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Following up a Donald Trump assassination joke on Saturday, liberal talk show host Bill Maher said Monday that he would rather vote for a “dead” Hillary Clinton over her Republican challenger Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.
In a tweet Monday afternoon, the host of HBO’s Real Time dismissed concerns about Clinton’s newly diagnosed pneumonia, arguing that he’d prefer a deathly ill Clinton to what he called the “tangerine nightmare” of Trump.

“Pneumonia? I’d vote for Dead Hillary in this race,” Maher tweeted. “She could be Patient Zero for Bubonic Plague, still better than #TangerineNightmare.”

Maher has increasingly taken to Twitter in recent weeks to post his thoughts on the election. The 60-year-old comedian has previously compared Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.


During a stand-up performance in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Maher suggested that with the 2016 race between Clinton and Trump “tightening,” somebody “is going to have to go out there” and remedy the situation, referencing the recent release of John Hinckley Jr. — the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981 — from a psychiatric facility earlier this month.

“I’m nervous with this election,” Maher told the audience at the DAR Constitution Hall. “I saw the headline today: ‘Race tightening, Trump ahead in Ohio and Florida.’ If this race is even the week before the election, somebody is going to have to go out there… Why do you think they let Hinckley out?”

Concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health received renewed attention on Sunday when a video surfaced online showing the candidate apparently requiring help to get into her motorcade van.

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