We in the manosphere have made plenty of fuss about the impact of modern western gender feminism on society, and much has been written regarding what should be done to cope with it. Given time to ponder the subject, however, I’ve come to wonder if much needs to be done at all. Feminism seems set to hurt itself absent any aid.

Low Fertility Rates

The closer a woman’s ties to modern third-wave feminism, the less likely it appears that she will reproduce herself. Those more distant from the movement (more conservative and religious populations) are, conversely, reproducing the most. The most loyal foot-soldiers of this movement are urban liberals. These people simply do not replace themselves, and sport some of the lowest fertility rates of any demographic.

They’re already slowly eroding themselves as a portion of the wider population, an action that has consequences in a democracy. I suspect that their failure to reproduce may not bode well for the persistence of their ideology, especially with their polar opposites multiplying so rapidly.

Female Unhappiness

A growing number of women who have bought into the modern feminist guide to life are apparently not all that happy. Many of them are succeeding financially (now often surpassing men) only to regret their lack of a family/mate (something that their adherence to modern feminist ideology often precluded).

They’re finding that they don’t actually want to work like men forever, and that they do want to be mothers even if it comes at the expense of career progression. They’re finding men even more unlikely to commit than they were before, since they’ve made sex so cheap and abundant (as sex-positive feminists have encouraged them to do), thus inadvertently giving men an upper-hand in the modern mating game.

Most importantly, they’re finding out that life is not actually like Sex and the City, where you can ride the cock-carousel until your mid-30’s and still somehow easily snag Mr. Big and then have a happy family once you’ve “had your fun” and “found yourself”.

In real life, Mr. Big either pumps and dumps you or just ignores you altogether for another (usually younger) woman, leaving you a) alone, b) regretting waiting this long and passing up other romantic opportunities before and/or c) settling for much less attractive men than were previously available (men who aren’t so good at turning women on). Much of the time, women find themselves unable to even locate “Mr. Right” at all. They’re settling more and more, and they are not happy about this.

The Infestation of Weak Men


Women have seen the bitch-made men produced within the last 30-40 years as a result of the efforts their mothers/grandmothers/aunts made to create a more “sensitive” form of masculinity. They’ve spent a lifetime growing up with and watching these men getting in touch with their “sensitive side” and placing them on a pedestal simply because they have vaginas.

Instead of settling for these “nice” dudes, they’ve rightfully friendzoned them and started openly fantasizing about Christian Grey, immortal/un-dead bloodsucking flesh-eaters, and ruthless criminals on bikes, among other less than nice things.

Their mothers thought they could burn a few bras, spout a few whimsical/fantastical truths and get around their own DNA. Their daughters (who are not boomers and have grown up in a much less ideal time with less room for fantasy/error) are realizing that this won’t work, and they’re just coming to terms with that…slowly.

They’re gradually starting to understand that the “have it all” meme they were sold is a lie-compromises must be made. They’re starting to understand that 40 is not in fact the new 30 when it comes to attracting the men they want and having the children they want.

They’re also starting to come to terms with the fact that, regardless of what the politically correct/feminist narrative taught them to hope for, they can’t stand weak men. The mass of modern “nice guys” born from the early feminist movement, who are above all nonthreatening and eager to satisfy the feminine imperative (as they were taught), simply don’t turn them on.

They try, but they just can’t warm to the weak men that feminism produced for them in the way they can for more traditionally masculine males.

Their vote to this end is being made quite clear in real life (masses of “nice guys” left twiddling their thumbs and jerking off or getting cuckolded/divorced raped) and in the media, where the men they worship are the polar opposite of the real “nice guys” whose company they are often forced to keep in daily life.

The younger generation of women is facing these pitfalls as they become more and more evident. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I’m not going to count on all of these girls failing to learn a lesson from their predecessors. Something has got to give.

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