Unless you have a younger sibling, you probably don’t know what the generation after millennials (Generation Z) is like. The following email from a 16-year-old girl to ROK shows that they could be the most degenerate and dysfunctional generation of humans that the world has ever seen. Her analysis confirms what I already know about them based on the information shared to me by my two young brothers.

I’ve been wanting to write this ever since I read your piece on an e-mail you received from a 17 year old girl. Reading what she said to you meant a lot to me because it confirmed in my mind that there are more people out there that don’t agree with everything going on in our world right now, more than I thought.

After reading the comments on it I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether or not I would say something and I decided that I would.

My generation (I’m 16) is getting worse every day. As someone who has had Twitter for a while, I’ve been front row the last few years to the craziness of people who I used to consider my closest friends. The social justice movement is a sham filled with narcissistic people. You definitely already know this. However, I want to share with you further on some of my own experiences.

Back in 2012 when I first made a Twitter, I talked to many different people, many of which still use their accounts. Just four years ago these girls seemed normal enough, happy, and content with their lives. Just as an estimate, I would say these girls were around 12-13-14 years old back then. Early high school and late middle school ages. Back then, not a single one of them talked anything about having a different gender identity or sexuality.

Youth are increasingly identifying as pansexual and gender fluid

Now, only four years later, it would be extremely difficult for me to even choose a small handful of those people who have not came out as something. Back in 2013, it was being bisexual. Now, pansexual is the new favorite “sexuality” among everyone on Twitter. These days, it is not “good enough” to be gay. The more “oppressed” you are, the better. People who identify as pansexual love it because they can on the outside seem “oppressed” while they can still date and be attracted to males publicly. This is how it works. Changing your sexual identity to one of these insane inventions is a fast, easy, and mess-free way for people to get rid of privilege points.

Being “gender-fluid” is also another new popular trend. People saying they are gender-fluid can get away with being “oppressed” without actually having to go through the entire gender-change hormone thing that people with real mental dysphoria do. They can dress the same, adopt “they-them” pronouns and pretty much lead life exactly the same as before. Then, there are the genuinely confused and stupid (be careful using the word stupid, it’s extremely ableist. I was attacked last week for saying it) people that identify as “male” because they don’t like stereotypically girly things like wearing dresses and makeup. When did not liking to wear something become enough to believe you are something else than what you really are?

I know for a fact these people are doing all of this for attention. I know you probably already have come to that conclusion, but I want to make it extremely clear that these people know exactly what they are doing.

Youth are faking mental illness for attention

I also want to talk about mental illness. I vaguely recall someone on ROK or possibly somewhere else talking about how my generation is full of people who are depressed, suicidal, among others. Let me come out right now and say this is false. People on Twitter, while they preach against people “romanticizing” mental illness, are actually doing this themselves.

An old friend (I no longer talk to her) once had an open conversation with me about how she was faking being depressed and suicidal on her social media. She was going to a therapist, took medication, and to anyone else might genuinely seem like someone with a problem. However, she opened up to me after feeling bad that she was lying to me about it. I wish I still had the messages, but I don’t as this was about a year ago. But I can recall her saying that she did it because she didn’t feel there was anything special about her and she did it because she wanted to make friends.


If this is not pure insanity I really don’t know what is. This girl was taking medication for a mental illness she did not have. She knew she didn’t have it. She was in no way confused about how she felt. She didn’t directly say she was doing it for attention, but I think anyone with eyes could understand that was exactly what it was about.

These people are manipulative and it will only get worse as time goes on. I’ve watched each of my friends of many years succumb to this madness and now I feel like the last one standing. I’m terrified that I’m going to be the next one to be brought into this absolute craziness.

Living in a large city in the US it’s hard for me to get away from all of this. I go to a public school and my only way to separate myself from these people is to not talk to anyone at school at all, but I don’t think that’s very healthy either.

14-year-old girl has neverending supply of “boyfriends”

I also feel extremely vulnerable to all of this because I seem to be exactly what people on ROK believe is the makeup for disaster: I live in a single mom household. I still talk to my dad everyday, but he lives across the country from me. I look at my older sister and I see someone who has had nonstop different boyfriends from the age of 14. I don’t want to think that I’m going to end up like that but sometimes I can’t help wondering. But I’ve been doing everything I can to try and stop that from happening.

Still, I’ve never had a boyfriend. Maybe that’s because since moving out here a few years ago I have barely spoken to anybody in school, let alone guys. The only friends I have that I have known in real life are from where I moved from, and maybe 2 or 3 from the last school I went to here. So far this has been working out well for me. I don’t have to see these people everyday so maybe that’s helping me from being influenced by them. But I’m entering my senior year of high school now and I can’t help but feel worried about it. I could be next.

However, like I said before I’ve been doing everything I can to stop myself from going down a bad path. Over the last few months specifically I’ve made a few friends online who share the same thoughts as myself on all of this. It feels better to be talking to people that I don’t have to lie about what I believe in. I remember about two months ago one of them mentioned that she read your articles too and I can’t express how shocked I was that I wasn’t the only one.

If you don’t agree with social justice, you must hide

I guess what I mainly want to say is that it’s my personal belief now that there are many young people who don’t agree with the social justice movement. They are hiding, but they are there. The girls I’ve become friends with are good people. Mainly I wanted to say this because the comments on the piece about the 17 year old girl seemed all very discouraged that the girl sending you that e-mail was fake. Personally I think it was real. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. All I know is that even if it was fake, there are still real people out there because I know them.

I know it says to add a photo, but I’m not going to because the threat of being found out is way too risky. The idea of existing the next year in school with people who know I’ve written this or that I read your website is terrifying and I don’t want to risk it. Not to say that I think you would post it, but I think you understand well how dangerous it is today to put your information out there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Whether or not it will mean anything to you, I don’t know, but I just wanted to put it out there.

There should be nothing shocking in this email to ROK readers. Because the culture has yet to hit rock bottom, I fully anticipate the post-millennial generation to shock us with forms of deviancy and stupidity that we have never before seen.

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