Wolf-whistle or cat all at a woman and you could end up charged with a hate crime as the land of the Magna Carta becomes the land of abject despotism in the early 21st century. A pilot program in the county of Nottinghamshire making “misogyny” a hate crime, or more accurately a police state official’s opinion that one is being a misogynist, is spreading to multiple other cities, like so many other malignant tumors in the body politic of the Western world.

Talking to women with anything but an attitude of supplication and deference could become a crime in the formerly free nations of England and Wales.

Dave Alton, the “hate crime manager” i.e. mouthpiece for the de-balling Western men agenda told the press a daily average of one “crime” of misogyny has been reported to his department since the program began earlier this year.

The number of reports we are receiving is comparable with other, more established, categories of hate crime. We have received numerous reports and have been able to provide a service to women in Nottinghamshire who perhaps wouldn’t have approached us six months ago. The reality is that all of the reports so far have required some form of police action.

So far, two men have been arrested under the new program.

Of course, misandry is still perfectly legal and there are no plans to make hating men a hate crime. Evil heterosexual, Christian males are the only possible oppressors in the Newspeak, Brave New World Order that Orwell and Huxley warned us about, but nobody listened to. The hour is very late to begin doing something about this before we end up on a prison planet in which all our words and activities are micromanaged by a growing electronic bureaucracy.

Anglo society exalts women and denigrates men at every turn

Anglo society exalts women and denigrates men at every turn

Melanie Jeffs, manager of Nottingham’s Women’s Centre told the press:

Women are groped, or groups of lads shout abuse or very sexualized comments at them. We have incidents of sexual touching, women being grabbed and men trying to get women into a car with them.

No word on who was doing the shouting at women and yelling sexualized comments at them. My guess is it probably wan’t Lily White English and Welsh men, but “refugees” and holier-than-thou immigrants yelling sexualized comments although it is becoming illegal to even report the ethnicity of offenders in cucked Western nations like Sweden. You wouldn’t want to “offeeeeeend” anyone. Unless of course, they’re white.

Jeffs continues with the boilerplate, victimization racket narrative that was worked for so long in the suicidal Western world. The “raising awareness” gnome is a staple of insane lefties.

We know it’s a big issue that happens on a daily basis – it’s part of the everyday wallpaper of women’s lives. This is about raising awareness, making women feel that they don’t have to put up with it – and that’s very empowering. Already women are ringing through to the police saying: ‘I want this to be recorded as a misogynistic hate crime.’


When propaganda like this is spewed in a program that has led to only two arrests, you know forces are at work higher up in the food chain to further marginalize heterosexuality in an Anglo culture that has long pushed women to turn their sexuality into a commodity. Jeffs continues:

We’ve had women say how proud they are to be from this city, and that this makes them feel like they’re walking 10 feet taller.

Let’s call this what it is: another shit test in a growing mountain of shit tests that Western men have failed. Women are practically begging for Western men to lash out and bring an end to this insanity. Each time Western women jump on the bandwagon of feminazi narratives Western men figuratively crawl into a corner with their head down and say “I’m so sorry I was born with a penis and have normal sexual desires.” This must stop.

Better than you: women can do no wrong under new hate crime legislation

Better than you: women can do no wrong under new hate crime legislation

To show how insane the West is becoming, in contrast to the round of applause the proposal to making flirting with women illegal has received from the Marxist press (even though women prove time and time again they love, love, love uncouth assholes), it recently dropped a figurative bag of bricks on British politician Phillip Davies for daring to challenge the growing insanity of gynocentrism like this proposal in Anglo society. As detailed by Rookh Kshatriya, an English scholar who recently wrote about Davies’ flogging by feminists:

Above all, it demonstrates that men are still viewed as third class citizens by the mainstream media and the authorities at large. Simply put – and I have been saying this for years  – WASP culture, being essentially Puritanical, automatically exalts women and denigrates men. Tradcon MRAs in Anglosphere nations like to think institutional misandry is exclusively the product of leftist, revolutionary agendas. In reality, they are expressions of ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon culture. This is why electoral politics never changes anything for men – at least, not for the better. Socialist or ‘conservative’, all governments in Anglosphere nations preside over societies where the legal, healthcare, welfare and education systems actively discriminate against men.

The new hate crime law is yet more evidence that on BOTH sides of the aisle men are viewed as nothing more than provider modules who exist to be exploited, dehumanized and desexualized in the West, and particularly in the Anglosphere – The United States, Canada, UK, and Australia – where these laws are destined to spread along with the other Stage IV cancers of liberalism and Marxism. And in the current cultural malaise, conservatives are mostly White Knight enablers of this agenda.

One question remains. Will there be a breaking point when it comes to men falling back in the West? Or will this type of insanity continue until men are castrated to atone for the sin of being born with testosterone and a functioning libido? If this law goes national and then worldwide, chalk another failure up in the long, long line of shit tests failed by Western men.

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