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“Why do you care about what happens to Western civilization, or Europeans for that matter? Is it a disgust for injustice, source of intellectual stimulation, you’re mostly attracted to white chicks, or is there a deeper conviction than that?” (CLARK KENT)

“The outcry against the world tour in Canada last year, and the strong opposition to the Tribal meetups in February 2016 was a clear sign the establishment see us as a real and credible threat….how can we regroup and become stronger together to bring about the changes in society that we want to see?” (MERCENARY)

“Do you think Germany and Sweden will look like Latin America in the future? With a extremely racially mixed population and no dominant culture?” (KRATISTOS)

“What do you think are the odds of stopping the globalists?” (THOMAS)

“Hey I see that they are growing tensions in Europe to the point where there will be civil war and mostly in France Germany and Sweden because of the high rates a sexual assault and sexual molestation that the immigrants are doing, how do you think it will turn out will the local population win if there is a civil war or will the government beat them and have the migrants completely take over and demoralized the local population? Do you think the outcome will be?” (DARRIUS)

“Do you think the West can turn itself around and prevent the major collapse, or will the West have to fall apart entirely before we can rebuild our civilization?” (BARTLEBY THE SCRIVENER)

“You constantly refer to the elites and the establishment (i.e. as a specific group of people) as the cause of the west’s ills. In your opinion, why is it that the elites of the 21st century west are destructive, whereas in the 17th,18th&19th centuries (i.e. enlightenment onwards until WW1) they were constructive?” (PHOENIX)

“Do you think there is an agenda involving the genocide of white/Caucasian people?” (JAKE THE MUSS)

“Of all the propaganda out there, which method have you found to be the most interesting and/or surprising?” (SNOWPLOW)

“What do you think about Milo and the other attention whore that kissed him publicly?” (BETTER DEAD THAN RED)


“Are there any arguments from feminists that you do agree with? Do you have any sympathies for the 20ish American girl? How does that contrast to the perspective they have?” (COSINE88)

“What can we do on our everyday life for changing the current course taking place in western civilization? Your bang books showed us how to take a profit out of it, and your last book freedom of speech isnt free showed us what’s wrong with the world. How can we find a healthy place in the middle of those two worlds you’ve been mastering in the last decade, Roosh?” (DAVID HANS 3344)

“How are we going to prevent The Male Happy Hour disaster from happening again? How are like minded ROK member suppose to meet in public without being lynched by angry mobs and lose our jobs?” (BENDER BENDING RODRIGUEZ)
“I just would like to know what you think we can all do to get the meet-ups started again, safely and successfully?” (NICK BLACK)

“Do you believe in the Holocaust? I know you are Iranian so I know you don’t but anyway I’d like to see if you answer this question.”

“Why are we making the Jews an enemy? If anything, Netanyahu and the Jewish ‘tribe’ are an example to follow to preserve our traditions, but not stagnate ourselves in a neo-luddite anti-technology binge.” (FITZ ROY SOMERSET)

“Your theory of depopulation by ways of immigrants makes sense. I always believed the world was overpopulated, however. But it has a possible hole, people equal taxpayers. Do you believe this means that the “lower population” then simply pays more taxes?” (TYKO STEAMBOAT)

“What makes you think that Yuri Bezmenov is telling the truth now? (Meaning up until his death.)” (DEBEGUILED)

“Now that you know the massive Jewish influence behind Western culture nowadays, do you still believe “White nationalism is another term for White knighting”? (If it was you who said that, don’t remember for certain) Should White guys white knight white girls so that White civilisation doesn’t go down in flames?” (CENTURION)

“Your latest video, the future of the world, suggests that the future may not be so peaceful and prosperous. My question is what should we do to protect ourself and the people around us from the worst case scenario?” (IL SORPASSO)

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