There’s a pretty simple way to maximize your self improvement.

Do the opposite of what everyone else does.

It’s easy. Most people in the masses are so plugged in, they’re like zombies in their day to day life. They do everything that everyone tells them.

Just reading sites like Return Of Kings puts you in that percentage of men who are at least capable of stepping out of the typical drone life. Simply reading this site is a perfect example of what “normal people” don’t do.

So let’s apply this methodology to the rest of life. Here are 7 things where you should consider doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

1. College


Four years ago, I walked out of my college graduation with a degree in economics. The next week, I walked into my new job.

As a computer engineer.

Less than three years later, I walked out of that office, hopped on a plane, and now I have my own online business(s). Just because everyone says you should go to college doesn’t mean you should. Especially with rising tuition costs, absurd SJW-inspired disciplinary rules, and an oversaturation of four-year degrees now in the workforce.

While I won’t go as far as to say that you shouldn’t go to college, you should at least look at the other alternatives and see how they stack up relative to where you want to get in life.

The opposite: Trade schools and entrepreneurship are becoming the new norm, especially for those who aspire to be location independent.

2. Pre-Planned Vacation Packages


Too many people use their precious two weeks a year to jump into a pre-planned vacation package.

Why on Earth would you want to go from taking orders from your boss to taking a “vacation” where you’re told what to do the entire time.

Take a cruise, for example. You’re told when to show up. When you can or can’t be off the ship. You’re shoveled into a stateroom that is about the size of a cubicle in an office. It’s hardly any different!

The opposite: Book a solo trip somewhere you haven’t been, or better yet–haven’t even heard of. You will see more growth than you ever would imagine.

3. Buying Material Items

Much of what we’re told we must have is completely unnecessary. Most people overload themselves with expensive cars, houses, boats, televisions, and more. Did I mention diamond rings?



The opposite: Life minimally. Maximize what you do have. A laptop can be both a work device and a way to unwind and watch a movie. An 85 inch television isn’t necessary for that. If you feel you need a nice car to impress women, improve your game. The possibilities on this one are endless.

4. Being The Nice Guy

They’ve always finished last and always will. From a young age we’re told that we need to treat women like special little snowflakes—then, and only then will they want us as men.

The result is flocks of guys trying to buy girls drinks in bars, tons of guys kissing their feet, and ultimately a lot of unhappy women confused why they don’t like the nice guys.

The opposite: While you don’t have to be a complete dick to girls, you do need to have a spine. Stand up for yourself and who you are. Call her out on her bullshit. She’ll thank you later.

5. Crash Dieting

He's got his game face and game food on... messy guy cramming his face full of burger and chips.

While I won’t get into specific dieting methodologies, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that an “all-carb” diet isn’t going to get you a chiseled and masculine physique.

Rather than doing their own research, most people will just listen to what other people tell them to do in regards to their health. Even if it’s completely counterproductive.

The opposite: Make lifestyle changes that have long term health benefits as opposed to fad diets. And do your own research.

6. Making Money Online

Making money online is all the rage these days. And the gurus are willing to teach you ALL their secrets—for the low price of three payments of $4,997!

It’s easy to tell these guys apart from the guys who are genuinely trying things and putting out good advice. If someone talks about their online money making failures, and is able to discuss in hindsight why they failed and what they did to improve, it’s likely that they have a genuine interest in trying to help people. Genuine product reviews for things they actually use help, too.

The opposite: Don’t just blindly throw away thousands of dollars on get-rich-quick schemes. Understand that making money online isn’t hard, but isn’t easy, either. It takes work. Be unlike everyone else and be willing to put in the work.

7. Savor The Process


Too many people have a “give me now” attitude in today’s world. They don’t want to put in the work, time or effort to make good thing happen with their lives. Everything in life is about instant gratification.

You see this played out every day. Girls choosing to be Instagram whores for instant gratification as opposed to working on developing themselves so that they can one day be a good wife and mother.

Men choosing to blindly follow whomever they have deemed to be their hero (see: professional athletes) instead of developing who they are as a man. This is a poisonous attitude that leads to a poor work ethic and low energy.

The opposite: Develop a true routine that allows you stability in life. Go for a morning walk to clear your head in the morning. Avoid starting your day with an hour of browsing Twitter. Design your own routine that allows you to be productive and stay there.

And finally, try new things. Sometimes the best thing that ever happens to you is just around the corner.

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