With the price tag for a college education climbing to ridiculous new heights, and with the glut of baristas sporting college degrees clogging up the traditional job market, it really pays for any red pill male to think outside the box and acquire vital, high-demand skills which will set him apart from the herd, while giving him a solid foundation to weather any and all financial storms that might assail him in the future.

Here are 10 solid ways you can navigate outside the box very quickly and acquire invaluable skills, great-paying jobs, and vitally important connections, while spending very little (or zero) money in the process.

1. Web Design

Web Design Comp - 525 x 350

This is a huge field, and once you get it down, you’ll have a skill that virtually every businessperson can use, including yourself.  You can buy website-building software to get started, no need to learn to write code initially. Writing code is something you might do down the road, although it can become completely unnecessary once you become proficient with the software-building program of your choice. Just follow the instructions that come with the website-building software, and get busy.

2. Writing

Writing 2

Write anything and everything you can possibly write—and do it often. Good writers are in high demand and knowing how to express yourself is a vital skill, even if you don’t get paid for it.

3. Videography

Camera 2 Use 525 x 350

Buy a decent HD digital camera for starters, and learn how to shoot and edit films by yourself, using the readily available instructional material that you can read for free online. (Google this—“no film school”—for starters.)

You can use that website you learned how to build to market your wares, and you can start by shooting your buddies’ weddings, and you can parlay that within your own town and shoot property videos for real estate agents, as just a couple of examples.

There are tons of businesses that need the help of good videographers and filmmakers—industrial films, for example, are big business.

4. Film And TV Acting

Movie Acting - 525 x 350

Acting is reading lines exactly the way that you would say them if you were in the character’s shoes, and nothing more. It’s a great way to have a part-time job that pays extremely well, and occasionally you can actually find a non-SJW role to play; the myth here is, “Acting is so competitive.” True, but so is plumbing. And if you are a good plumber, you can always find work—same with acting.

I suggest anybody and everybody try this one, no matter what their age and no matter what their look or body type. It all boils down to being yourself, despite what you might think. And there is high demand for actors in films (both commercial and industrial, especially the latter) of all ages, and all body types, and all looks.

Getting an agent is easy. You can either compile a resume of fake acting credits, which about half of all actors do, or play it straight and admit you have no experience (prepare for a long wait for that first job if you play it on the level—hint, hint); then go and get a headshot photo taken or take one by yourself, and have about a hundred 8″ x 10″ black-and-white prints made up.

Then go agent shopping, using the following search engine query to locate them in your neck of the woods: “theatrical agents” +”your city”; or “talent agencies” +”your city.”

An agent is nothing more than a pimp who gets around 10% of your eventual action, for sending your resume and head shot out to casting directors. They could care less who you are, or what you are, and they will submit your credentials to every project in town that needs an actor fitting your description.

Legitimate agents will not ask you for money. If you encounter an agent who charges an up-front fee, walk away—it’s a scam.

Practice reading lines at home. And use that HD video camera I suggested you get in No. 3 above, to record yourself while you practice. Then, just go out on auditions whenever your agent lines one up for you, maintain your frame, and get the job.

Getting an acting job is exactly like getting laid—the cocky guy with the attitude, an outgoing manner and no fear usually wins.

5. Voiceover Acting

Voice Over Actor - 525 x 350

You can practice this at home by recording your own voice as you read advertising copy. If you have a decent speaking voice, you can find voiceover work once you get the agent that I suggested you get in No. 4 above.

Most radio and TV spots are 30 seconds or 60 seconds. After you record a few commercials (audio only), play them back and write out the lines. Then practice the 30-second or 60-second voiceover pieces. If you do this long enough, you’ll get good at it.

This mean extra money on the side for you, once you start working, and women love actors and voiceover dudes—you’ll get more pussy than you can shake your stick at.


6. Stand-Up Comedy

Comedy 495 x 350

Work the kinks out of a three- to five-minute routine at home, and then go practice it at any comedy club that allows comics to perform for free (the typical length for a bit at open mic night is between three and five minutes).

You can eventually make some decent money traveling the country once you get it down. And most comics suck, which is a very good incentive. And women love fucking comedians, too, even if the comedians aren’t that good (an even better incentive).

(Warming up the audience is the key to success here—interact with phantom club-goers as you practice your act. “Hey, blonde in the front row, have you ever dated a guy who smelled so bad you wanted to puke?” Once you recruit them to your cause, they’ll laugh at anything.)

If you get good enough at it, you might wind up writing comedy scripts for TV or movies, or being a headliner at comedy clubs.

7. Bartending

Bartender 467 x 350

This is pretty easy to do, and you can memorize drink recipes and practice at home; use colored water in bottles to represent different liquor types, and make labels for different liquors and paste them on the bottles; once you can jam and make drinks quickly, go get a job. You might need to attend bartender’s school to get a certificate, but that’s no biggie.

Once you get good at your craft, you can work at better and better establishments. Some bartenders make really great money and the hot women you can ultimately bang are legion.

8. Mentor Advice Extraction

Rich Man Mentor - 524 x 350

Ask every single accomplished older male with whom you come in contact, what the single best piece of advice is, that he might give you. You’ll be amazed at how this can turn into instant job offers, especially if you single out men who look successful, and you do this wherever you can hoist a glass of beer or have an alcoholic beverage.

In addition, you will reap tons of hard-won insider wisdom that you can’t get at school—and that, my friend, is worth its weight in gold. Most older man enjoy passing hard-won knowledge to inquisitive, respectful young dudes—it’s hardwired into their DNA to help mentor the next generation.

If you are polite and respectful when you approach them, and if you offer to buy them a drink right after you start chatting, most of them will not only roll over and spill their guts, they will start taking an interest in your future. And that can lead to instant opportunities.

9. Specialized Food Service

Food Service 527 x 350

Select a small number of recipes you really like—perhaps a few that your grandmother or mother passed along to you—and go and get a food cart along with a food vendor’s license.

If you are getting $8 for a sandwich, and it only costs you $1.50 to make it, the profit can add up fast, and this is especially true when it comes to beverages, which is where you can really make a profit (let’s say you buy a can of Coke for 20 cents apiece, and you sell it for $1.50, or whatever—the profit adds up quickly).

You might just wind up with your own restaurant, or your own online food service, with specialty foods that you can market using that website that you know how to build if you followed my advice in No. 1, above. (As an example of this, I have an ex-girlfriend who makes designer cupcakes and ships them all over North America—I’m still friendly with the ex, in case you were wondering. She’s hot and smart, why burn the bridge…)

Everybody has to eat and you can damn well take advantage of that fact…

10. Specialized Niche Development

Outside the Box 1 - 524 x 350

Think outside the box and dream up additional niche ideas for yourself. The overall goal here is to become as indispensable to as many businesses and people as possible.

Nobody has any more potential than you do – they just might have better connections or a better head-start.

So outwork them…and above all else, believe in yourself. And don’t second-guess yourself – just man-up and do it. Fear is definitely the prison…

In my humble opinion, No. 10 above is the most important…but they are all solid ways to raise your game and stay ahead of the snarling pack.

To my way of thinking, sharing your own personal advice on this matter, will only serve to help any man who longs to break free from the misery of being a hamster on the Traditional Employment Treadmill. I’m sure that many readers here at ROK will be able to add a few of their own tips and ideas to this list, and I hope they will do so.

Always think outside the box, young squires, or the box will indeed suffocate you.

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