Gentlemen, it should come with no surprise to you that when a man is accused of rape, the odds are immediately stacked against him. As has been made so abundantly clear by the UVA Rape Hoax, police officers speaking out, and the stories of numerous ROK writers (including yours truly), women have the upper hand when it comes to false rape accusations.

But why exactly is this? I believe that it is paramount to cultural improvement for us to understand why these things happen, for if we understand why they happen, we can mitigate them. Ultimately, the reason why men get fucked over when it comes to false rape accusations, is due to the startling difference between the “social narrative,” and actual reality.

The Social Narrative

For those of you who don’t know, the social narrative is essentially a collection of beliefs, opinions, and thought patterns possessed by the vast majority of human beings. This social narrative changes, depending on the region of the world that you’re in, but for the purposes of this article, I will focus on the social narrative of the West, and the many lies which it passes off as truth.

But first: some groundwork. As you all know, women cannot physically stand up to a man. Men are bigger, stronger, and faster; for a woman to confront a man head on would simply be folly. So, as an evolutionary mechanism, women have unconsciously evolved to use social paradigms to their advantage. This is what gave birth to the social narrative.

A woman can’t physically confront a man? That’s fine—she has a plethora of options. She can choose to make the man feel guilty for hitting her (even if she was acting like a complete cunt), and cry to make herself look like a victim. She can publicly shame the man for being “abusive,” while simultaneously being a complete bitch in the personal arena. She can even leverage the stupid beta males that every civilization has to fight the man for her, or to even get him thrown in jail.

Our Social Narrative


In countries where patriarchy reigns supreme, the social narrative is typically skewed in the favor of men. In countries where feminism has spread, the social narrative is typically skewed in the favor of women.

In the West, as I’m sure you know, the social narrative is EXTREMELY pro-women and very hostile towards men. Here are a few of the beliefs within our social narrative:

  • When a man and a woman get into an argument, the woman is always right.
  • Men should never hit a woman, even if she acts like a brat and attacks him.
  • Men are all sexually aggressive and are potential rapists.
  • If she wants sex to happen, she’ll verbalize it.
  • Men and women are equal.
  • Women want a sweet, kind, man who’s a doormat.

Now, obviously some of these beliefs are unconscious, but even so, this actually makes them more powerful, because they cannot be attacked directly.

The Social Narrative vs. Reality


Women unconsciously change the social narrative to suit them whenever it feels best. This is why the social narrative is not based upon logic, but rather feelings.

This is why women can simultaneously expose themselves, butt-naked, yet be angry when men look at them. This is why women can yell at men for all being rapists, yet expect them to be sexually assertive and do the escalation. This is why women can complain that they don’t get paid enough money, yet insult men who don’t pay for their dates.

Do you see the point here? The social narrative is in women’s favor.

If we look at actual reality, however, we will come to a completely different conclusion:

  • If a woman exposes herself completely, it’s normal for men to be sexually attracted to her.
  • If women expect men to be sexually assertive, then the idea of affirmative consent is completely retarded.
  • If women want to get paid the same as men, then they should be expected to carry half of the financial burden of a relationship.

As you can see, however, saying any of these points in the public arena will essentially label you a sexist, making you a social pariah. For the sake of this article, I would like to focus on the second point above: how men are expected to be sexually assertive. This is the true reason why false rape accusations are so twisted against men. We’re simultaneously expected to be assertive and sexually aggressive based off of a woman’s body language, yet when we do this, we’re framed as sexual predators.

How The Social Narrative Destroys Men


As you can imagine, whenever the vast majority of society accepts this social narrative to be true, men start getting fucked over. It’s why most men are complete beta-male chodes, it’s why most men (and women) are unhappy, and it’s why men get fucked over in false rape accusations.

“But just how are they fucked over, Jon? Isn’t the legal system unbiased?” I can hear someone ask.

Unfortunately, no—the legal system is extremely biased in favor of women for reasons which I will soon explain.

The legal system is merely an extension of the social narrative. If you have a bunch of judges and congressmen growing up believing that men should be strong and confident, yet genuine and kind, then we will have a legal system that encourages these things.

If, however, you have a bunch of judges and congressmen growing up believing that men are all potential rapists, women are always right, and masculinity should be crushed out of children, then we will have a legal system that encourages THESE things. And unfortunately, our legal system does, in fact, encourage these things.

Our Crooked Legal System


A generation of men raised by feminists has led to, quite possibly, one of the most pussified, beta-male legal systems in the history of the world. The West is the only place that I can think of to have ever existed, where if a man and woman have completely consensual sex, and it’s PROVEN to be the case, he can get thrown in jail, because she had buyer’s remorse the next day.


As I said before, the most fundamentally important social narrative talking point that nearly all false rape accusations revolve around, is how men are sexually aggressive. This is the primary reason why men are so vulnerable to false rape accusations; I haven’t even got my numbers into the triple digits (yet) and I’ve been formally accused once, and implicitly accused more times than I care to share.

The reason for this is that our beta male judges don’t know game. They don’t know that, if you’re a man and you want to get laid, YOU are expected to be the mover in the interaction. You’re supposed to be the one who’s aggressively passing her shit tests, plowing through resistance, and taking her by the hand and leading her.

Now, of course, while you’re doing this, you should be aware of any subtle changes in her body language. Is she uncomfortable? Does she not want to do this? Should you stop? But the beta male judges have no clue about how to seduce women; they don’t understand the nuances of body language and of emotional sub-communication well enough to see the trap that men have been put into.

The Trap

"Rock, Hard Place" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Here is, essentially the trap: have ample sex, but risk getting falsely accused of rape, or simply die a virgin. It’s really that simple. Talk to anybody who’s been in the game for a while (even just longer than a year should do it).

They’ve likely encountered some form of a false rape allegation. It can be a formal one, like I’ve encountered, or it can be a “she spreads rumors behind your back,” type one, which I’ve also encountered. In both situations, however, I found that the odds were against me. Again, it was for a very simple reason: beta male authority figures don’t recognize the necessity of sexual assertiveness if a man wants to get laid.

This is why she can say things like “A-And then h-h-he…he went put his penis in without asking me! RAPE!” When in reality, she sucked his dick, pulled her panties off, and grinded her vagina against him, biting her lip and moaning. Any man with half a god damn brain KNOWS that these body language signs mean that she wants you to fuck her. But again, to the average beta male chump who doesn’t have game, he’ll only see the verbal side of things, and assume that the man raped her (when he clearly didn’t).

And Then There’s This


And to make matters worse, some women even WANT you to “rape” them. This is a well-known phenomena to many of the players in the manosphere. It is not at all uncommon for women to respond extremely favorably when you pin them down, smack them, and choke them.

In fact, as others have alluded to on ROK, sometimes women even say “NO!” but when the man backs off, she asks him “Why did you stop? I wanted you to keep going!” Combine this with our 50-Shades-of-Grey culture where every young, stupid girl who’s even slightly literate is reading this pathetically written dribble, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Ever girl nowadays thinks she’s into “rough sex,” because that’s what all her friends are doing, and it’s what sexy romance novels talk about. That’s why it’s very common for girls to regret having sex the next morning; they feel ashamed that they asked a man to smack her and call her a slut, like they read about in 50 Shades of Grey.

Alpha Males Can’t Speak Up


Ironically enough, even the people who KNOW these things can’t say anything, because again, women control the social narrative. It doesn’t matter if you have a job as a doctor, netting you $150,000 a year. If you speak out against the social narrative, you’ll lose your job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a charity worker; if you speak out against the social narrative, you’ll lose your job. And if you’re a politician or a judge? You’ll not only lose your job, but you’ll lose your entire reputation.

Why is this? Well, it’s simple really: the beta males are far too many. For every man who’s aware of the truth of false rape accusations, there’s at least a dozen who think that women would never lie about such a thing, when in fact, it’s the thing they’re most likely to lie about. The fundamental problem here is that there are too many brainwashed beta males.

The Importance of Beta Males

Interestingly enough, however, there’s an ideal number of brainwashed beta males that we need. Why? It’s simple—if all we have is alpha males who just go around fucking hoes left and right, we wouldn’t be able to have a civilization. In order to have a civilization, we need a certain number of beta males to believe in “true love,” and whatever other nonsense the mainstream media promotes. This way, they’ll settle down, and take the “well trodden path,” of getting a degree and working for a corporation. This makes a society stable.

The problem is that when there’s TOO MANY of them, they start infiltrating every single area of our society. No longer is the beta male confined to menial tasks and labor, but he’s now the district attorney. He’s now the mayor, the president; he’s now the news anchor. The beta males now have influence.

So What Do We Do?


Men, I would like to propose a two part strategy: part reaction and part action. On one hand, we can’t be foolish; the social narrative still has an enormous amount of power, and so do the judges that enforce it. On the other hand, however, we have to take action to stop this madness or else it will never end.

So I propose that we prepare ourselves for the worst. Read this article on how to prevent false rape accusations. Learn how to screen women that are likely to falsely accuse you (I wish I’d known this earlier). In addition to this, start taking action. If you’re EVER falsely accused of rape, and you have the financial means to do so, COUNTER-SUE.

Stop sitting around complacently and start standing up for yourself; encourage other men to be more masculine by working out, taking a martial art, or going clubbing together. Our number one weapon in this war is information. The feminists fight facts with feelings, but all of the feelings in the world don’t change the bitter truth of false rape accusations.

Start spreading the word, but be extremely careful—don’t you dare say any of this if there’s women in the group, or a single beta male. Conversation about the prevalence of false rape accusations should be limited to close buddies who you know aren’t chodes. Start getting the word out to more and more men.

Share articles about the UVA rape hoax, support alternative media sites like ROK, Danger and Play, or Breitbart. Show the feminists that you will not tolerate their bullshit. This is the only way out, men. There is no going back. We either fight our way out of this hell, or let it consume us. The choice is yours.

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