Last week I wrote the prequel to this column. I rarely look at comments from articles I write but every once in a while I’ll peruse a bit to see if our readers can offer additional ideas, anecdotal or otherwise.

As usual, our readers came through and pointed out a few half-truths I’d forgotten about as I hadn’t heard them in a while (or I just tuned her out after she tripped my bullshit-o-meter). The format will be the same as last week’s but this time around I’ll add my own stories as they apply.

4. “I was raped”

What she’s trying to convey: That a man forced himself on her and had sex with her against her will.

What it likely means: She got buyer’s remorse the morning after a hook up.

Escape technique: You find out she dated the dude she accused of rape…after the alleged rape:

You: “Wait a minute, didn’t that guy rape you?”

Her: “Well, yeah but I was drunk and couldn’t consent so legally that’s rape.”

Follow up question:  “How much jail time did he get?”

“…and when I woke up and saw I was taller than him, I realized I had been raped.”

This question puts her on the spot and immediately forces her to start giving details. If the man who allegedly raped her didn’t get any jail time, she’ll have to explain why he didn’t which opens up a can of worms she’ll wish had stayed shut.

This is a no-win situation for females if the words “I was raped” comes out of her mouth. If she’s lying, she’s radioactive meaning get the hell out of there asap. If she’s not, she’s damaged beyond repair meaning get the hell out of there asap.

3. “I was with a friend”

Hey, fuck friends count as friends too……right?

What she wants to convey: That she was with a female friend, meaning nothing (hetero) sexual occurred.

What it likely means: She was at her fuck buddy’s place getting banged out.

Escape technique: You find out she was with a guy, and not her girlfriend on the night in question.

You: “You said you were with a friend!”

Her: “He is my friend. But one thing lead to another and it just happened.”

Follow up question: “Which friends?”

This simple query forces her to either lie, or come clean. Since we know she’s not coming clean (if your frame and game are both extremely weak) she’s probably going to give you more detail than necessary to convince you she’s telling you the truth. She’ll give you exact prices of drinks, colors of outfits, exact times, and a slew of other particulars in her attempt to kill a fly with a sledge hammer.

It’s also good to pay attention to other stories involving her “friends.” She’ll purposely avoid identifying the sex of her company saying things like “They came and got me” or “I’m gonna hang out with them again.” Carla did this routinely and even as a blind beta, I knew she was talking about another man.

The bottom line is that if your girl tells you she’s with friends without identifying them by name or sex, chances are, she was with someone she wasn’t supposed to be with (read: another dude).

2. “I was a late bloomer”

tight sweater

“I grew my boobs late so I was a virgin for like 3 decades!”

What she wants to convey: That she was an “ugly ducking” so she got a late start on the carousel meaning her notch count is much lower than “all those other sluts.”

What it likely means: She was an ugly duckling. But when she turned into a swan she opened her legs for as many men as she could to keep validating to her sexuality to herself and others.

Escape technique: After about the 40th “hilarious hookup story” she’s regales you with….

You: “You’ve hooked up with a lotta dudes. I thought you were late bloomer.”

Her: :::laughing::: “Oh I was but I’ve made up for lost time!”

Follow up question: “So you didn’t have sex until you were 22 because you were ugly?”


Similar to the follow up question when she claims she was in an “open relationship,” you’ve badly sharp angled her. She can’t tell you she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 22 because she’ll think that you think something is wrong with her if men didn’t want to sleep with her until then (typical inverse projection) but she can’t tell you she’s a raging slut either.

She’ll attempt to tell you a story that puts her directly in the middle, but again, if you’re wearing your neomasculine spectacles you’ll see right through her lies.

Personal anecdote: An older woman with huge tits tried to drop this on me a few months back. Apparently she didn’t become as well endowed as she is today until after she turned 30 (which I didn’t completely believe either). Here’s how the conversation went:

Her: “I was a late bloomer.”

Me: “And?”

Her: :::giggling::: “And what?”

She’s giggling because she knows I don’t buy the story she’s trying to cover up which lies just beneath the surface.

Me: ::sarcastically::: “So because you had small tits for 30 years you must have lived in a convent, is that it?”

Her: :::laughing::: “No…I…”

I interrupt her

Me: “Look…just because you didn’t grow boobs until you were 30 doesn’t mean you were a nun. We both know you were doing what everybody else was doing.”

Her: :::still laughing::: “Damn you’re harsh!”

Which is code for “Damn, you saw right through my feeble attempt at making you think my notch count was low!”

Nice rack or not, most girls hop on the carousel at some point regardless of their aesthetic beauty. We as men need to understand that just because there are no fat ugly studs, that there are no fat ugly sluts…and there are plenty waddling around. And if ugly, fat chicks can be sluts, then any female can. Including “late bloomers.”

1. “He kicked me out”

on the street

What she’s trying to convey: That her evil boyfriend or husband came home one day and decided he didn’t want her in his house anymore and kicked her out without cause.

What likely happened: She cheated on him and didn’t stop so he finally kicked her out after he had enough.

Escape technique: You find out why she got kicked to the curb after a friend of hers tells you the real story.

You: “You got kicked out because you were sleeping with so-in-so. You lied to me!”

Her: “I told you he kicked me out. That was the truth.”

Follow up question: “Why?”

This forces her to fabricate a long and drawn out story that paints her ex as an evil sadist from the very start of the relationship. Even men who are still plugged in to the matrix know there are two sides to every story. But he doesn’t press her on the facts because he’s afraid to foul up his chances of sleeping with her.

Personal anecdote: A while back I wrote about the experience that finally taught me once and for all that saving women never lead to having sex with them.  I didn’t get the whole story until someone else filled me in:

According to her sister, the father of Carla’s youngest son (whom she had custody of) had been released from prison a few months back and she’d started fucking him behind her live-in boyfriend’s back. Her boyfriend got wind of it and told her to end it. Carla said she did but kept fucking the baby daddy anyway, and when her boyfriend learned she hadn’t kept her promise he finally kicked her out.

Dudes don’t kick women out for no reason. In fact, most women get away with all kinds of shenanigans and still manage to have a roof over their heads. So when a man actually has the balls to put a female out of his domicile, you can bet your ass he had a damn good reason.


As I stated in the first installment, there are many more half-truths females tell their significant others. The bottom line is that you must always assume that what a woman is telling you isn’t the whole story. Believe everything she says as the gospel truth at your peril.

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