I’m sure many of you followed the internet drama surrounding Matt Forney’s latest submission about Portland. Judging by the sheer number of comments, many angry words were exchanged, and if you’re anything like me, you got angry right back.

Portlanders dug up an old photo of Forney where it shows him as overweight and dressed poorly. I understand the “judge not lest ye be judged yourself” arguments, but he is working towards an ideal and expects the same ideal in the women he dates. However, this was nearly the only reasonable objection that was raised about the article. The rest was pure screeching vitriol and the hatred ‘culminated’ when one commenter decided to save all of the fragile and defenceless women of Portland from the evil internet man by attempting to take down Return of Kings and Matt Forney’s blog.

Anger driving one white knight to lash out against someone ‘tapping their supply’—it’s just an isolated case right? No. Roosh shared a thread containing an email from a delusional beta orbiting white knight who told Roosh how much of a bad man he was for having sex with his BFFL and not calling back. Just like the Portlanders he rushes to defend the defenseless from the hairy evil that defiled his woman, even going so far as threatening to call the government and report him for terrorism.

Who knows maybe it was really just the girl in question trying to get back into our glorious leader’s good graces after seeing the love he is receiving in Romania.


Everyone seems to have their reasons for why someone with an opposing view of the world has that view. Everyone has a rationalization for their hatred. Women see a celebrity with a younger woman and exclaim “its because he can’t handle a real woman like me.” Feminists regurgitate jargon instead of debating a topic logically. We say internet feminists are fat and unhappy clones which causes their irrationality and anger. All ad hominems. All worthless when it comes to communicating with one another.



The Everything Else section over at the forum has blown up recently with more activity than ever before. It’s become a sort of news site, full of the best and worst the world has to offer. After reading countless stories of false rape accusations, unqualified women attempting to be Dog the Bounty Hunter, ridiculous suspensions for eating snack-foods into particular shapes, belligerent feminists from Toronto, and media shaming men dating younger women, one begins to think there is no end to the madness. The list goes on and on and its hard not to begin to hate everything. It’s hard not to want to move to a deserted tropical island, bring a harem of beautiful women, and live out your days drinking coconut water while getting in touch with your primal nature.

Sometimes we need a break from all this negativity and anger. Instead of noticing how the woman you are on a date with might be worth a mini-relationship, you’ll think “but what if she tries to cry rape when I fuck her, what if blah blah I’m angry and paranoid.” Instead of noticing a hot chick in yoga pants, you’ll notice some skrillex-cutted chick in Whole Foods buying vegetables, making snarky remarks about your meat purchases. You’ll psych yourself out of approaching because “all western women are the same: they have bad attitudes, are fat and entitled and on and on.”


Essentially you’ll become just like the commenters on the Portland article. Bitter and angry at everything that doesn’t fit your worldview. You’ll start seeing examples of what is “wrong” everywhere you go, just to validate the problem. I say at least try to find the good in every girl you meet. By no means am I saying to go and talk to the 40lbs overweight, short-haired chick who is shotgunning a beer and yelling with vocal fry about how she wants pizza. What I am saying is that most women you date will want you to be happy. She will change some of her habits to accommodate you. Find a girl that you don’t mind spending time with and impart on her some good habits.

You can’t hate society, you are a part of it. Adapt to the changes, acknowledge them as they are, and brush them off, but know that you are in control of how you interpret things. Only you can let yourself feel the way you do. It is your job as a man to create a lifestyle which makes you the most fulfilled. Tons of guys over at the forum have found girls they enjoy who are sweet and feminine. Anger will turn from a mood to a way of life. Stave off its poison with a healthy dose of positivity instead.

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