Back in the 1960s, Playboy magazine ran a campaign to encourage advertisers to buy space in the magazine. The campaign was entitled “What Sort of Man Reads Playboy” and it highlighted one aspect of its reader base every month. In this article, I take a look at some of the most popular articles on ROK to discern what sort of man reads ROK. It will also serve as a good reminder of the basic principles of masculinity.

A man who is physically fit


The starting point for any self-improvement program is to focus on the physical. This is because the state of our physical body provides the foundation for how we feel. Without a good physical foundation, you will look terrible and your confidence will suffer. If you are fat and eat poorly, you will have lousy energy and not be able to achieve anything.

This is why articles on training have always been popular at ROK. The modern world has the side effect of making men soft. Spending nine hours a day working in a cube then going home to play video games is not life that nature intended for men. All men should be spending some part of their week exercising to counter act this effect.

But what type of exercise? ROK has been consistent in preaching the message of pumping iron. Lifting weights is the fastest way to get strong and to build an impressive physique. The emphasis has always been on building functional muscle. Whether you want strategies to lose weight or build strength, ROK has you covered.

Lifting weights is indispensable, but if you truly want to be a mutant when it comes to strength, you also have to do a lot of body weight work. Our own Larsen Hallock has unlocked some of the underground secrets to superhuman feats such as the one-arm pull up and pistols.

A man who knows how to defend himself


If you’ve been following my writing here or at my blog, you know that I believe that we are entering a very uncertain time when civil unrest is becoming increasingly likely. Therefore, it is imperative that every man learn how to defend himself.
This message is not new to ROK readers. They are only interested in martial arts that provide practical self-defense benefits. ROK writer Jean-Batave Poqueliche has met this need with an outstanding series of articles that describe the most effective submissions, throws, leg techniques, and hand techniques.

But ROK readers know that while unarmed fighting is a necessary skill, it is only a part of what man needs to know to defend himself and his family. That’s why ROK has always carried articles on firearms. Most recently my colleague Luke Stranahan has guided readers on what to look for in a handgun and a rifle.

A man who has a realistic view of women



ROK readers love women, but they know that a woman can never be a man’s ultimate purpose. We have a realistic view of women. We don’t put them on a pedestal and imagine that they are pure, perfect creatures that are worthy of nothing but praise. On the other hand, we don’t make the opposite mistake of assuming that women are demons in human form whose only purpose in life is to divorce rape their husbands. The men who believe the latter often end up retreating from women entirely and embracing some form of MGTOWism.

Modern culture wants us to believe that women are smarter than men and that they have better values than men. Part of the argument for Hillary being elected president is that she is a woman, and that as a woman she is inherently more stable, competent, and peaceful than a male president. At the same time we are told to venerate women as superior beings, society also asks us to protect them as the weaker sex. For example, girls need to be fed a steady diet of “grrrl power” or their self-esteem will plummet. In short, modern women want to have their cake and eat it too.

If you are single, you’ll find solid “game” advice on ROK (check out Troy Francis’ continuing series of articles). But my position on game has always been is that if you do the the hard work of self-improvement, you’ll only need to know the basic principles of game to be successful. Woman are naturally attracted to successful men.

A man who is focused on success


We live at a time when all the rules have changed. In the not so distant past, the formula for success was simple: get good grades in high school, get into a good university, get a marketable degree, get a job at a large corporation, and climb the corporate ladder. While some can still take advantage of this path, it is closed off to most young men who are graduating now as more jobs are being outsourced or filled by cheaper immigrants.

The men who used to work in the so-called blue collar jobs have it even worse. Most of their jobs have been moved to foreign countries leaving thousands unemployed. The advice of our elite is worthless. Displaced workers are either told to go to college, which is increasingly a fool’s errand, or to move to follow a job. But what if the job was moved to Vietnam? Are we really going to expect American workers to learn Vietnamese and relocate their families?

ROK readers have been among the first to understand that the game is rigged. The first step to becoming successful is to realize that the economy is designed to make us perpetual consumers. Rejecting consumerism frees a man to focus on what is truly valuable. Saving money thus opens the door to financial freedom.

A man who who understands the system

Donald Pleasence

One of the first things that struck me about ROK is the readers’ opinion of politics. Long before Donald Trump announced his candidacy, ROK readers were already aware of the fact that the conservative versus liberal divide in the country amounted to little more than kabuki theatre for the proles. In reality, conservatives have been a fake opposition all along. Their only purpose was to give the appearance of democracy.

ROK is one of the first places—maybe the first place—that pointed out that the real divide in the country is between globalism and nationalism. While this might be old news to ROK readers, it is still a truth that has not sunk into the consciousness of wide swaths of conservative movement. The people who cling to the outmoded dichotomy are now known as cuckservatives.

Finally, ROK is the one place that has proposed a realistic solution to the problems of the system in Patriarchal Nationalism.


Regardless of what happens in the US presidential election in November, there are going to be big changes in the future. ROK will remain in the forefront of those changes with advice that will allow our readers to flourish.

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