When I wrote my last article on MGTOW, I was glad to see that many people saw the movement for what it was, including many former members who had decided to leave the group after realizing that it was poisonous to their drive for life. And I am encouraged to believe that there are many more men affiliated with MGTOW who will also realize that there is an alternative path once they’re shown the way.

Man doesn’t thrive with complacency that is indirectly (perhaps directly) promoted by MGTOW, he demands more from life. Once a man believes that he can improve his station in life instead of being stuck in it, I believe that he will get moving. If you are a MGTOW who is feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied with the group, here is a guide to get you started to a new life. As for any man who is proud to call himself a MGTOW, spare yourself the triggering and stop reading here; this is not meant for you. That is, unless you enjoy outrage reading like the feminists.

1. Recognize MGTOW for what it is

First, you must understand why MGTOW exists and what bring these men together. MGTOW may have started with the right intent of defying the gynocentric system that exploits men, but it has quickly turned into a congregation of young men who come together to validate each other’s bitterness and frustration. Instead of doing anything to improve their lives, the majority of MGTOW feel the need to attack anyone who suggests self-improvement because it reminds them of their own lack of effort (just note how often they come to this site to spew their hatred instead of staying in their own sphere).

And for all the cries about society “shaming” them, the members of the MGTOW are the most vitriolic group today (along with the feminists) that constantly shames men for sharing tips on improving their lives. I can somewhat accept bitchy behavior from feminists as they’re women, but to watch these “men” throw a hissy fit over articles on attracting women or becoming a better man (none of which they were forced to read) is both hilarious and cringeworthy at the same time.

Ask yourself: what compels a man who has supposedly “gone his own way” to come to a site they claim to hate, read an article on attracting women which they clearly don’t care for, then leave a comment to “shame” and attack other men? Simple: jealously and insecurity.

MGTOW also claim that their group isn’t about rejecting sex altogether, but as soon as another man makes even the slightest effort to have a relationship with a woman, they go apeshit about how he is a “slave to pussy” or a “PUA loser” (for some reason, they think anyone who has sex with a woman is automatically a “PUA.” I’m sure only a very small number of writers and readers of ROK are actual PUA’s).

Many of these men have a twisted worldview where all relationship between men and women are either slavery through marriage or a charade by men dressed like clowns who are desperate for sex. Some even develop more bizarre conspiracy theories where every word or action of another male group is an effort to force marriage or sell books on pick-up. Their mind is so warped that simply having a different perspective on man and society gets interpreted as advocating hatred or violence against the entire male population “just to get laid.”

To escape this men-rejecting-women-not-being-rejected-by-them club, you must recognize that the MGTOW inseminates damaging ideas about life and the world and poisons the soul with negativity. Just as feminism grew beyond from a movement for equality, MGTOW has grown beyond its original purpose.

There are couple of MGTOW contributers whose videos I’ve actually enjoyed, but the majority of their followers are men who are stuck and lost. Bitterness and even anger is normal for those who take the red pill, but perpetually staying in that stage is unnatural. If validation and venting out anger is all that you seek, sure, knock yourself out. However, if you want more from life, you need to get out of the bubble and see the world with different eyes.


2. Drop the loser mentality

MGTOW Logic 101: “Stop shaming men!” … “PUA pussy worshiper!”

All things considered, MGTOW, ROK, and other men’s groups have more things in common than the differences. We all recognize the disease that is feminism and we are all faced with the new realities that modern society has to offer for men. The main difference really comes down to mentality.

Most members of MGTOW suffer from a fixed mentality where they don’t see the possibility of things getting better for themselves. Instead of making things work despite the odds, these men want to disengage and be complacent. That is fine if you want to settle, but for those who want more from life, you must choose to fight. To change, you must first fix your mentality so that you believe in your ability to grow and demand more from yourself.

Another thing would be to grow a thicker skin and not take general criticism of MGTOW personally. I thought MGTOW wasn’t even a group or a movement? Why would you feel slighted if you’ve gone your own way and the criticism doesn’t even apply to you? I suspect that many MGTOW members love to insult other men who they perceive as being better than they are because their fixed mindset doesn’t allow for self-growth. Instead, they must bring others down to their own level with their toxic negativity just to feel better about themselves. Don’t be like that.

3. Know that withdrawal and giving up isn’t the option

If this is how they actually think, I’m not surprised they see MGTOW as a safe haven. These individuals are no different from the feminist fat-acceptance movement.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to strive for tangible results rather than moping about how bad the system is. We already all know what a raw deal marriage can be in the West, there’s no point rehashing that fact over and over again once you are already aware of it. What matters is what you’re willing to do in response.

You can either try to find a woman who is a wife material (and go abroad if you have to) or reject marriage and all other forms of relationship with women. But constantly reminding yourself and advertising to everyone else that you’re a MGTOW—to a point of criticizing those who have successful relationship with women—is petty and unproductive.

4. Take steps towards changing your life

If you’re a MGTOW who is already keeping himself busy with various activities, good, keep it up. But if you’re the kind to trawl the internet for hours at a time, looking for things that validate your beliefs while attacking anything that challenges them, you should get off your computer and do something else. You must escape from your complacency. Try new things, do things you are avoiding, learn something new, travel and meet women who are not poisoned by feminism. Do something beyond the same old things that burn your time. Just don’t get trapped in your own mental prison.

To conclude, I must stress again that I know there are MGTOW with the right idea keeping themselves productive for their own sake. I also couldn’t care less for those who pride themselves in accomplishing nothing and feeling proud just for saying they’re “going his own way.” But those who’ve only been exposed to MGTOW without knowing that there are other available options out there should be aware of them so that they can make their choice.

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