Until quite recently, I thought social justice warriors were basically the online version of the campus radicals that I knew from my college days. I figured maybe the SJWs are a little more lazy, loudmouthed, herd-like, and fuzzy-minded. Being behind the keyboard 24×7 can do these things, as well as hinder one’s self-development. However, I discovered that there’s an essential difference between SJWs and the hard-line leftist ideologues I’d encountered in the past. That is, the social justice weenies are seriously out to lunch.

It’s one thing to be faced by opponents with at least a bit of respectability, with arguments worth addressing. As things are now, SJWs—the True Believers of the religion of cultural Marxism—are like grackles attempting to peck society to death.

A textbook example of SJW mobbing began when someone posted a limerick about the Ferguson, Missouri riots:

There once was a thug named Brown

Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown

Six bullets later

He met his creator

Then his homies burnt down the town

This set off the howling pack of hyenas. They posted the home address of the user who shared the limerick, resulting in threats of murder and arson, and even hassled her mother. After this classy and proportionate reaction, surely the forces of evil were thwarted and the universe was restored to balance.

The oppression olympics

open mindedness

You can’t get much more open-minded than that!

The terminology of social justice weenies is quite illuminating as to their state of mind. I don’t mean just the academic buzzwords they throw around, floating abstractions larded up with unstated assumptions like “privilege” or “microaggression.” It gets far more interesting than that.

Some of them believe that they’re non-human: plants, machines, shapeshifters (basically werewolves and the like), or even celestial objects. Sometimes multiple identities inhabit the same body, etc. I remember playing make-believe when I was a small child; these are young adults who still haven’t grown out of that phase. I’ll charitably assume not all SJWs are that far out in left field (if you’ll pardon the expression). Even so, they keep company with people who believe they’re not human, and apparently don’t find anything particularly amiss about that.

Then they have a larger number of descriptors for their sexuality. Fortunately, this means many won’t breed (either from lack of interest or lack of competence in opposite-sex relations), saving our gene pool from further degradation. Actually, a man believing that he’s a woman isn’t really all that odd compared to a man believing he’s a parakeet, a fern, or a robot. However, that’s only the beginning. Many of these sexuality-related terms are things seldom encountered in the real world, concepts that would have left Sigmund Freud bewildered. Once again, they’re so open-minded that one suspects they’ve undergone trepanation.

Having disabilities is a special badge of honor, rather than a neutral characteristic or something they’re stuck with but work around as best they can. An able-bodied SJW who isn’t creative enough to make up some affliction can be “transabled”; for instance being able to see but believing deep down that he/she/it shouldn’t be able to do that. Could all this be posing, along with not knowing what species they belong to, and the multiple variants of gender-bending? All this adds up to negative “privilege” points, which is currency in the SJW world. Most people have much better things about which to boast.


Wallowing in misery and loving it


Is he off his meds, or was he triggered?

One universal characteristic of SJWs is that they live for taking umbrage at things. They delight in opportunities to spout venom about anything in the world around them, be it real, trivial, or imagined. They like being constantly upset about anything; it gives them a sense of purpose. If they got everything in the world 100% the way they wanted, they wouldn’t be happy; they’d be crushed by boredom. This is psychologically unhealthy. What kind of a way is it to live like this?

What injustices are they protesting? It’s pretty much anything you can think of, and many more that will surpass your imagination. For one thing, if you like Mexican food (without being Mexican) that’s “cultural appropriation”. So it’s a thoughtcrime to like enchiladas, and maybe support someone’s family restaurant? The rabbit hole goes very deep. Recapping one page of postings from SJWs, we find:

  • Going ballistic about a video game without a transsexual identity option (play something else, duh)
  • Hating every last man on the planet except her fiance (I really feel sorry for the dude)
  • The expression “communication is key to a relationship” is ableism (WTF?)
  • Objecting to a pet’s name (is Fluffy less triggering?)
  • “There is NO such thing as a ‘Vagina'” (that person certainly has never been near one)
  • Someone disappointed at not being autistic (where do I even begin?)
  • You’re not allowed to speak Spanish unless you’re Hispanic (46 million Europeans in Spain disagree)
  • Saying “stupid” is ableism (that’s stupid)
  • Rant from someone wearing size 36 bottoms (too many cheeseburgers)
  • Demisexuality is real (actually I agree; Demi Moore is sexy)
  • Politically correct pronouns (seeing English slaughtered like this is triggering to me)
  • Trying to persuade someone to be transgender (I thought being that kind of crazy isn’t a choice?)
  • Not sleeping with someone infected with HIV is discrimination (fine, I have discriminating tastes)
  • Criticizing meth use is “drug shaming” (denial’s not just a river in Egypt, you know)
  • Men are not allowed to talk to women (these snowflakes have issues with freedom of speech)
  • Preferring thin body types is “privilege” (I spent all those hours in the gym when I could’ve used that line instead?)

Is this the would-be revolutionary vanguard today?

deadly embrace2

Son, let me tell you, Communism was a force to contend with, back when I was your age!

The far left used to have some substance, backbone, and panache. Even the most far-out Trotskyist wouldn’t dream of sinking to that level of blathering depravity. Many Jacobins were fruitcakes, but they were up in arms about real problems. They set up barricades and fought for what they believed in. The Chinese Communists trekked 5,600 miles through rugged terrain on their Long March. The thought never crossed their minds to try to take over China by bellyaching. The Viet Cong would stop at nothing. They’d fight even vastly outnumbered, carrying on even if they had to hide out in dark tunnels for days while suffering from dysentery. These social justice weenies, though, are simply big babies with no understanding of logic or proportion. If Leonid Brezhnev were still around, those losers would make him sick.

There are some moderate leftists out there who can have a thoughtful conversation. Some of them I admire even though we disagree on ideology. However, the most radical of the radical left are crazier than bedbugs. Up until now, I thought maybe there’s a way to get through to them, or persuade them to do something constructive to make the world a better place. The only redemption for a spoiled crybaby like this is growing up and embracing reality.

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