Tattoos do not “rock.” Tattoos do not make you “edgy” or “cool.” Tattoos are not a cornerstone to being a successful musician or sports star. In fact, for Mr. Average Joe and Ms. Average Jane (about 99.9% of the population), tattoos are only going to be a handicap on your life prospects, rather than an augmentation.

You need look no further than all the degenerate feminists, SJW’s, gang bangers, extreme metal heads, or other bone-headed leftists to come to the realization that their must be something in how they present themselves as to why they are constantly J.O.B. (just over broke) and not exactly killing it in life.

It has a lot to do with tattoos my friend, and the cuckoo mentalities of all the people who would purposefully go out of their way to pay money for something which has a negative return on investment.

This article will explore five major ways in how paying a visit to your local tattoo parlor is going to set yourself up for nothing but a world of hurt in life. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

1. Lowered Employment Prospects

tattoo woman

How many six-figure business executives or high technology workers do you know who are covered in tattoos? Not many (if any). Now how many minimum wage underachievers have you witnessed slinging sugar shakes at your local Starbucks who are teeming with tats? Probably a fair few, and they should consider themselves lucky to even have that job.

Tattoos are extremely detrimental to your employment prospects, especially for any kind of decent paying white-collar or customer facing work. You act as the “face” of the company you are employed with, and most major corporations will avoid blue-haired or tattooed freaks (like the lady above) like the plague.

Ask yourself, would you want to do business with a real estate agent, a stockbroker, or a financial advisor who looked like that lady? Especially when there were plenty of other clean-cut and professional looking options you could choose from? That’s what you’ll be up against in the working world.

So unless you’re 100% certain you will be a successful entrepreneur or play in a popular musical act like Blink-182, your Travis Barker body is going to seriously impede your money-making potential in life. Think of your income, and say no to the ink.

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“Have tattoos in the workplace lost their taboo? As it happens, no. Tattoos still signal rebelliousness. An asset for rock stars, but not for customer service employees. Visible tattoos make employers nervous. A survey from Career Builder, a recruitment and job site, found that 31% of employers say that visible tattoos is the top personal attribute that will make them less likely to promote a candidate.”

2. Increased Public Perception Of Criminality

tattoo degenerate

Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t steal anything…

If you want to distance yourself from any perceived involvement in the criminal justice system in most western countries, avoiding any kind of tattooing is an excellent way to go about it. Hell, you don’t even have to do anything!

The close association with tattoos and jailed convicts is VERY REAL. The percentage of prisoners who have a minimum of one tattoo (but often many more) is substantially higher than the general population in any country, and tattoos are empirically associated with deviance, personality disorders, and criminality.

Want to present yourself to the world that you are an approachable, respectable, employable, and criminally unsuspicious looking character? Don’t get tattoos.

Want to purposefully degrade yourself and be given “the look” as you browse through stores and shops by concerned proprietors thinking you are just the type of guy to resort to shoplifting? Go get inked up like the guy above.


3. Increased Friction With Your Girlfriend’s Father

thumbs down

Simon Says “NO” to your tattooed carcass going out with his daughter

Time to face facts. NO self-respecting father, even if he was a bit of a bad boy himself in his younger years, wants his daughter to be having sexual relations with an inked up human canvas. If your arms, legs, torso, or neck has exposed tattoos, you are setting yourself up for resounding disapproval from your lady friend’s father right from the start.

Every good-natured and self-respecting dad simply  “didn’t raise his daughter to be this way,” and your mere presence will metaphorically cast off a giant stink on his fathering skills. It will be very difficult to ever truly get on his good side after laying eyes on your needle work.

Now of course, hardly anybody truly gets on great with their girlfriends dad or their father-in-law to begin with (they are first and foremost an obstacle), but why make these interpersonal relationships any worse than what they have to be? Get covered in job-killing and biker gang tattoos, and watch the inter-family friction quickly turn sour.

4. Social Ostracism In Asia


While tattoos have “achieved” a relatively modest degree of social acceptance in the 21st century West, our Eastern neighbors continue to routinely look upon the bearer of exposed tattoos as low-rent, deviant, and often criminal.

Eastern societies highly value all forms of respect, including self-respect, and you are setting yourself up for a slew of negative looks and behind-the-back talk in many Asian countries after the locals gaze upon your tattooed frame.

Visible tattoos may also be an automatic barrier to many employment opportunities in Asian countries. At the very least, exposed ink is going to hurt your chances of landing more prestigious jobs in the region, and especially if you are in direct competition with other westerners who are a lot more clean-cut.

Want to be a pariah in Asia? Go throw down some cash and ink yourself up mate.

5. Lowered SMV (Sexual Market Value)

tattoo women

So much potential… destroyed by their own hand…

This applies to both men and women, but this is especially detrimental to females. While tattooed men can ensnare a sizable percentage of Western sluts who have a penchant for body art (or if they are wealthy and famous), heavily tattooed women are routinely avoided by men of status, wealth, power, and prestige.

Such men will almost always prefer the romantic company of a woman in full possession of her natural skin, particularly if they have a vast array of options. So ladies, want to metaphorically shoot yourself in the foot and make yourself far less appealing and sexy in the eyes of quality men? Be like the women above.


Here at Return Of Kings, the vast majority of readers and contributors tend to have a strongly negative perception on tattoos, and for very good reason. Their normalization in western society has greatly contributed to cultural decline and social degeneracy. Furthermore, they uglify once attractive bodies (especially for females), and they convey a lack of self-respect for one’s own natural being.

After taking in the previous five points in this article, along with other relevant anti-tattoo knowledge, you’d have to be a special kind of stupid to actually consider getting one if you haven’t already. Be smart. Respect your being, respect your wallet, and say no to cultural degeneracy. Say NO to tattoos.

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