As leftists in denial descended on Cleveland to protest Donald Trump’s Presidential nomination, one group of rabid lesbian feminists and some obsequious, effeminate white knights tried to “confront” Roosh—with hilarious results. After racistly telling him to go back to the Middle East, one blonde lesbian SJW in particular took an extreme liking to the Return Of Kings proprietor. With evidently hardened nipples, she threatened to punch Roosh in the face, right in front of local police monitoring the neighbourhood around the Quicken Arena, site of the Republican National Convention.

In typical SJW fashion, though, the lesbian feminist refrained from carrying out her threat. And, hopefully because of the gravity of the event and the potential presence of more serious violence elsewhere, the police did not arrest her, as they almost certainly would have if a male of one political persuasion threatened to punch a female of another one. Along with her fellow lesbian misfits, the blonde lesbian SJW then proceeded to falsely call Roosh a “rapist,” despite earlier refusing to give her name.

There is a probably a good reason why the girl did not identify herself. After all, she could very well be aware that female author S. Jane Gari ran into a lot of trouble this year for making a similar spurious allegation, where litigation is pending. Conveniently, for a group that falsely called Roosh a rapist, the blonde lesbian SJW and her friends did a great job of deliberately hanging around him. So much for trigger warnings and the need for personal safety from supposedly big, bad men.


Lesbian showing off her hairy armpits.

Tellingly, like a bunch of mollycoddled kindergarteners, their libelous song of “rapist” quickly fizzled when they did not get the reaction they desired. In a world where fake rape accusations usually make a man drag a pretend tail through his knees, Roosh presented an example that others can follow. He simply lapped up the attempted taunts of the lesbian SJWs and their feminized male companions. The SJWs were subsequently stunned and distraught at his indifference. Bear in mind, too, that Roosh is a man who has been literally hounded, slandered and/or hunted by mayors of major metropolises like Toronto and Montreal, weak-minded celebrities like Jemaine Clement, mobs of bar-goers, and hundreds of newspapers.


The power of mindset and recorded video trumps SJW lies

Face down the barrel once and you can do it again.

Already schooled after the libelous chants, the lesbian feminist SJWs turned to displaying their prodigious underarm hair for the camera. How exactly a group of people who claim to be concerned about rape are able to switch the subject to their lack of feminine hygiene beggars belief. Oh wait, it doesn’t, as this previous video of the lesbian feminist SJWs demonstrates. Akin again to schoolchildren, they use the “power” of clapping, bad dancing, tone-deaf chanting (“Trump hates kittens!”), and swinging around in circles to apparently change the world. The conservative preacher they want to face down merely continues his street sermon.

In addition to Roosh’s recording of the epic SJW backdown, Mike Cernovich also captured the lesbian feminists’ later pathetic retreat on Periscope. As he filmed the vanquished leftist cowards, Cernovich made the astute point that when cameras roll, SJWs are not whole. They cannot in these situations later make their typical false allegations of assault or sexual assault. Rather, they are exposed for the zombie, cowardly sheep that they are.

Points Roosh made during the main Periscope video need to be discussed as well. Just as he predicted within earshot of them, the lesbian feminist SJWs soon ran out of energy, folded their arms, and turned their backs to form a safe space. The best they could muster after the ill-fated chanting against him was to tell him and his companion “to go kill yourselves.” When that failed, they had nothing else in their arsenal or womanly toolkit to use.

Another insight is the average SJW’s inherent insecurity. Having been told by their compatriots that they’re beautiful, calling them ugly, as happened in the video, immediately torpedoes their air-filled self-esteem. So does calling their bluff, such as when Roosh dared the threatening blonde lesbian feminist to strike him as she had vowed to. The final humiliation, filming them on camera after their retreat, probably caught them at the exact same time that they half-realized the stupidity of letting themselves be filmed whilst acting so childishly and stupidly. Having been challenged, they sunk back into their proverbial chairs, never to be heard of again.

Onwards and upwards for Roosh and Return of Kings–and our readers

The smirk of a winner.

We should not be complacent, but the inability of SJWs to keep their fury going shows that we can weather storms and come out fine on the other end. And even when the fury is long-term, we can keep going. Roosh’s efforts against the SJWs this week is a microcosm of that reality. Plus, outrage earlier in the year against our planned meet-ups, inasmuch as they involved serious threats of violence, did not ultimately derail us.

Win or lose in November, the rise of Donald Trump augurs well for Roosh and Return of Kings, too. So does the continued presence of viewpoints like ours through other outlets, whether at Breitbart or via Twitter-banned anti-political correctness crusaders like Chuck Johnson. So, right now, you as readers are surrounded by positive examples of how to face down SJWs who attack you for who you are and what you believe. Of course, be careful to not expose yourself too much, especially in the workplace, but you can soldier on when the critics come after you.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the butthurt lesbian feminist SJWs consoling each other amongst their puddle of tears. Hopefully they’ve shaved their armpits by now.

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