There is a photo of my great grandfather wearing a suit, looking solemnly ahead.  I never knew him, and have tried to learn as much as I can by asking family members who remember him.  In the photograph, he appears as a grown man, wearing a well-fitting suit.  He is neither smiling nor stressed, but appears a confident, masculine, man.  I was shocked when I was told that in this photo he is actually 13 years old.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt at age 18

Permanent Adolescence

Many have observed that Americans are in a perpetual state of youth, with almost half of young men aged 18-34 still living at home with their parents.  While some cultures (notably, Italy) encourage children to live with their families until the point of marriage, and this is almost certainly the best policy for single women, this American trend is not caused by a social desire to remain close to the family, but an economic necessity and a lack of any personal motivation or direction in life.


20 or 30-something Millennial

As I was sitting on a bus in Central America, I observed a small boy, around the age of 13, organizing luggage, taking money, asking passengers their destinations, mentally arranging the luggage in order of departure before loading it in a logical manner, and running a business, I thought of my grandfather.  Were these men oppressed by the economy, or were they learning, growing, and perhaps enjoying themselves?


A Nation of Coddled, Weak Middle Aged Children

Who is better equipped to deal with life at age 30?  A man who has spent the last 15 years conversing daily with a variety of women, tourists, and businessmen, who has learned to perform math operations in an instant in his head, who has observed thousands upon thousands of people, witnessed thieves, police, couples dating, families, tourists, locals, and workers, has developed a working use of multiple languages, and excellent emotional intelligence and street smarts?

Or a guy with a business administration degree who pours coffee into a cup for 8 hours a day, and then comes home and eats TV dinners before jacking it quietly to some camwhore and falling asleep in his parents spare bedroom?


Permanently Discouraged


What future does the 48% have?  What hopes and dreams do they have?  Perhaps some of our readers are in that category, and indeed, living with parents is a great way to be frugal.  IF one has a plan, this can be a perfectly acceptable step along life’s journey.  But how many of that 48% have a hope or dream?  How many of them have given up on any plan of change?

Considering that almost 95 million Americans are no longer in the workforce, the workforce participation rate is only 62%, while the government only considers 4.7% of workers to be “unemployed” (those with a hope of still being employed, and still actively looking for work), many Americans are giving up on the prospect of a real career, as well as a real woman or a real life.

What would the American sexual satisfaction survey look like?  Maybe something like a 62% participation rate, meaning that slightly more than half of us are having sex.  But how many are in a relationship with a thin, feminine, pleasant woman who is making is happier than not?  I’d say a safe bet is around 4.7%.  The sexual discouragement rate mirrors the economic discouragement rate.

There are many articles on ROK discussing why men are opting out of marriage.  As I have pointed out, the average age for first marriage was always 20-22, until recent years.  It’s no coincidence that this is the age that men find women most attractive and desirable, although modern men are being shamed for listening to their biology.


Source: OK Cupid data

But many men who have never left the country have never experienced a thin, feminine, pleasant, kind woman.  What do they have to look forward to?  They are permanently discouraged, and have given up on the dating market.  They explain why men are living with parents until age 40 and up.  These are men for whom society has failed them.  Feminism destroyed an entire generation of females from which these men should have been able to date.

Peak Feminism

A society that has failed in giving half its workers stable, rewarding careers, that ends half of marital relations in misery, and that fails to provide happiness and sexual gratification to its members is a society that has failed.  We are now at peak feminism, and there is nowhere to go but up.  They have ruined the west, and out of this wasteland a neomasculinity will rise.

Whether Trump wins or loses, he is a sign of massive discontent with the status quo.  It will not happen overnight, but there will be a backlash, and it will drastically change society, pushing us back towards our biology, logic, and order.

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