Something has come to my attention recently in regards to screening foreign girls. A lot of guys are (rightfully) worried that they may be taken to town by a gold digger. That their foreign girl may love them far more for their wallet and chances of opportunity than for whom they are as a man.

First off, it’s important to remember that women love opportunistically, not for love. Maybe there are some exceptions here and there, but for the most part it holds true. Much like how Brad Pitt and George Clooney have women throw themselves at them for their status, fame, and money—the same applies to foreign girls. Part of your attractiveness is the power you exude simply from having a Western passport, and all of the opportunities that come with it.

Even if you don’t take those opportunities by the balls, you inherently have more value because of where you were born.

Is it fair? Absolutely not.

But it’s life, and it’s not supposed to be. After living here in Eastern Europe for nearly half a year, I definitely think many men in the Western world are squandering opportunities to date foreign girls—most of whom will bring them infinitely more happiness than the typical vapid American woman.

But how do you screen a foreign girl for quality and ensure she’s not just some gold-digging whore? I’ve found a pretty simple way that will tell you a lot about her.

How To Screen Her


Here is the extremely simple way to screen her for quality: If you’re in her country and don’t speak the language—see how far out of the way she goes to help you.

Is she always willing to lend a hand with the local language, or does she leave you on your own to just struggle? This goes far, far beyond letting her do basic things like negotiate a taxi (for the locals, not foreigners rate) while you’re right there next to her.

If a foreign girl is of high quality, she’ll do things like:

1. Translate The Menu

If you end up at a place that doesn’t have an English menu, does she painstakingly go through the entire menu and translate every dish for you? Or does she just say, “What do you feel like?” and read you two or three choices?

Even worse, if she makes you sit there and look like a dumbass using Google Translate on your phone for 10 minutes, you can rest assured she’s got no interest in making your life simpler. But I’m sure she’ll enjoy her meal.

2. Makes Sure You’re Taken Care Of

If you’re out one night and trying to find a way home, does she offer to give you a hand? I was out with my friends the other night, and had been texting my girl. My usual taxi app and Uber were both failing me, and I told her so. She instantly offered to call her usual cab company (Russian only, and I don’t speak well enough yet to communicate on the phone) and arrange for them to pick me up and take me home.

She coordinated the whole thing from start to finish: calling the cab company and letting them know where I was, calling me when they arrived, and making sure I got home okay.


Sure, I could have just hailed one off of the street and paid a couple of extra bucks, but her willingness to help speaks volumes. On top of that, always let girls do more for you. It invests them and builds attraction. Game 101.

3. Never Guilt Trip YOU About HER Language


Sure, she’d love to communicate in her native tongue—but does she give you a bad time because you don’t speak it? This is especially true if you go to a smaller country where there is not a worldwide language present.

For example, it’s not unreasonable for a Colombian girl to really hope you’d know some Spanish, or want you to make an attempt to learn some. But you can use Spanish in dozens of countries around the world, and it’s relatively easy to learn for a native English speaker.

On the flip side, if a Hungarian girl asked you to learn her language, which is only used in one small country, and is damn near impossible–that’s different.

For the record, I’d say Russian falls somewhere in the middle of that. It’s used in enough places that it’s incredibly useful, but very difficult for English speakers to learn.

If she shames you or complains about not being able to speak in her native language (other than the occasional frustration from being unable to express herself), tread carefully.


It seems really simple on paper. But I really think this is one of the best ways to upfront screen a foreign girl for quality. If from the get-go she’s not willing to go out of her way to help you, kick her to the curb.

Ironically enough, I’m one of the guys who really preaches to blend into a culture when you travel. To appreciate new things in the world. This would mean learning a few basics in the language, and not just walk up to people and expect them to know English.

But this is an exception.

You are in her country and she has a great opportunity by meeting you. Her ability to make life a bit easier for you, even if only for an hour, shows who she really is as a person. Too many men feel “guilty” about using the power of our Western passports to date foreign girls. Some men overseas and still give women the pussy pass, despite them being the high value one in the dating market.

You should continue to screen foreign girls ruthlessly and have high standards. And when you do, you can really find the good ones.

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