Once upon a time, the United States was a land of astounding entrepreneurial activity, relatively free from the shackles of government red tape and absolutely no social justice intrusion on the endeavors of men.  This “republic of science” as the founding fathers desired, was exactly the kind of USA that allowed civilization-changing inventions such as light bulbs, telephones, and airplanes to come into being well over 100 years ago.

NO big daddy government, NO cancerous human resources, and NO shrieking SJW’s required back in those days.

However in recent decades, as globalism was pushed, government regulations increased, and retarded leftist agendas began infecting the workplace, the United States started to fall behind while less “diversity” focused countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea were able to play a serious game of catch up.

So what can we do to help reclaim some of our former entrepreneurial glory? Especially for things which aren’t directly involved in creating botched F-35 fighter jets or degenerate Silicon Valley smartphone apps which help people find threesomes?

Now forgetting about Donald Trump for a minute, one of the best possible ways we can “Make America Great Again” is to give more freedom and power back to the non-leftist entrepreneur, especially those who wish to create a brick-and-mortar operation that is going to provide a tangible service or product (i.e. not a “Buzzfeed” imitation website or impotent “awareness” non-profit organization).

This article will address three rights that all American businesses should have, without being subject to mass ridicule, boycotts, fines, or cease-and-desist notices for their implementation. It’s just a few examples, but vital examples nonetheless for getting back on the right track.

1. No Virtue Signaling


You are in the business of innovation and making money, not partially kowtowing to some opportunistic social justice initiative which is the hottest thing of the hour. Focusing 100% of your efforts to maximizing profit, thus being able to provide the best possible quality of life for yourself and your family, is both your prime directive and your only directive.

You should not feel compelled to tithe a small percentage of your earnings to some kind of Western civilization destroying charity, nor give two shits about the latest eye-rolling “awareness” campaign. By all means, participate in such things on your own time and under your own free will if you feel compelled, but virtue signaling should not have to be tied into your creative mission.

Unfortunately, SJW’s will pressure you about these things if you don’t. I mean what are you, some kind of greedy “racist” or “bigot”? Or maybe you’re just “ignorant”?

Whatever. As former President Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) said, “The business of America is business.” It is not about promoting homosexuality, cultural degeneracy, or some other “social justice” endeavor along with your services like Starbucks does.

2. Hiring Only The Best Candidates

The ability to hire only the best qualified candidates for available jobs in the United States exists in theory, but the practical reality is that if your business is overwhelmingly staffed by white males (or to a smaller extent a white male-Asian male hybrid like many tech companies) you are setting yourself up for an ongoing hurricane of bad publicity and SJW complaints.

News flash: “diversity” has absolutely no inherent value whatsoever. The Apollo Program which led to the moon landings, the greatest achievement in technology and human endeavor of all time, was staffed almost entirely by white male Ph.D’s. They were the best possible candidates for the job, and they got the job done extremely well.

apollo program

A successful failure: Apollo 13 ground crew (1970) worked day and night to help bring the astronauts back safe and sound in one of the best examples of workplace cohesion, ingenuity, and teamwork in human history. (Notice the lack of diversity)

Now fast forward to the 2010’s, where technology companies have been under scrutiny for being overwhelmingly staffed by white and Asian males (and particularly Asians in relation to their overall population).


SJW initiatives to diversify tech companies with more women, blacks, and Latinos have come at a huge expenditure in time, money, and effort. That is, time, money, and effort which could have been entirely focused on creating new products and services to maximize financial returns for these companies.

Why should you have to be saddled with such a coerced affirmative action or diversity headache by HR and SJW’s? Being able to hire only the best possible candidates, taking in zero consideration for race or gender, will help ensure that you will have the most cohesive and productive work environment possible.

Ok lady, now give me just one example of how a technology company achieved greater business results which was directly attributed to somebody’s gender or race…

3. Full Bill Of Rights Protection

bill of rights zelda

Thanks Thomas J!! Now it’s time to make some rupees!

You as an entrepreneur should have the sanctity of the U.S. Bill of Rights apply to your business and your workplace.

The 1st Amendment (freedom of religion, speech, and association) should, for example, protect a baker from the butt hurt wrath of homosexual social justice warriors just because he didn’t want to bake them a damn wedding cake.

(The customer is violating the entrepreneur’s right to diligently follow his religious beliefs regarding traditional marriage, and express his non-violent opinion on the matter without retribution. Chick-fil-A ran into this same problem back in 2012).

The 2nd amendment (right to bear arms) should apply to all entrepreneurs, even in regressive blue states which put heavy restrictions on concealed carry permits. You should have the right to be able to protect your business, and your valued customers, from nefarious forces which may desire to empty your wallets or cash registers of every penny inside.

The 1st and 2nd amendments will be the most applicable in day-to-day operations, but all other constitutional rights should be there for your protection as an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, most SJW’s hate freedom of expression and gun rights (and often Christianity too). If you want your constitutional rights to work in your favor, you are going to have to fight for them in a regressive leftist world. After all, freedom of speech isn’t free.



Nothing inherently wrong with this non-diverse Huffington Post staff meeting, if they weren’t such flaming leftist hypocrites

In short, Human Resources departments and virtue signaling social justice warriors live to make life a non-stop migraine for libertarian or conservative minded entrepreneurs. That is, people who just want to run a smooth and successful business and then call it a day, without having to kowtow to a leftist agenda which is being permeated in all aspects of day-to-day life.

By applying these rights to all American entrepreneurs, which combine Austrian economics with masculine principles, they can be more diligently focused on product innovation, customer satisfaction, stacking papers, and providing a secure environment for everyone involved.

Addressing a make-believe workplace problem like not having enough peroxide-blond transsexual Muslim black females on the company payroll will simply be a non-issue.

Those who are “triggered” by these rights are free to leave the establishment and retreat back to their safe spaces and adult coloring books. We don’t want your patronage. Now then, let’s get back to business.

The lesson I have to teach is this: Leave all creative energies uninhibited. Merely organize society to act in harmony with this lesson. Let society’s legal apparatus remove all obstacles the best it can. Permit these creative know-hows freely to flow. Have faith that free men and women will respond to the Invisible Hand. – Excerpt from “I, Pencil”. Leonard E. Read (1958)

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