As you may already know, Chris Brown was sensationally arrested this week after a woman alleged he pointed a gun at her head in Los Angeles. Self-declared beauty queen Baylee Curran claimed to have still been “in shock,” but immediately found time to speak to Entertainment TonightTMZ Live and Us Magazine.

Yet even as the media rules that Brown is guilty because of his past legal problems involving Rihanna, far less attention has been paid to Curran’s long history of general deceit. For a start, she was stripped of the beauty pageant crown she says she retains, Miss Regional California 2016. Another beauty title purportedly on her resumé, Miss California USA Ambassador 2016, is one organizers assert she never even entered to win. She is also wanted for questioning in New York for a very serious allegation of larceny concerning a stolen $1,000 purse with additional cash, credit cards and other items inside.

As for the night in question, Baylee Curran has claimed that Chris Brown’s associates began to verbally abuse her after she looked at expensive watches and jewelry items being laid out at his mansion. It was then that she says Brown pulled the gun on her. A veritably massive police response followed Curran calling 911, including a helicopter presence and a SWAT team. Brown ended up posting a mammoth $250,000 bond to obtain bail.

While Chris Brown has again exposed himself to the status of pariah, especially based on his standoffish and volatile video response before being arrested, if his background is being used against him, it is only fitting that Curran’s is explored, too.

Oh wow, another aspiring actress/singer/music video girl/celebrity

Duck meets horse.

Witness reports, albeit currently hard to confirm, tend to support Chris Brown’s story. Brown himself insists he was asleep at the time he is meant to have aimed the gun at Curran’s head. For her part, she has said that she was there to secure a role in one of the singer’s upcoming music videos. Because her beauty pageant experience has only given her a limited public profile, despite her dethroning as Miss Regional California coming after a nude photo scandal, the woman has a lot to gain from allegations against Brown, proven or unproven.

The speed in which Curran sought media attention is troubling, to say the least. She could be definitively outed as a shameless fabulist before too long and nevertheless escape with whatever money she has accumulated so far from media outlets. Plus there’s the fame she has achieved from her “ordeal.” As I will outline, Brown undoubtedly worsened his situation. Regardless, a very savvy Baylee Curran has seized her opportunity to seek fame, rather than “justice,” which would have been better served by her allowing a criminal investigation to take place by either remaining silent or not talking to purely tabloid outlets like Entertainment TonightTMZ Live and Us Magazine.

Some Serious Mistakes Chris Brown Made Or Might Have Made

1. He barricaded himself in his house.


This mistake is certain, as the rambling video Brown made of himself makes clear. Irrespective of the overkill most people would associate with the SWAT and helicopter arrivals, the singer had no chance in hell of avoiding the police once they arrived. He may have every right to be angry, but that anger led to an incredibly stupid decision to hole himself up inside his mansion for so long.

2. His language only insulted and would have infuriated police, in addition to alienating much of the public.

Another confirmed error. There’s a difference between vociferously fighting an unfair charge/false allegations and completely flying off the handle at authorities. Brown chose to do the latter, at least verbally when he barricaded himself in at home. “Fuck everybody,” “fuck the police,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “the worst gang in the world…[is]  the police” were just some of the very, very non-erudite (and totally unhelpful) phrases coming out of Brown’s mouth. Moreover, countless people already, even if unfairly regard Brown as guilty because of his previous criminal history involving Rihanna. A rant like this only solidifies people’s perceptions.

3. He and/or his entourage likely did no simple background checks on the girl in question.

This one is harder to assess. Curran’s problematic personal story is an immediate giveaway and she says she had met him before. If true, Brown would have benefited from knowing about her lying, namely about having titles she was either stripped of or had never competed for. That said, he could not have reasonably found out about her alleged crime in New York. At the end of the day, party girls and groupies can be fickle at the best of times, let alone when they’re very public liars and you’re a man who has faced previous male-on-female violence allegations that can be easily exploited by a calculating, self-serving individual. A man with Brown’s history needs to be relatively cautious about his company and the risks of being taken for a ride in the media or legal system.

4. Brown or members of his entourage probably went over the top with their anger

This is without even countenancing the gun to the head allegation. I can readily believe the girl acted like a brat, touching or getting too close to things she should have avoided, but oftentimes situations are best defused with an absolute minimum of fuss. It’s perfectly possible that Brown or someone else inflamed the situation with words or emotions, and they figuratively kicked a viper who ended up calling 911 to attention-whore to the world. People may deserve rebukes from you. These rebukes are, however, frequently not in your best interests to deliver. They can suddenly and very momentously create trouble.

Be very careful about who you associate with

All that glitters is not necessarily gold.

Other news circulating around centers on Baylee Curran being in cahoots with the mother of Chris Brown’s child and a text message Curran might have sent, saying Brown was “going down.” The baby mama angle is particularly relevant, as his ex was schooled recently in court for her antics in a custody dispute. These even more sensationalized elements of the scandal are best to left to the side for the time being. Right now, Brown has enough to process and learn from, as do we as observers.

The moral of the story is that rich, phenomenally famous men are not immune to female accusations. In fact, they are sometimes far, far more likely to attract them. A man is vulnerable to a female trying to tear him down, no matter what his station in life.

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