Virtue-signaling leftist corporations frequently use the Youtube platform to bombard our eyes and ears with an endless assault of painfully bad propaganda. In many cases, we are forced to sit through at least a couple of seconds of these cry-me-a-river garbage videos, precisely because these moneyed corporations have purchased far-reaching and expensive advertising campaigns we are compelled to (partially) sit through.

Some irredeemable leftist idiots buy into all this propaganda hook, line, and sinker. However, the red pill is growing ever stronger with the general public, and the voices of reason and logic are speaking louder than globalist narratives and “feewings” (feelings).

Here are four examples of videos which were designed to “move” people towards a leftist narrative, but utterly failed in the process. (Note: Apologies if the text copy comes out too small for mobile devices, it should be a little better on desktops).

1. “Raising An Olympian: Ashton Eaton”

Narratives: White “racism” & promotion of white guilt, Black/mixed race victimization and overcoming white “oppression”, promotion of single mothers as virtuous and noble

Raising An Olympian - Ashton Eaton II

2. “Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing”

Narratives: Male shaming, Female “empowerment”

Always Like A Girl

3. “79% Work Clock: The Daily Reminder That The Wage Gap Is Real”

Narrative: Female workplace oppression / the “gender wage gap”


Gender Wage Gap 4. “#ProudToBe: Coming Together To Celebrate Identity”

Narratives: Promoting homosexuality & transgenderism, promoting acceptance of perverse mental illness, promoting the destruction of traditional values and family units

Comments Disabled

Too many high-ranking comments of “D-E-G-E-N-E-R-A-T-E!” and those coming out overwhelmingly in favor of traditional (ie. non mental patient) values, identities, and family units was simply too much to bear for Youtube.


We’re winning. Slowly but surely.

The power and scope of leftist corporations, globalists, and their nefarious agendas can seem absolutely daunting to the casual observer, let alone just a regular reader of Return Of Kings. However, the common man has clearly had enough with progressive agendas which have been disproved time and time again (gender wage gap, rape culture, systemic white racism, etc.) and are rebelling against disgusting globalist agendas which seek to promote sterility and the destruction of the traditional family unit in developed countries (deifying homosexuality, transgenderism, female careerism, etc).

We have much work to do yet, but the left is clearly being put on ever more intensive damage control, not to mention incredible embarrassment. The recent hacks of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations will only amplify the revolt against all this progressive and globalist vomit. So keep your heads held high boys, we’re on the truth rampage.

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