It’s no secret that in our hyper-feminized world, young boys are having masculinity crushed out of them at a younger and younger age.

What was once considered normal in young boys, is now being labeled as aggressive behavior. Boys who rough play and fight with toy swords are now being told that they’re violent, and they’re being shuffled to the nearest psychiatrist to give him his daily dose of pharmaceutical drugs meant to “help him.”

Boys who express their sexuality are often chastised and punished. In the 90’s this was popular in high school and college, but over the years, it’s crept down even into middle school. Boys can’t even talk to women without being considered potential rapists, and if they try to seduce a woman by being assertive and decisive, two traits necessary to doing so, they risk a false rape accusation.

Raising a child in our eerily Orwellian world, where nearly every aspect of a child’s growth is determined by the state, is a very difficult task, indeed. Several authors have hinted at this idea before, but I would like to present an additional five tips for men struggling to raise healthy, happy boys in our modern world.

1. Be Aware Of Mother-Son Time After 8 Years Of Age


Women are afraid of their young boys growing up into men, because it’s a part of her nature to want to be the nurturing mother; you must do your job as a man, and monitor this connection when your boy hits the age of around 7 or 8. If boys spend too much time around their mothers well into their boyhood and teens, they do not develop into the men that they need to be.

Boys must be exposed to your masculine wisdom from this age on wards, lest they become too much of a Momma’s boy. Great cultures of the past knew this; this is why most boys’ initiations start around the age of 8. This is also why it is a common theme for the men of the village to literally rip away the boys from their mothers and take them on a journey into the wild.

This ripping them away from their mothers, is symbolic for the boys leaving the nurturing, warm “mother-world,” and entering into the self-reliant, sometimes cold, “father world,” where they will eventually become a man.

2. Expose Him To The World

father and son looking at city of Valetta

This is somewhat of an extension of tip #1, because naturally the question is “what do I do once he’s 8 then?” I recommend that from the time that your boy hits the age of 8, you take him on various trips.

This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or luxurious. Simply spend time doing things with your boy. In order for the “split” from mother-world to father-world to be effective, you must be in frequent isolation with him so that he cannot run back to the comfortable mommy world.

You see this a lot when families go camping together; the men try to teach their boys how to fish, how to set up a tent, and all of these other valuable things, but due to the presence of women, the boys never fully grasp the lessons that are being passed down. As an example, I was camping a while back, and I saw a man trying to teach his boy how to skin and cook a deer that they’d caught.

Despite this man’s noble attempt to teach the boy valuable lessons about the circle of life, where food comes from, and the practical skills to survive in the wilderness, his mother ruined it all in one fell sweep: “EWW! GERALD YOU CAN’T TEACH MY BABY BOY THAT!”

He looked at her, angrily, and said that she should stop meddling in father-son affairs, but it was too late. The boy had run to his “mommy” and hugged her legs; she shielded his head with her hands, and just like that, the boy was denied entry into the masculine father-world.

Do not blame women for this; again, it’s in their nature to want to keep their baby boys in a perpetual state of boyhood. But as a man, you must recognize this when it happens, and STOP IT lest your boy grow up into a giant pussy.

Take your boy camping, take him on trips around the world so that he can see how women act in other cultures, and if you can, take him to work so that he can see what his father does when he’s gone during the day.

3. Position Yourself As The Guide

Father Talking To Son

“Son…bitches ain’t shit, but hoes and tricks.”

Too often do I see young boys running to their mothers for advice on women and life; for although their mothers have good intentions, they almost always give advice that is completely based out of emotion rather than out of reality.

“Mom, I have a crush on this girl at school…how do I get her to like me?” the young boy asks. “Oh, well sweetie, be really nice to her! Buy her flowers and chocolates, complement her on how beautiful she is, and appreciate her every day!” the mother says.

Unfortunately, advice like this is a monumental heap of bullshit, but the boy is too young to know it. He’ll probably end up following his mothers’ advice and come off as a completely needy, creepy weirdo. The girl will then never want to talk to him again, and he’ll come to believe that there’s something inherently unattractive about him.


Let’s contrast this, with if the young boy asked his father for advice (assuming that his father actually has game). “Dad, I have a crush on this girl, how do I get her to like me?” asks the young, budding neo-masculine boy.

“Son,” replies the neo-masculine father, “women like men who don’t make them their purpose. Don’t ever sacrifice who you are for a woman, and don’t ever put up with her treating you like crap. She’ll not only be more attracted to you if you do this, but she’ll respect you more, too.”

Then, the boy follows his advice, focuses on his own hobbies and passions, and ends up fucking a third of the girls in his high school class.

This is only possible if you position yourself as a guide; you must be the one who provides your son with neo-masculine wisdom if you wish to raise a neo-masculine son. Don’t rely on your wife to do it, because as many have said before, women cannot raise boys into men.

Guide your son in the right direction over finances, work, and most importantly…women.

4. Encourage Him To Work Out


Looking back on my life, I can’t imagine how different it would be if my father had encouraged me to start working out when I was 13 or 14. I would have been very strong by the time I was a sophomore or junior in high school, but more importantly, I would have developed discipline and strength of mind.

Working out not only develops a man’s body, but it also develops a man’s mind. Constantly following a routine, not only in the gym, but in what you eat, and how much you sleep, builds the foundation for real mental discipline. You cannot get to a five plate deadlift without some serious discipline in your life.

Not only will your son’s increased physical strength garner him much attention from the ladies, but it will also garner him more respect from his peers. Don’t buy into the feminist propaganda—men respect other men who are strong. It’s in our nature to respect strength, as Jack Donovan pointed out, because without it, a man in our tribe would be literally useless.

Your son’s mental strength will give the real benefits, though. His increased discipline developed in the gym will also translate into more self-respect. He’ll end up getting better grades, due to a better work ethic, he’ll probably want to get a part time job to get some extra money, and most importantly, he’ll learn the value of putting in hard work.

I recommend that you put your son on a compound lift based routine, such as Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, for several reasons. First off, it’s the best way to maximize his time in the gym. Second off, when you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t be doing a split, because you don’t have a solid foundation of muscle.

When you’re a beginner, you should be doing compound exercises to build up a solid base of strength. Then, maybe when you’ve been working out for 1-2 years, you can switch over to a split if you want more aesthetics. And lastly, having your son do compound lifts from the time he’s 14 will shoot his testosterone and growth hormone through the roof, ensuring that he develops into a tall, strong, broad man which will help him in nearly all areas of his life.

Also, as a side note, use this as an opportunity to get closer to him. Go to the gym with him and you can knock out tips #1, 3, and 4 at once. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up being that badass dad who can bench 3 plates, and your son’s friends will all want to work out with you, since their fathers are probably pussies and they crave masculine guidance.

5. Don’t Home School Him

A lot of men are resorting to homeschooling their children, and I totally understand this. I’ve written an entire article on how our school system is utter hogwash, so I understand the desire to protect your children from it. Unfortunately, however, homeschooling children often does more harm than good. It prevents them from having the opportunity to socialize with peers, learn about group dynamics, and practice game on their female classmates.

Your job as a man isn’t so much to teach him facts (school will do plenty of this), but rather to instill in him a sense of logic and reasoning so that he can discern for himself whether or not his schoolteachers are correct. Instill in him a weak, but functioning bullshit detector by the time that he goes off to school, so that he can slowly, but surely, see the folly of our culture’s thinking.

You can do this by extending his education outside of the home. Get him into the habit of reading from a young age. Buy him good books that talk about valor, heroism, and that kindle a fierce spirit into the young boy’s heart. Teach him about great men of the past who overcame incredible odds: Andrew Carnegie, Alexander the Great, Socrates, and the Founding Fathers.

Don’t just shove lessons on him, but actually understand his view point, and with a few well-thought-out questions, try to get HIM to discover why he’s wrong. This is key. Nobody wants to be flat out told they’re wrong. If you do this, you’re a dick. Instead, try to see things from his perspective, but remain firm in your stance. Politely ask some well targeted questions that will get him thinking, and you’ll have a neomasculine boy in no time.


Our children are attacked from every angle: schoolteachers crush masculinity out of them, the media discourages healthy sexual expression, and law enforcement has been siding against him ever since the day he was born. It’s your job as a father to help your young boy navigate our fucked up modern world, so that he can live a happy, healthy, and functional adult life.

Teach him to work out, expose him to the great minds of the past, teach him the lessons of history, and teach him about women. Most importantly, however, spend time with him. None of this is possible without a genuine connection with your son; if he never sees you, it doesn’t matter how right you are…he’ll be too angry at you to accept any of your lessons.

Spend time with him, teach him the skills that he needs to live in our post-modern world, and give us all the greatest gift possible: a noble young man ready to change the world.

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