As a fan of the English language—even with its quirks and inconsistencies—I really hate seeing it butchered. Political correctness has been doing quite a bit of butchering over the years. Their fetish for erasing differences between the sexes figures prominently, along with other ideological considerations, of course.

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that a language’s structure has an influence on how people think about the world. As Edward Sapir put it:

Human beings do not live in the objective world alone, nor alone in the world of social activity as ordinarily understood, but are very much at the mercy of the particular language which has become the medium of expression for their society. It is quite an illusion to imagine that one adjusts to reality essentially without the use of language and that language is merely an incidental means of solving specific problems of communication or reflection. The fact of the matter is that the “real world” is to a large extent unconsciously built up on the language habits of the group.

Politically correct language is an attempt to engineer this effect. Orwell’s addendum to 1984 concerning Newspeak is relevant here, touching on changing language as a method of thought control. Aside from mass surveillance, this is one example of how Orwell’s predictions have become rather prophetic lately.

The cultural Marxists have quite a bit of terminology loaded with unstated assumptions meant to promote their views. For instance, many words ending in “-ism” or “-phobia” are shorthand to label something as bad without having to explain why these things are supposed to be bad. We can fight their linguistic brainwashing attempts by having fun with them and making their efforts look silly.

Politically correct butchering of the English language

screaming feminist

Chill out, babe!

Beginning in 1976, there has been an alternative spelling for the delightful and beautiful people I love so much: womyn, or wimmin in the plural. This is done by some of the same who aren’t quite so delightful and beautiful themselves! Rarely, this spelling is used by a handful of male feminists, the equivalent of chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. (If they’re going to take “man” out of “woman,” then how about if they fix “menstruation” and “menopause” too? We don’t have anything to do with that, and we don’t want to either.)

Since I’ve studied Anglo-Saxon, I could quite easily explain that man was a generic word for human being, and that wer and wif were the gender-specific versions. Instead, rather than casting my pearls before swine, I’ll simply take this as a sign that she has a chip on her shoulder and certainly isn’t worth taking seriously. If you have to interact with someone misspelling “woman”, then start consistently spelling “woman” as “babe”. That doesn’t have “man” in it; everyone happy yet?

During the 1990s, politically correct euphemisms came into vogue. For just one funny example, I remember them twisting themselves in knots deciding what to call a “manhole.” We can’t let all those babes in hardhats feel slighted, now can we? All those pointless word games show the subjectivist goal of trying to change reality by changing the language. Still, all that goofiness was a waste of their time. Calling someone in a wheelchair physically challenged won’t help that person walk. Anyone who thinks that makes a difference must be mentally challenged. (Oops, I just committed ableism!) Whenever you see things like that, have fun showing them that they’re intellectually differently abled.

Then there’s the usage of CE and BCE as substitutes for AD and BC. It means the same thing, just putting a fig leaf over its origins. I’m not objecting to this annoying calendrical bowdlerization on religious grounds, but rather because this is an assault on tradition and a proxy attack on Western civilization. No matter what one’s religion is, it takes a special sort of willful ignorance to deny that Jesus was a very influential figure in the ancient world. Fine, let’s start the calendar with Julius Caesar, the original JC. Whenever you see BC and BCE, start adding 100 years to the dates and continue to use BC and AD, but insist that this now means Before Caesar and Anno Dictatoris.


Many recent PC academic terms are based on Greek, Latin, or a bastardization of the two sometimes with English thrown into the linguistic meat grinder: kyriarchy, cisgendered, heteronormative, blah blah blah. Whenever you see a barrage of these made-up terms adopted from Greek or Latin because they make the speaker seem intellectual, then throw in some German phrases. For instance, das heißt (that is to say), Weltanschauung (world view), Wille zur Macht (will to power), und so weiter (etc.)  German sounds cool and bracing, while using made-up Greek and Latin terms makes the speaker seem like a neckbeard who has a collection of vintage NPR coffee mugs autographed by Daniel Schorr.

Martian pronouns

martian invader

Martians talk funny.

Lately, as part of a push to erase distinctions between males and females, we’re now seeing an uptick in attempts to use made-up gender neutral pronouns. Whenever I hear someone say “they” instead of referring to a singular “he or she”, it makes me cringe. I find similar efforts in other languages to be less irritating; if I see amigo/a or Student|innen, it doesn’t make me want to throw rocks.

Now we have a batch of made-up pronouns, “xe / xir / xirs” being the most popular lately as substitutes for “he / him / his” or “she / her / hers”. It’s not even consistent, since there are lots of variants, for example using ‘z’ in place of ‘x’. Not only is the thought behind it annoying, it’s just plain ugly. If an artfully crafted sentence is like an original Van Gogh, then using yucky made-up pronouns is like a kid in the museum “improving” it with a can of spray paint. It doesn’t sound like English; it sounds like Martian.

We do not want this to catch on. Since Martian pronouns are starting to come into vogue with people who don’t know what sex they belong to, we’re probably going to see more of this in the future. Now is the time to stop this linguistic hideousness in its tracks before it becomes the next smelly little orthodoxy.

Showing its ridiculousness is the answer, and I have a solution. Whenever you see someone writing with Martian pronouns, then write back using Old Norse pronouns. If you prefer, Japanese or Swahili will work too. Still, I’ll admit that I’m biased, since I’ve studied Old Norse in order to get in touch with my roots. Other than that, it does have a somewhat distant relation to English, unlike Martian. Finally, Old Norse has a certain vital spirit to it; the Vikings were cool that way.

Old Norse grammar is as tough as the winters in Aldeigjuborg. Still, it has a couple of interesting features. It has dual pronouns—like Anglo-Saxon had—for “us two,” “you two,” and “the two of them.” Actually, it had a gender-neutral usage for plurals, without some dweebs trying to force them to do so. If referring to a group of both men and women, you use the neutral plural. Isn’t that something everyone can be happy about?

So here’s how it would go.

SJW: “It’s about time that we revise the Marxist slogan to ‘From each according to xir ability, to each according to xir needs’. You see, ‘his’ is gendered and that can be very triggering.”

You: “If Leonid Brezhnev were still around to see þik, then hann would weep bitterly for hans cause. Hverar wasting time with politically correct pronouns need to get þau priorities in order.”

Doing this will point out that if he/she/it won’t use English properly, then two can play that game. I’ve done this before, and noted an amusing increase in snippiness. You might not win their hearts and minds that way, but at least they might quit butchering the English language, or hopefully shut up.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but consider it an example of what to do.  Anyway, have fun mocking their silly word games and bizarre terminology.

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