The dreaded moment becomes reality. You come home early from work, much to your wife’s surprise. You quietly walk in to surprise her as you’re going to take her out for pizza, only to hear noises come from the bedroom. She’s moaning. It couldn’t be. Something has got to be wrong. You take off your tie, place it on the counter, then walk down the hallway to your bedroom. The moaning gets louder as you approach the door. Then you walk in, only to find another man pumping the shit out of her. The guy jumps off her in a daze and they both cover up.

“This isn’t what it looks like!”

What do you do? Double homicide? Beat the fuck out of both of them? Quietly slink away down the hallway? Burst into tears like a bitch? Okay, maybe this example is a bit extreme. But one way or the other many men find out their wife is having an affair during the course of their marriage one way or the other. Realize women are VERY good at keeping their cuckoldry hidden. Dr. David Holmes, a psychologist reveals:

The biggest difference is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret. If you look at the studies into paternity, even conservative figures show that between 8% and 15% of children haven’t been fathered by the man who thinks he’s the biological parent.

That’s a lot of men—millions—being cucked into paying for other men’s children. (Just imagine how many times women have affairs if that many women lie about who the real daddy is!) Yet, we hear nothing from politicians and the legal system about “fixing” this enormous problem, i.e. with paternity fraud criminal and civil charges.

To illustrate how one-sided Anglo American culture is becoming, ABC (unaffectionately referred to as Always Bolshevik Communism) ran a report defending women’s infidelity as some sort of harmless sexual adventurism. Just listen this gem of an excuse from a woman who had an affair, from a report featuring hot to trot wives who look up flings on the internet.

I was feeling very lonely one night,” Katherine said. “I was bored, on my phone in the parking lot, sitting in my car, pulled up AshleyMadison, and decided to open my first profile to see what would happen.

Next then you know, she trips, falls and lands on some guy’s erect penis. What are the chances?! “Oh well, while it’s in might as well enjoy myself.” The female capacity to lie has no bounds. Some men literally have to walk in on a sordid scene like the one detailed above in order to be clued in about the realities of female infidelity.

For others, maybe the gossipy neighbor clues them in. Maybe you see sexual text messages on her phone or Fakebook account. But, you know she’s having an affair. What do you do? It all depends on what kind of outcome you are looking for. Just know you are not the first man and definitely won’t be the last this happens to.

Gather Evidence

Get a lawyer and gather evidence if it will help you in court

Get a lawyer and gather evidence if it will help you in court

If you live in a state where fault can be found in a divorce, fault that may save many of your assets from the divorce court meat grinder, by all means GATHER EVIDENCE. If the affair is ongoing, and you have a cool and aloof enough personality, use your rage to talk to an attorney and get his recommendation on how to build an airtight case. However, DivorceInfo lays out the craptasticness of the legal system in most states:

Increasingly, states shift toward disregarding marital misconduct by either spouse, focusing instead on a dispassionate analysis of what each party needs and what each party can afford, or fairly rigid application of defined guidelines.

In other words, you will be paying no matter what she does. As Charles Dickens wrote, the law is an ass. Unfortunately, in most states men are seen as little more than walking ATM machines, and poor little women can’t do anything wrong. At least, in the eyes of the injustice system they can’t. So, evidence may or may not help you. There’s always another alternative.


Leave Her Ass

Don't listen to any of her bull, just leave

Don’t listen to any of her bull, just leave

Be the bold motherfucker that has balls enough to simply walk off and leave the bitch. And most importantly – don’t come back to her! Ever! Women are gifted with the innate ability to deceive men, and men are hardwired to believe the lies. Some of the cruelest jokes I’ve ever heard have come from predatory females who have just taken their discarded Beta male husbands for an expensive ride.

If she’s cheating, don’t listen to her excuses, especially the tired old gnome “I was bored” or “I wasn’t happy” or “You don’t treat me like you used to.” Would these excuses work if you told them to her? Hell no, they wouldn’t. Don’t let women play on your sense of emotion or sense of duty.

Even if you are married and think you can trust your wife, never let your guard down and be prepared for all circumstances, including the possibility of an affair. Have money stashed away somewhere, and a plan ready to spring into action in a moment’s notice if the inevitable happens.

In the office space where I worked I saw women turn into total sluts around certain men when their hubbies were away. These clueless men must have believed their precious wife wouldn’t ever cheat on them. In one memorable case, some buddies of mine and I saw a blonde coworker constantly orbiting this tall black guy. It was so insidious that those of us who were paying attention (and who had a modicum of Red Pill knowledge) secretly called them a “couple” even though she was married. It was painfully obvious the black guy was wearing it out while her hubby, the Beta white boy professional was out working to pay for her expensive lifestyle.

There are things a man sees in his life he can never forget when it comes to women and how naturally gifted they are at deception.

Don’t Get Married in the First Place

Avoid having a figurative trap close around your ankles

Avoid having a figurative trap close around your ankles

Save yourself the trouble in the first place and just don’t get married, especially in a society with legal guillotines hanging over your throat. Think slavery ended after the Civil War? Slavery still exists in the family court system. Men are regularly saddled with lifetime alimony payments and a generation’s worth of child support, under threat of imprisonment if they don’t pay up. This legal chicanery was foisted upon men for two reasons—it is intended to break up the nuclear family, and it has led to enormous profits for lawyers and private investigators.

As long as men are throwing their bargaining chip—commitment—around like it is worthless, women will continue to rake hapless Beta males over the hot coals. Whenever I see photos of most Beta males with their smiling wives, the men have the “I’m getting fucked and don’t know what to do stare.” Don’t be the poor bastard that ends up with that stare.

Until the legal code is lit afire and begun anew, perhaps the worst advice there is is to get married. Once the deal is sealed, most men will notice a complete and total change in personality among their wives as they know they have you by the ball sack. Even the best game players among us will be altered by this master-slave legal relationship. It messes with a man’s psychology, and most importantly it has the potential to devastate his finances.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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