It’s often said the Internet is changing the world in more ways than we realize. It is without a doubt the most revolutionary development in the way our species communicates since the Gutenberg printing press. In the generation since its use became mainstream, the net has destroyed Big Media’s authority and credibility as the corporate sponsored fantasies they’ve pushed from their Ivory Towers in New York since the inception of television have disintegrated.

We live in a jaded age, but we also live in an age in which a new way of thinking and decentralized way of creating cultural narratives is being forged. Spurious claims and rubber stamp credentials no longer create authority figures, as the Internet eats false idols for breakfast. A rubber stamp from an Ivy League school means nothing if you are only spewing nonsense or Marxist agenda talking points that make no logical sense. That’s a big change from where we were just a generation ago, in which information was tightly controlled and heavily centralized.

The decentralization of information is so powerful it might just stop us all from becoming one with the “Borg” otherwise known as the New World Order. The Internet is truly messing up the Marxist narratives of its proponents. Expect globalists to try to take control of the Internet away from us as soon as the Presidential election is over. (Oh, and beware the Electoral College. Trump can win the popular vote and still lose the electoral vote. Population growth from immigrant communities is highest in the states that have the most electoral votes.)

Where would we in manosphere be without the web? We would be non-existent. Look at what we have been able to accomplish already even though the manosphere is just coming of age. Starting from a group of men figuring out how to game women in a culture that threw masculinity overboard—formulating opinions and hypotheses by sharing and exchanging information online—it has blossomed into a movement that not only instructs men in countercultural wisdom about the opposite sex, but one that has become source of true enlightenment as it is truly the pushing the envelope of free speech in the West. It is a way for men to know the unvarnished truth about women and the world in which we live.

As I wrote before, we have become the new Samizdat, so much so Time magazine is now doing hit pieces on us and Hillary Clinton is making speeches trying to get us to shut up.

Wisdom of crowds

The whole of human thought is now available online, and the wisdom of crowds can be used to take advantage of it

The whole of human thought is now available online, and the wisdom of crowds can be used to take advantage of it

What gives us our strength? Thanks to a phenomenon known as wisdom of crowds many of the myths that give elites power over millions are now busted. Hillary cannot go on lying and expect the public to be lobotomized with a propaganda war on their minds by Lyin’ Brian Williams and his ilk. Frauds are regularly exposed online. Government narratives are subject to relentless scrutiny and the true objectives of public policy rather than the stated ones are gleaned by free and open online discussion. Similarly, corporations can no longer lie to the public with impunity about the wonders of products they want to push on us. As Abraham Lincoln said:

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Make no mistake, the fact Big Media still exists and is a powerful foe (even though it is increasingly becoming a joke). The fact it remains is testimony to the fact you can fool some of the people all the time. The crucial difference is those you can’t fool are now having our say. And, the masses are finally starting to listen to us, or at least hear our ideas bounced around as the wisdom of crowds has a slow but sure trickle-down effect across the nation and the world.

The great gift of the web to our species is seldom discussed. The Internet is The Great Equalizer. It is the most democratic, most free market and freethinking invention ever conceived. The Internet allows Joe Blow to have an equal voice to the president if his publishing merits it in some way. Conversely, the President can be exposed for the Marxist fraud he is and his voice trusted less than Joe Blow’s voice. The people truly decide what flies and what doesn’t online. Hierarchies are now determined by the crowd, and when it is a wise crowd superior choices can be the result.

(Yes, sometimes this phenomenon often results in nothing but idiocy as many viral videos prove. But it can also result in astonishing genius and world-changing ideas. The latter is what we should strive for.)

Feminism is not holding up to the scrutiny of the wise crowd

Feminism is not holding up to the scrutiny of the wise crowd

Already, feminism, Cultural Marxism, white guilt, and any number of ideologies that held sway for 50 years are now having some wind blown up their dirty skirts and the stench concealed underneath them is being aired out. To see the wisdom of crowds at work, read the top “liked” comments on Disqus or a news site or even Facebook following a post or a Big Media claim. One can often find genius and revel in novel ideas and analysis. Or, at least a valid counterpoint.


The lies of the spinmeisters are so regularly exposed you now have some mainstream media sites censoring or disabling comments! Why? A bogus claim often does not hold up to the scrutiny of the crowd. Even if it survives the first round, when the bogus claim comes up again in enough circles the rationals of society (we are only 10% of the population) eventually go to work deconstructing it.

If the Internet does end up saving the world from dystopian premonitions of Orwell, Huxley, and Bradbury, rational “wise crowds” are leading the way. When we are at our best in the manosphere, we are a wise crowd. This is why we must protect our access to the web, our unrestricted freedom to use it and our power of anonymity! According to James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom Of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than The Few, a wise crowd forms when there is:

  • Diversity of opinion
  • Independence
  • Decentralization
  • Aggregation

In other words, the Internet is a breeding ground for wise crowds. Each person, using the power of true diversity of opinion (not the fake leftist style of diversity concealing an actual conformity) offers their own interpretation of events independently, even if that person is a nut job or an eccentric genius.

People also speak more boldly and originally when they’re anonymous. Facebook is the first step in erasing online anonymity is it requires “real names” and regularly closes user accounts using pen names and aliases. Diversity of opinion is important because the readers – people from all walks of life and with literally millions of years of collective experience in different areas – decide if the argument makes sense, not a panel of “experts” or a Marxist newsroom meeting.

"Government central planning means overriding other people's plans." -Thomas Sowell

“Government central planning means overriding other people’s plans.” -Thomas Sowell

The Internet offers independence since everyone is able to give their own unique opinion rather than parroting what they hear when information is centralized. The flow of information is decentralized, giving it a huge advantage over information censored and vetted by those who want to shape messages to fit their agendas. About the only thing we haven’t figured out very well yet is aggregation, or using the wisdom of crowds to form collective decisions.

We should be aware that homogeneity, or becoming opposed to new ideas and opinions, centralizing control of what we discuss and how we discuss it, curbing the spontaneous nature of our topics, copying old ideas without analyzing them first, and being overly emotional are the main enemies of the wisdom of crowds. We cannot become the mainstream media we are replacing.

Surowiecki says we can strengthen our arguments and the wisdom we provide to men by 1) Keeping our ties loose so as not to form hierarchies, 2) Keeping ourselves exposed to as many diverse sources of information as possible (i.e. know thy enemy and don’t get locked into particular ways of thinking) and 3) Forming groups that have a wide range of opinions.

Using the power of the wisdom of crowds we can overcome the fascist plans of the elite

Using the power of the wisdom of crowds we can overcome the fascist plans of the elite

The manosphere has already been taking advantage of the wisdom of crowds phenomenon to produce an entire community of well-informed and awakened men who are no longer oblivious and in the dark about what is being done to them and their nations in the West. It has single-handedly exposed the Anglo-American cultural Matrix. What remains is finding a way to act upon this wisdom to create real change in the world, whether that action means taking down a corrupt political elite or finding other unique ways to restore balance to the West.

We have the power to help millions more men. The extent of our success will lie in the logical strength of our arguments and their entertainment value as we reach out. These factors and the scope of coming censorship as well as our response to it will determine how far we go as a movement.

We must figure out how to take the wisdom that is flowing from our collective cup and use it to form collective decisions to change the world. This is the next step in the four-step process. We are three-quarters of the way there.

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