Women are more liberal than men. This is so true that the only thing that a person needs to do to get more liberal political policies enacted is to get more women out to vote. But how did it get this way? And is there anyway of reversing it?

The liberalism of women voters


Woman cries upon meeting her savior

It is no secret that our current liberal welfare state is only possible because women vote—and women overwhelmingly favor liberal policies. For example, If Hillary Clinton wins the election in November, it will be mostly due to women voters. Women consistently support Hillary by a 17-point gap. This gap has proved to be impervious to facts. Even hardcore liberal men started to question Hillary’s physical stamina after her shocking collapse on September 11th, but Hillary’s female supporters remained dedicated to her. To them, Hillary’s loss of consciousness made her seem “more human.”

Women are such reliable liberal voters that our elites don’t even need to persuade voters to support liberal policies. The only thing they need to do is get more women to the polls. The documents that were published as a result of the hacking of George Soros reveals that this was exactly his strategy in Europe. To support his plan to flood Europe with Islamic “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa, Soros’ organizations only had to focus on persuading more women to vote. Apparently, they view women as robots who are unable to think for themselves.

But why are women so liberal?


There are two reasons why women are so liberal. The first is that liberalism is the ideology that our globalist elite want us to accept. If we reject traditional marriage and family, we are left with nothing but consumerism to fill our lives. Consumerism means more money in the hands of the elite, so they are always promoting it. Liberalism also steers us towards being rootless cosmopolitan atoms with only very weak bonds with other people—the opposite of a tribe. If you are an unconnected individual, you are much less likely to pose a threat to the elite hegemony.

Women are especially the targets of this indoctrination because civilization passes by mothers. If women can be filled with Marxist ideas, they will raise their children with the same Marxist ideas. Over the long term, this creates a race of materialist sheep who will try to fill their spiritual emptiness with the gadgets and baubles that the globalist elite sells.

To accomplish this indoctrination, women are subjected to non-stop programming from schools, television, movies, and magazines. From a young age, girls are trained to associate marriage and motherhood with bondage, while working as a cubicle wage-slave is linked to ultimate freedom. I have yet to meet a girl, even a generally conservative one, who has not been infected with at least a few of these liberal ideas.

The second reason flows from the nature of women. Women are naturally programmed to seek out a stable life. In the past, this served the function of women seeking out a strong man who could protect her and her offspring. However, once women got the right to vote, women were able to shape governmental policy through their votes. The government they created is one where there are safety nets to provide for a woman and her children in the event that her man leaves her. In other words, they have come to view the government as a substitute for their husband. Kellyanne Conway, who is now Donald Trump’s campaign manager, put it this way:


More married women did not vote for Dole because of a widespread sense of societal insecurity: It is not that they distrust their husband, but they have seen divorce all around them and know they could be next. Women see government as their insurance.

So at least some women are voting for governmental policies that will be a substitute for a husband. Because this tendency to seek out safety nets is in-born, allowing women to vote will always create a more liberal social order than one where only men can vote.

Not all X are like that…


Tomi Lahren

Of course, not all women are liberals. A woman’s family plays a huge role in whether she will be liberal or traditional. My wife happens to come from a conservative family. Somehow, she ended up being the most conservative member of her family. After she met me, she quickly adopted my more reactionary views.

But I’m sad to say that conservative parents are not always successful in handing on their conservatism to their daughters. I believe this is because the mainstream conservative movement is inherently weak. In the US, the only constant in the conservative movement is the desire for a smaller government. On every other point, whether that is same-sex marriage or Obamacare, mainstream conservatives are always willing to capitulate. They may moan about their losses for a long time afterward but they are never able to mount a strong resistance. Most of the time, they just quietly adopt their enemy’s position as their own and get ready to lose the next battle.

Children notice the futility of the mainstream conservative philosophy. After all, a healthcare savings account (a popular proposal among conservative policy wonks) may be a good thing but it is not the sort of thinking that will capture the hearts and minds of young women—or young men for that matter.

Despite the feeble nature of mainstream conservatism, some girls do become conservatives. Given their willingness to swim against the strong currents of our culture’s liberalism, conservative or traditional girls are rare. If you catch one, think twice before you throw her back in the water.

Can liberal women be changed into conservatives?


I just had to work a picture of tired Hillary into this article

Turning someone’s ideological orientation is almost impossible for both men and women. That doesn’t mean that most people have finally reasoned arguments in defense of their positions. Rather, most of us get our general political orientation from our parents or, as the role of parents in raising children continues to shrink, from our peers or teachers. Once we enter adulthood, we are likely to be on the same political end of the spectrum that we were on when we got our first full time job.

While that is the norm, I have witnessed a couple of cases of women who changed their political orientation for their husband or boyfriend. Unfortunately, both cases involved conservative women who turned liberal. Neither one of these men is handsome, powerful, or wealthy, but they both possess strong personalities. In their own little circles, which they are careful to control, these men are alphas. By the way, I do not advocate this approach of appearing to be an alpha by limiting your social circle.

I also know men who have failed to have any effect on their wife’s political ideology. One of these is a friend of mine who is a very knowledgeable mainstream conservative. He can make a convincing argument for his conservatism yet his wife remains just as liberal as the day he met her. Even before he was married, he was unable to influence the political views of his prior girlfriends. While he is a nice guy, he has a very passive personality.

Thus, the rule is that liberal women will change their political ideology only if they hold the man in very high esteem. This even applies to religion. Well-reasoned arguments are not necessary. If the man is a leader, his woman will follow.


From the perspective of society, if you want to have a more conservative government and still maintain democracy, the only way to do it is to limit the voting franchise. Specifically, prevent women from voting.

If you happen to be a traditional man looking for girl who has traditional political views, the best course is to find one who already holds these views thanks to her parents or religious beliefs. If you can’t find one of those, it is still possible to change the political persuasion of a liberal girl, but you will need a frame made out of titanium to be successful.

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