This is intended as a public service announcement of sorts. There is a new red pill sketch comedy that readers would do well to check out. Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (MDEp:WP) began airing in early August as part of the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network.

In an era of stifling political correctness, MDEp:WP is a welcome breath of fresh air. The sketch comedy is the brainchild of comedian Sam Hyde, who cut his chops doing controversial stand-up routines, creating scathing YouTube videos, and trolling college campuses.

With MDEp:WP, Hyde and his comedy troupe have achieved mainstream success with the show drawing nearly one million weekly viewers. However, the irreverence of MDEp:WP has not gone unnoticed by the establishment and the show has come into the crosshairs of BuzzFeed, which has already written two hit pieces: “The Alt-Right Has Its Very Own TV Show On Adult Swim” and “The Underground Neo-Nazi Promo Campaign Behind Adult Swim’s Alt-Right Comedy Show.”

MDEp:WP incorporates many references that regular readers of RoK will undoubtedly be familiar with: pick up artistry (PUA), game, peacocking, the wall, and female hypergamy. MDEp:WP is absurdist comedy at its finest. The show has a definite Kafkaesque feel to it that somehow manages to perfectly capture the ridiculousness, isolation, and hollowness of modern existence. The psychedelic camera work, vivid color effects, and ethereal soundtrack cleverly enhance the surreal dream-like atmosphere of the show.

Below is a brief overview of the episodes, with red pill truths and memorable quotes from each episode.

Episode 1: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe


Red Pill Truths:

Beta male, the myth of equality, leniency toward female offenders, gender double standards

Memorable Quotes:

“You’ve seen all these school shooters: pathetic beta males. Who have no girlfriend. Just imagine how many less there’d be, if they had been bullied early, and often.”

“This closet is why David Bowie is dead.”

Link to full episode

Episode 2: Illegal Broadcast: John Hell Emergency


Red Pill Truths:

The wall, female hypergamy, female entitlement, lack of female accountability

Memorable Quotes:

“It seems like when you hit 30, that your partner count is considered something negative. Rather than being wild and free, it’s just you can’t find a man, so you can’t stop looking, and you can’t stop fucking.”

“Welcome back to ‘The Wall Show,’ the show where 30 stops being a number and starts being an unescapable way of life.”

“Don’t you want to commit right away and give ‘em access to your bank accounts?”

“I say that stay in school a little longer, they get great jobs, they keep their bodies in shape, and they find a guy like me after all that.”

Link to full episode

Episode 3: 3 Down 47 To Go Countdown To Mass Funeral


Red Pill Truths:

Birth control / estrogen in the water supply, low-T, one-itis, SJW control of the public school system

Memorable Quotes:


“They call me all kinds of things. They call me argon. They call me dark child. They call me night master. They call me P-body. They call me Peanut Arbuckle. They call me Doorway. They call me Pink Dress. They call me Sweezy. They call me Go-Go Nuts. They call me Pineapple Man.”

“It’s just the same things over and over. It’s bad when I’m not smarter than the students I teach. First three weeks, Holocaust. Next three weeks, Black History Month.”

“I didn’t make the kids stupid. That’s on the parents. That’s on the government. Not me.”

Link to full episode

Episode 4: Mad At Dad? Gomad For Chad Mgtow


Red Pill Truths:

PUA, peacocking, game, single mothers, women marrying the government

Memorable Quotes:

“I’m a really nice guy. It just hasn’t gotten me anywhere.”

“I know literally everything there is to know about getting pussy. So even though you’re test-tube, gub-gub snail man, we’re gonna be getting you knee-deep in some gash.”

“I’m that gorilla dick pussy god. I make dyke pussy wet.”

“This gorilla dick daddy’s hungry. And if you don’t blow me right, I might kill you.”

“Once Uncle Sam stepped up to the plate and gave us our EBT, they started taking care, taking the place of daddy.”

Link to full episode

Episode 5: Not Everyone Thinks You’re A Hero


Red Pill Truths:

Female careerism, Facebook censorship and suppression of dissent

Memorable Quotes:

“She’s got an associate’s degree. I know you may think she’s just a hot little package, but she’s educated.”

“When my field hockey wife asked me to marry her, I said yes.”

Link to full episode

Episode 6: You Hate This Show Because You Hate Yourself


Red Pill Truths:

Victimhood mentality, demographic replacement, female hypergamy, drugging of male students with ADHD medications, criminalization of masculinity

Memorable Quotes:

“It’s 2016, and if you’re not cool with homosexuals in your schools teaching your kids about butt sex … Peace, because hate is wack.”

“My race is done. You’re inheriting the Earth, along with some other undesirables, and that’s cool … but just remember who built this place, all right? Remember to pay homage to the white man.”

“We can all be victims.”

“We’re here because we need to find suitable genetic material for comingling with my own. Not necessarily using my husband’s DNA.”

“I want to feel tingles.”

Link to full episode


It seems 2016 is the year that the Alt-Right enters the mainstream. Too large to ignore any longer, those on the right who are disillusioned with milquetoast conservatives and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have received recognition from both presidential candidates. And now the Alt-Right has a hit comedy series on a major network. So what can you do? Watch the show. Tell your friends and family to watch it. Share clips on social media. Incorporate phrases and quotes from the show into your daily lexicon.

The establishment is already trying to pressure cable providers to stop carrying MDE. We must all do what we can to make sure MDE is picked up for another season.

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