Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley showed up on enemy territory to talk about banging groupies in the video above. Oprah tried to gently shame them, along with audience members, who have trouble believing that women want to fuck famous men. Gene holds his own, never losing his cool and responding with the only reasonable arguments you’ll hear during the show, especially when Oprah suggests that he’s leading on these poor groupies who think a relationship will develop after banging him backstage.

Here are the highlights:

12:35: Rock groupie is railing on Gene for things he didn’t say. She obviously has been pumped and dumped by rock stars and is not happy about it.

17:10: Audience girl on the right wants to bang.

~18:30: There seems to be a hierarchy with bands—not all bands get equal amounts of pussy. It seems that Kiss were at the top.

25:57: Fat girl is mad.


27:50: Supergroupie admits to banging the same amount of partners as Gene (at least 2,000 in the past 10 years).

29:10: There wasn’t a groupie culture back in the 1960s. One groupie remarked how it was simple to get backstage, but now it’s getting harder.

33:00: White knight is mad that they are making music to get laid instead of for the music alone.

Gene is so unapologetic about his lifestyle that even if you were a church-going monogamous man, it’s hard not to admire him.

This was perhaps the first time that feminist arguments about objectifying women were displayed in the mainstream (thanks Oprah), and at the same time we get some red pill wisdom in return.

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