As many of our readers at Return Of Kings understand, SJWs and their ilk represent a formidable foe that interferes with our ability to enjoy lives based on neomasculinity.  As Roosh’s meetup controversy demonstrated, we cannot hope to save the West unless we nullify their power, because they will never stop until we cease to exist.  We can not just simply ignore them in the hopes that they will go away, as they will continually intrude on every sphere of private life possible.

This situation poses both a challenge and a question for us here at ROK. The challenge lies in making the SJW’s so worthless and toxic to the globalists, that they will no longer protect them with government agencies, courts, academia or Hollywood. The question is how to make that a reality.  My solution to this query consists of understanding the tactics they use against us, the reason being that to defeat an enemy, one must understand them.

In this article, I will be discussing the tactics used by Code Pink protesters, Antifa thugs, and BLM hooligans. These are the SJWs’ street soldiers and their tactics are effective but predictable.

The Origin Of Leftist Street Tactics


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

In the case of leftist street tactics, they can be traced to one person: Saul Alinsky. Born in 1909 to Jewish Russian immigrants, Alinsky spent the majority of his life in Chicago, organizing groups he saw as politically disenfranchised, with particular emphasis being devoted to the South Side of Chicago, a neighborhood which would eventually produce Barack Obama.

In 1971, he wrote a political primer in which he used his years of experience to set out a series of rules that any group of political agitators should use if they sought to overthrow the established order. This work, complete with a dedication to Lucifer himself, was known as “Rules For Radicals,” and it guaranteed that Alinsky would be forever known amongst hardcore leftists as the “father of community organizing.” Today, virtually every leftist political action group uses his tactics, and Rules For Radicals has even profoundly influenced the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Because of this, it is necessary to begin our understanding of leftist tactics with Alinsky’s rules. Because there are 13 distinct rules, each of which requiring a detailed analysis to fully understand, it is necessary to limit this discussion to Alinsky’s three most important rules for brevity’s sake. These particular rules were selected over the rest because of how much SJWs rely on them to conduct their campaign against us.

Rule 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

Of all the rules that Alinsky developed, Rule #1 is the one that our readership at ROK will have the easiest time understanding and implementing. This is because it is a politicized and weaponized version of the “frame” rule that is well understood in terms of game. The underlying philosophy behind this rule is to always give off the appearance of power and strength, regardless of the political movement’s true level of popularity. This rule exists not to fool the opposition, but to trick undecided and low information voters into believing that your cause is stronger than it really is.

A prominent example of this rule in action can be seen at virtually any leftist protest held in a major city. If you observe these protests long enough, you’ll notice that protesters of all types will be participating. If the protest is for environmental causes, you’ll probably see minimum wage advocates, anti-prison advocates, Antifa thugs, and possibly Black Lives Matter types carrying their signs as well. At this point, it’s reasonable to ask why protesters for so many different causes would be at an environmental rally, and the reason is simple: they were paid for and brought in by organizers to make the protest appear bigger.


Protesting for their “right” to jump on cars.

This is an example of Alinsky’s rule #1 in play, because the organizers of the protest are not only aware of the fact that they comprise an extreme political minority, but also that their beliefs are largely repulsive if explained in plain terms to most of American society. Their solution to these problems consists of packing as many warm bodies in a small space as possible and getting the media to film only them and interview the organizers only.

If the strategy succeeds, then their protest will appear legitimate and mainstream. The drawback to this strategy, however, is that it requires an organizer to be good at successfully reigning in their people and keeping them on message. It is very easy to troll, trigger, and otherwise throw SJW protesters off message, as the following clip demonstrates:


In summation, this rule involves using basic human psychology and manipulation to trick society’s lemmings into believing that a cause is more popular than it is. Even Hillary Clinton’s organizers are using this tactic themselves.

Rule 3 and 4: “Never go outside of the expertise of your people”— “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of your enemy”

I combined these two rules for discussion because the left always uses both of them simultaneously when pushing an agenda. In order to galvanize their ranks, they follow rule #3 by framing EVERYTHING in the context of the group’s past experiences. If the protesters are black, the SJWs will bring up segregation or slavery as a rallying cry, if they’re Hispanic they’ll use comments made by Donald Trump on deportation.

This is the reason why the left has a stranglehold on minority communities for voting purposes, because every aspect of their messaging is focused on victimhood and past injustices, and devoid of objective discussions.


To avoid or not avoid the trap? That is the question.

Contrast this with rule #4, which involves leftists doing everything they can to force any non-leftist or SJW into a political catch-22, in which any answer the victim gives will cost them in the polls. This happened at the tail end of the DNC a few weeks ago with Kazir Khan, the Muslim father of a Muslim son who was killed in 2003 while deployed as a part of Operation: Iraqi Freedom. The DNC used Mr. Khan, who is an ardent supporter of Sharia Law, maintains ties to Saudi Arabia, and runs a law firm that benefits from open borders, to launch a broadside of personal attacks against Donald Trump. 

Trump was forced into a difficult situation: either he fails to defend himself from criticism and appear weak to his supporters and the world (thus making him no better than Mitt Romney), or he defends himself and is accused of attacking a gold star family. He ultimately chose the latter, which was a painful choice but also the lesser of two evils given the Catch-22 he was in.

The Khan incident is a perfect example of Rule #4 in action: Republicans are used to being the party that supports the military, whether they do in practice is another issue completely, therefore an effective tactic to use against them is to force them into a situation where they are portrayed by the media as “anti-military.” The Khan incident demonstrated how effective the tactic of forcing your opponent to stray from the political areas in which they’re experienced can be.

Rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, isolate it, polarize it”

This rule was saved for last because it represents the left’s deadliest tactic. Even though their ideas are morally bankrupt and produce failure and suffering wherever tried, the left is usually able to succeed in implementing them by placing extreme pressure on their opposition. This rule is simple to apply in practice, because it involves the left finding a member of their opposition that appears vulnerable, assessing their weaknesses, and exploiting their weaknesses until that individual breaks down and gives in to them.

This tactic is evil and insidious in nature because the left will even cause fear and distress in the victim’s family if it means that they’ll succeed.  It doesn’t matter whether their target is part of the vast right wing conspiracy or a leftist that’s been found guilty of not being left-wing enough, leftists and SJWs will apply pressure on this one individual until they cave and concede to their demands, which they will then claim as a victory.


The inevitable price of surrendering to SJWs.

The only way to overcome Rule #13 is to never EVER give in, and to turn the heat back on those applying pressure. Dan Bongino, who is running for the House of Representatives to represent Florida’s 19th Congressional District was able to do this to CNN’s Don Lemon, when the latter tried to box him into a corner concerning Trump’s recent 2nd Amendment Comments

Final Thoughts

These rules, and the others created by Saul Alinsky, are extremely effective because they incorporate human psychology and require exploiting weakness wherever it exists. That said, they are also apolitical and predictable, meaning that they are very easy to spot when being used, and can also be used for devastating effect against SJWs as well. All one has to do in order to see this reversal in action is to watch a Milo Yiannapoulos clip on youtube, or one of the many clips or articles hilariously ripping on SJWs such as “trigglypuff.”

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