If you’re reading this, let me first tell you that all is not lost. I’ve personally been accused of rape while in college, and although it is definitely not a fun experience, it is something that you can get out of if you’re smart.

Unfortunately, due to a multitude of reasons, false rape accusations are becoming increasingly common, especially in colleges. Universities are breeding grounds for feminists, alcohol is almost always involved at parties, and social reputation is king. This coupled with the fact that most administrators are either complete beta males or hyper-feminists means that if you’re a man, you’re at a disadvantage right off the bat.

This is the first thing that you must realize: the odds are stacked against you. Some might go so far as to say that you’re guilty until proven innocent in false rape accusations, and while this isn’t always the case, there’s definitely some truth to this statement.

This in mind, however, if you follow the advice that I’m about to give you, there’s a very high likelihood that the case will be dropped, or at the very least, you’ll be found not guilty.

Step 1: Plead The Fifth


This is perhaps the most important thing that you will ever do. Realize that law enforcement is NOT on your side. Yes, they are supposed to be unbiased, but the reality is that there’s always a political agenda that they’re encouraged to enforce, and in this case, the agenda is that all men are rapists.

Remember these words like your life depends on it, because it does: “I plead the fifth, I don’t consent to searches or seizures, and I want a lawyer.”

Again, repeat after me: “I plead the fifth, I don’t consent to searches or seizures, and I want a lawyer.”

Out of all of the advice that I will give you today, this is by far the most important step to minimizing the damage caused by a false rape accusation. What this does is it basically prevents officers and lawyers from later twisting your words against you in court, which is extremely easy to do if you have even a modicum of knowledge regarding frame control and semantics.

DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking that “Oh, I’m just talking with the officers…they can’t convict me for saying this!” If you do this, you are a fucking moron.

A good lawyer can twist literally anything against you in court, and police officers are extremely familiar with using a combination of intimidation and sympathy to get people to talk and talk until they reveal something that can be used to self-incriminate.

If, however, you plead the fifth, this can all be avoided.

The key is to be as polite as possible. These officers have the ability to make your life very difficult, very easily, so be very kind to them. Tell them that you respect what they’re doing for our country, but that you have to plead the fifth, because you know your rights.

If you can bring up the fact that you have a family relative who’s an officer, or how the media makes all cops look bad, that’s great, too—you want them walking away questioning the girl who’s accusing you, because you just seem like such a nice, well put together guy. This will make them far less likely to push the girl to press charges (which yes, police officers frequently do).

Step 2: Gather Intel


A large part of this battle is figuring out what your enemy is planning. In this case, your enemy is the girl who’s falsely accusing you of rape.

Ask the officers what you’re being accused of; get them to be very specific. Are you being accused of sexual assault? When did this supposedly happen? What were the circumstances? The more questions you can ask, the better.

The reason for this is that you want to give your lawyer the best damn shot possible at getting the charges dropped, and the more that you know about what you’re up against, the better he can adapt his case to your advantage.

If possible, ask the officers for a list of questions that they would like you to answer. Tell them that you hope they understand, but you’ll have to consult with your lawyer first. DO NOT answer any of the questions that they ask you, because as I said in step number 1, this is a surefire way to get convicted, despite your innocence.

Step 3: Keep Records Of Everything

Text messages, Tinder conversations, and even Snapchats… do not delete a single piece of evidence relating to this girl.

In a legal system where you’re practically guilty until proven innocent, every little bit of data that you have to support your case helps. Did she ask you if she could come over? Good—save that shit. A girl who was afraid of you raping her wouldn’t ask to come over. Did she tell you how she had a good time last night? Fantastic—save that. No girl would text this to a man who raped her. Did she send you nudes via Snapchat? Perfect—take screenshots. No girl would send nudes to her rapist.


I recommend that you email records to yourself, so that in the event of your assets being seized (if it happens), you will have everything stored on the cloud.

Step 4. Get The Best Lawyer

I realize that when you’re in college money is tight, but getting a good lawyer for a false rape accusation is NOT something that you want to skimp out on. The quality of your lawyer will literally determine whether you go to jail for five years and have your entire life ruined, because you can never find a job, versus if you get to walk free a few grand short.

Personally, I’d take the more expensive option if it’ll help me stay a free man. Do some research about the best lawyers in your area; you want someone with a lot of experience. Ideally they should be around the age of 45 or 50, because by that point a lawyer has a lot of experience, but he’s not so old to be soft-spoken and lacking energy.

If you can get a lawyer who used to work at the District Attorney’s office, PAY WHATEVER IT TAKES. This is absolutely crucial. A lawyer who worked at the District Attorney’s office will not only know the ins and outs of how prosecutors think, how their bureaucracy works, and how they typically approach cases, but he’ll also have incredible connections to the very people who are trying to prosecute you, which is something that you want.

Don’t even talk to the police until you have a lawyer. When I received a call from my campus judicial department, I asked them what I was being accused of. They said sexual assault. So I went to their office, got as much information as possible from them, got a list of questions, and told them that I would draft some answers with my lawyer.

Were they pissed? Yes, but who the fuck cares—they’re trying to convict you. I paid my lawyer $500 for literally 30 minutes of helping me answer questions, but it didn’t matter. I was able to get out alive and unscarred, even if it cost me a bit of money.

Step 5. Cease All Contact

One of the most tempting things for a guy who was accused of rape to do is to contact the girl who’s accusing him. DO NOT DO THIS.

Maybe you can do it if you’re sending text messages under the guidance of your lawyer, but anything otherwise would be folly. Here’s why: anything and everything that you’ve ever sent the girl can and will be used against you in the court of law. So what do you think the prosecutor is going to do when he’s in court trying to convict you?

“Your honor, it seems that this man here wouldn’t stop harassing Miss Smith. He contacted her multiple times over the past month, despite the fact that she wants nothing to do with him. Is this the type of man, one who so blatantly disrespects women, that we want on our streets?”

Do you see how conniving lawyers can be? Even if your intention is to genuinely inquire as to why she’s accusing you of rape, a good lawyer can twist this into you being a harassing pest who won’t leave her alone. Do not text, call, or contact the girl who’s accusing you in any way.

6. Win The Case

The most difficult part about a false rape accusation isn’t even the actual trial; it’s the anticipation that comes with waiting. Every time I get a next-day text from some girl regretting having sex with me, I always have trouble sleeping for the next two weeks, because I know it could be another potential false rape accusation.

Realistically, due to our bureaucratic, ineffective legal system, you could have to wait up to three years before your trial. Don’t look at this as a bad thing, however. It will give you ample time to prepare yourself financially and emotionally for your impending court date.

If you follow the advice that I’ve laid out in this article, and your rape accusation is in fact false, you will more than likely win; do not take this lightly, however. There’s plenty of men who’ve been falsely accused of rape who’ve ended up in jail.

In summary, follow each and every one of these steps. Don’t skip a single one. Don’t you dare get a cheap lawyer, give into her demands, or play into the police officer’s hands. Do your best to get out of this hell that you’ve entered, be thankful that you’ve stumbled upon this article, and hopefully, I’ll see you on the other side.

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