CNN is currently in 47 airports throughout the United States (in gate and boarding areas). This means that many travelers–from Atlanta to New York—are bombarded with a left-wing narrative. Looking to get away? Too bad. You’ll be forced to watch the media’s propaganda in the boarding area. Thanks to CNN, the US airport is now an indoctrination facility that’s designed to keep travelers in a state of despair.

Control Center CNN

The CNN Airport Operations Center in Atlanta–the epicenter of airport propaganda.

I’ve traveled to over 75 countries. In all those airports, I’ve never seen the news on a television. Moreover, many international airports don’t even have televisions. This occurrence is, unfortunately, now an American disease. These televisions are like left-wing leashes; no matter where you go, you’re always “there”—in the control room of CNN, being targeted by their provocateurs.

As it turns out, CNN pays for the placement. In Philadelphia, for example, they pay the airport $90,000 a year. Good luck trying to change the channel. Gate agents don’t have a remote control, and the sound is controlled by CNN from a remote location.

Where do we begin with this travesty?

CNN Has A Blatant Liberal Bias

The fact that CNN has a liberal bias should come as no surprise. The amount of commentary on this has been numerous, with members of CNN admitting as much:

Broadcasting CNN shows a blatant disregard for conservative travelers. You don’t agree with our perspective? Who cares! Sit in the boarding area, shut up, and listen to our divisive narrative. Ever heard of “The customer is always right”? Well, that doesn’t apply in American airports.

If you’re conservative traveler, you’ll be exposed to left-wing journalism against your will. On that level, the airport has become like many other American institutions: colleges, human resource departments, etc. Left-wing leaders abuse their positions of authority by forcing their narratives on the audience.


Have a great time in Cancun! But before you go, let us mock your traditional values.

And for the record, I would say the same thing if Fox was being played. People have the right—liberal or conservative—to have their personal views honored in the public arena. They came to catch a flight, not to hear partisan politics.

What Can We Do About It?

This is a huge problem and a solution is not easy. However, if we look at the SJW playbook, we see how effective organized complaints can be. Therefore, I think that voicing our displeasure is a good start. I welcome other suggestions in the comment section, since our readers might have some excellent advice. At any rate, here is some helpful information to get the ball rolling:

Step 1: Contact CNN’s Airport Network and lodge a complaint. Their email is [email protected]: Use a burner email if you don’t want your real name attached to it.

Step 2: Lodge a complaint with your local airport, or the airports you frequently use. I’ve included a list below of airports that currently televise CNN (basically, this includes most of the major US airports). I’ve also included their customer service emails, or links to contact pages. I encourage you to contact them, express your displeasure, and state that you will be voicing your complaints across a variety of social media platforms.

  1. Albany International:
  2. Anchorage International:
  3. Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree:
  4. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International:
  5. Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall: [email protected]
  6. Boston Logan International:
  7. Chicago Midway: [email protected]
  8. Chicago O’Hare International: [email protected]
  9. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International:
  10. Dallas/Ft. Worth International: [email protected].
  11. Dayton International:
  12. Detroit Metro Wayne County International:
  13. Houston Bush Intercontinental:
  14. Houston William P. Hobby:
  15. Huntsville Madison County:
  16. Jacksonville International:
  17. Kansas City International:
  18. Ketchikan International Airport:
  19. Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport: [email protected]
  20. Los Angeles Ontario International:
  21. Memphis International:
  22. Miami International: [email protected]
  23. Minneapolis/St. Paul International:
  24. Myrtle Beach International:
  25. Nashville International:
  26. New York John F. Kennedy International:
  27. New York LaGuardia Airport: [email protected]
  28. New York Islip MacArthur:
  29. Newark Liberty International:
  30. Oakland International:
  31. Orlando International:
  32. Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional:
  33. Philadelphia International: [email protected]
  34. Phoenix Sky Harbor International:
  35. Sacramento International:
  36. Saint Louis Lambert International:
  37. Salt Lake City International: [email protected]
  38. San Diego International:
  39. San Francisco International:
  40. San Jose International: [email protected]
  41. Savannah Hilton Head International:
  42. Seattle -Tacoma International:
  43. Spokane International Airport: [email protected]
  44. Tallahassee Regional: [email protected]
  45. Washington Dulles International:
  46. Washington Reagan National:


CNN alleges that most people love their programming in the airport. According to their Airport Network website, “90% of viewers feel CNN Airport Network enhances the airport environment.” They add that, “82% of viewers say watching CNN Airport Network makes the time spent at the airport more worthwhile.” I find these statistics very hard to believe. Moreover, it makes me question the validity of their polling—keep this in mind for the current election, when they tell you in October that Hillary is winning by 27%.

Some people might argue, “Why not just ignore the news?” That might sound logical on the surface. However, remember that a thousand little strokes can fell a great oak. Cultural decay does not happen overnight; it’s done with consistent attacks on the edifice of a country. One day, the edifice crumbles to the floor and the pedestrians ask, “I wonder how that happened?”

CNN’s intrusion into the American airport system is unacceptable. And honestly, I don’t know if we can change the growing tradition. But I do know that if the tradition continues, America will continue to circle the drain.

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