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“If you were a president or a influential congressional member, how would you encourage nationalism without neglecting minority groups such as blacks, latinos, asians, etc? Since those groups do have political and financial power. Also how would you keep nationalism in check to prevent another world war since keep in mind that nationalism and militarism were the primary causes of WWI and a factor (not the primary cause) of WWII.” (JANE PETERSON)

“If Trump fails to deliver on what you expect and/or is a disappointment, what do you recommend we do?” (MERCENARY)

“If you became president, what executive orders would you make the first day in office?” (SAGETTAURUS)

“What is the actual end goal of causing division and chaos with BLM/Islamic “refugees” etc? Cause enough fear that they can implement martial law? What is the point? I see that the point of global trading, immigration, and feminism is economic due to cheap labor and increased tax revenue, but what is the point of causing racial division in the US? What is the end game of having sharia in Europe? Or are the powers-that-be just naive?” (SLIM SHADY)

“Cops quite readily violate probable cause and other such statutes, and lie to get their way – often supported by other cops and courts to charge especially young people with frivolous yet serious crimes. Yet, after the BLM bullshit we have forgotten about these violations and become “pro-cop”. How do you reconcile the real infringements on freedom by officers while not giving ground to race-baiting terrorists?” (SLIM SHADY)


“While organizations such as Black Lives Matter are dangerous and need to be stopped, it has become obvious in their inaction that the police are handcuffed by bureaucrats, while average citizens are being jailed for ludicrous offenses on a daily basis. What are your feelings on holding police accountable for 1) Their inaction when groups like BLM disrupt peaceful meetings (like the Young Republicans gathering at Depaul) and 2) Continuing to enforce immoral and unconstitutional laws that enable gun confiscation, seizure of assets, false rape accusations, and unfairly targeting and arresting men during domestic violence encounters?” (DJDJDJ)

“Do you think that any American leader (Trump or anybody else) can reverse this third-wave, toxic feminism or is America simply too far gone? Another way of asking this is: after the meetup outrage in Feb, have you given up on America?” (JOHN QUINCY)

“I have alleged that bringing men into the RoK-sphere is a step-by-step process. First we convince mainstream Republicans to the anti-feminist side, then expose them more and more to the RoK. I seriously doubt mainstream America will go from embracing the gender equality message to Roosh V overnight. And we need mainstream America to convert. Why do you antagonize female anti-feminists?” (JOHN QUINCY)

“What should be the #1 medium-term strategic goal of the nationalist/patriot wave? In my mind, it’s destroying the media. Do you have a different assessment?” (LIBERTAS)

“As a man on a college campus, how can I fight against feminism?” (JUSTIN)

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