Today at 1PM in Reno, Hillary is planning to marginalize and hurt the alt right. While we are not officially an alt right site, we share much overlap with them in the general alternative sphere. An attack on the alt right by an establishment force such as Hillary will have repercussions at ROK since the mainstream media is grouping us all together.



Hillary’s alt right speech comes only eighteen days after I stated that Hillary will try to shut us all down if she wins the election. She has moved up her timeline because of the damage that the alt right is doing to her campaign. This morning I was on Pat Campbell’s show talking about Hillary’s speech and what it will mean for us and Donald Trump (the recording is now on Soundcloud).

Last night I gave an overview on my Periscope of what will be in Hillary’s speech and how we should respond (click here to watch directly on Periscope).

Hillary’s speech will be streamed live here:

We will report back after her speech is complete.

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