

But what do the SJW leaders of Black Lives Matter like DeRay Mckesson have to say about these destructive and inherently anti-white rioters? “We Stand With You.”


Progressives and SJWs are (literally) Hitler!

5. They Both Use Incessant Goebbles-Style Propaganda To Push Their Bogus Narratives


Ok, so Goebbles isn’t (literally) Hitler, but he’s close enough to how the progressive and SJW media acts in the 2010’s. Much like the Nazi propaganda machine of the 1930’s, leftist media outlets continually push lie after lie after lie upon the masses. All in the hopes that it will eventually become, via sheer repetition alone, “the truth” in the minds of the emotion-driven sheeple.

Even though these lies, such as campus “rape culture”, the “gender wage gap”, and “institutional racism” in policing (all by-products of a supposed “white supremacy” and “toxic masculinity”) have been disproven and debunked time and time again, they simply double down and keep pushing the lies one thousand times over. Like the Nazi’s, SJW’s……just……don’t……..QUIT with the lies and endless propaganda.

On the other hand, the vast majority of conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right are receptive to digesting actual facts about people and society. Untethered by the scourge of political correctness, and the scourge of favoring egalitarian “feelings” against factual analysis and data which may be discomforting to many.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Goebbles!

6. They Both Suppress Freedom Of Speech And Ideas


An SJW book burning rally against authors Roosh, Cernovich, Vox Day, and others.

Finally, the Nazi’s despised any concept of freedom of speech. There was a huge verboden (forbidden) list of books people could read, names which new parents could give to their children, and people who spoke out against the Nazi regime would be arrested, have their livelihoods destroyed, or even “get disappeared” altogether.

Modern day progressives and SJW’s take great delight in doxing people out of their jobs (and thus potentially reducing them to destitute poverty) if their manner of speech, writings, or opinions do not march lock-step with the social justice narrative.

If you don’t think transgenders are “brave” and gorgeous people, that homosexuality is the greatest thing since sliced bread, that Islam will culturally enrich the West, and that high black arrest rates are because of racist white cops, then you put your livelihood in great danger if you make those opinions public.

Most conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and Alt-Right adherents place great value on freedom of speech as one of the most prominent vanguards against tyranny. Progressives, SJW’s, and the former Nazi’s of 1933-1945 do not share that sentiment.

(1:10 – “We live in a free country. And that is a powerful idea. That’s a magnificent way to live. But there is a price for that freedom, which is that sometimes we have to tolerate things that we don’t necessarily like.”)

Progressives and SJW’s do not tolerate your freedom of speech. Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!


Now of course we know progressives and SJW’s are not “literally” Hitler (we act on logic and reason rather than wild emotional fervor), but people who closely identify with those sets can start to eat their own words when they want to moronically accuse Donald Trump of being “literally Hitler.”

Their own way of life, and the master whom they will likely vote for (Hillary), are far more closely associated with Nazi-era behaviors than Donald Trump and his supporters ever will be.

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