Whether men choose to admit it or not, it is hardwired into a modern woman’s DNA to cheat on her husband or boyfriend, and that’s just the way it is, as most red-pill men fully realize. And it is also deeply ingrained in a woman’s nature to make false-rape allegations against men on occasion—in some cases, shortly after the men in question discover that their wives or girlfriends have indeed been cheating on them.

In the spirit of attempting to kill two birds with one stone here, while adhering to that old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” I have compiled an outline of some extremely clever devices and software programs, which will allow you to get the goods on nearly any cheating female, and minimize the chances that she might ultimately be successful when filing a false-rape charge against you as well…

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Important note: Many locales have laws that might get you into hot water if you utilize some of these devices and techniques while busting out your intended target. However, the lawmakers within those locales increasingly pass ridiculous laws with a vengeance, designed to effectively cut off your gonads or put you in prison on trumped-up charges. As always, you should weigh the price that you might ultimately have to pay for utilizing the devices and software programs outlined below, and carefully scrutinize all of the trade-offs first, prior to drawing your own conclusions. (For some really good legal tips for avoiding liability when gathering private information, click here.)

If you use your head, and some of the useful suggestions below as well, while crafting that five-star, solid-gold, mega-winning game plan of yours, you’re very likely to come out on top…

1. Stealth video-recording and video-monitoring devices

There are more of these truly ingenious, stealth-video-recording devices, available in today’s marketplace, than at any time in history. From stealth clock radios, to stealth water bottles, to stealth video camera pens that actually write with real ink (Home Depot has a model which you can view right here), the list of available equipment that a man might utilize in order to bust out his own, personal, serial-cheating snake-charmer—or an insane, sociopathic, attention-seeking, false-rape accuser—is basically endless.

Stealth clock radios which record both audio and video on the sly, are among the most effective in my opinion, as they can be placed directly on your night stand without drawing unwanted attention, while providing wickedly effective cover by actually functioning as both a clock and a radio. Some of these extremely clever stealth cameras shoot crisp, clear videos, while capturing surprisingly good audio as well. (Amazon offers some additional, effective, cheap, stealth clock radios, some of which utilize night vision…)

Take Me Seriously

With this mini-car-keychain camera, you can discreetly capture stealth video and audio. This compact video camera is cleverly disguised as an ordinary-looking keychain fob – which makes it easy to carry with you on sleep-overs at potential-rape-acccusers’ houses, or when visiting your special snowflake’s place of residence. This tiny camera captures 720 x 480 resolution video at a rate of 30 fps. It also captures JPEG images and records audio; recordings are time-stamped and directly stored to a microSD card with a capacity of up to 16GB (which is not included).

To facilitate playback and to charge the built-in lithium battery, the camera connects to your Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer via a supplied USB cable. It only runs for a couple of hours, but if you are in a pinch and far away from your personal stash of home-surveillance equipment, this little beauty might do the trick, provided you switch it on at the right moment and place it on a night stand or something similar.

For another potential go-to weapon, which you could use in any carry-it-with-you plan of attack, you might try this clever smart watch that contains a hidden video camera and a microphone; you can play the video back and view it on the watch face, or watch it on your computer using the 8 GB microSD card that comes with it.

Whatever you do, don’t let that divorced single mother with the hideous face shrapnel and the unsightly sleeve tattoos—or that college hottie who received one too many hugs from her uncle and is currently up to 23,000 “friends” on Facebook—ruin your life with a charge of false rape. Purchase one of these inexpensive lifesavers, and do it soon. Get that peace of mind you so richly deserve. If push comes to shove, you’ll have all of the video and audio evidence that you will ever need, in order to convince even the most rabidly skeptical SJW stooge, that your rape accuser is as phony as her blue-colored hair…

2. Stealth audio-recording and audio-monitoring devices


She might be sly…but so am I…and this plug-in, audio/video-monitoring device is as sly as they come. Sporting a 1080-pixel HD video camera, while operating undercover as a USB-device wall charger, it’s the perfect gift for that special snowflake of yours who’s been keeping you up at night, tossing and turning, as you agonize over every minute detail of her latest contradiction-filled excuse…

Simply plug this wickedly clever device into an unused electrical outlet near the spot where your wife or girlfriend does most of her talking on the phone, and you can review every single syllable she uttered – or view every single man she hung out with – once you remove the 8GB storage card, and pop it into your computer. You can set this ingenious device to motion-detection only, or continuous play. The device also supports up to a 128 GB macro card.

Yes, you can actually watch and listen to all of the action that might be going down in any room of your choosing, just by purchasing this very cost-effective gizmo, and your innocent little honey muffin will be none the wiser while you do it. And it actually does charge cell phones, and other USB devices. So this truly is one very special gift, that actually gives something back of enormous value to the buyer, in return…



In addition, there are numerous stealth flash drives that you might purchase, which plug into virtually any computer—or which you might innocuously place on a tabletop or desktop. Not only do they record audio (as well as video, depending on the model) which you can monitor from your cell phone in some cases, but they actually store data, just like a regular flash drive. This is another wondrous gift for your special snookie-wookie, that truly does keep on giving (“The pleasure was all mine, sunshine, happy birthday!”)…

Here’s a highly rated, very inexpensive, audio-recording stealth flash drive that you might easily hide under the bed, in order to capture all of those wonderful night noises that your special snowflake makes, while she is “having a gay friend from college stay at her place”. If she finds it, she’ll think it’s a flash drive, at which point you can simply say, “Damn, I’ve been looking for that all over. Thanks…”

3. Stealth phone-monitoring software


Sign up for this cool monthly service (provided by mSpy) and install the company’s data-gathering software on your special snowflake’s cell phone, and you can log in whenever you want, and view all of her incoming and outgoing phone calls, complete with phone numbers and time stamps; track and read all of her sexually explicit text messages while viewing her attached naked selfies; read those racy emails she claims she never sends or receives; track her GPS location to find out exactly where she is having sex on her “lunch break”; and much, much more.

This sanity-saving service offers a second piece of software for use with computers only. Bust your special little princess out today, and do it the smart way, by gathering every shred of data you might need, in order to convince yourself—or your divorce lawyer—that there truly are no loyal, female, LTR unicorns.

The company’s legal info page contains language that reads, “User agrees to install this software ONLY on a device that is owned by the User or on a device for which User has been given explicit permission by the device owner for such installation.” Now I’m no lawyer, but husbands and wives often have shared cell phone plans, and I believe you could buy a new cell phone for that special snowflake of yours (if you get her a really expensive one, she’ll probably jump on it), and so long as the phone purchase and the monthly bill are in your name, you should be good to go here. You can read mSpy’s legal info page right here, for more information.

4. Stealth computer-monitoring software

I’ll find out what you’re doing, even if I’m not there at the moment, cupcake…

Stealth computer-monitoring software is as common as hypergamous hotties who have a major itch for massive piles of cash. You can select from an ample array of stealth computer-monitoring software—such as this monthly service offered for computers by mSpy—and find out every single keyboard “stroke” your loyal-and-devoted snickerdoodle is providing to countless beta orbiters and fuck-buddies in her truly charmed, self-empowered, orgasmically delightful sphere of existence.

5. Stealth automobile-monitoring and automobile-tracking devices


If mSpy is a bit pricey for your tastes, or if you don’t want any recurring monthly expenses – or if you simply want to quickly find out where your perennially faithful female friend is actually going during her all-too-frequent “weekend getaways with her girlfriends” – installing this nifty little gadget into the OBD port of her motor vehicle might just do the trick. (The OBD port is the engine aperture that an auto mechanic plugs into, in order to test the functionality of the engine light, and every car manufactured after 1996 supposedly has one, according to the company’s website.)


In addition, there are numerous ways to effectively bug your special snowflake’s vehicle, so you can monitor every single word she utters – “Yes! Yes! Oh god! Harder!”, etc. – as she’s “driving across town to visit her girlfriend from college.”

If you really want to get clever, you can use a high-tech bug and place it in any car of your choosing (not to mention any room in any building), and it will dial your telephone number and let you listen in on the conversation, whenever your sweet little princess is having a nice, X-rated chat with “that guy she’s just friends with from work”. You can also use it to listen in while she’s actually in the process of getting banged by him. The company in question alleges that it will not ship this product to anyone living in the United States, unless they can prove they are a member of law enforcement, but I wholeheartedly believe that money still talks to pretty much everybody, so if you reside in the USA, you’ll have to contact them in order to be 100% sure…


One way…or another…I’m gonna find ya…I’m gonna getcha-getcha-getcha-getcha…

If you are really determined to get the goods on your cheating wife or girlfriend—or throw a major monkey wrench into the plans of any predatory female who might eventually file a false-rape charge against you—all you have to do is allow technology to be your best friend, and let it rip.

Now, I don’t know for certain, but I’d wager a hefty sum that most of the available devices offered in today’s burgeoning spy-device marketplace, were invented by men. And even if some of them weren’t, you are still very likely to be much more creative than your special snowflake is, by sheer force of biological design. So utilize some of these widely available high-tech spying devices and software programs, as soon as you possibly can, and prove it to her…

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