As the saying goes, come to a man for a solution to a problem; sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. One of the predictable responses from the narrative, whenever a woman is a victim of a crime, is to treat her activities and behavior up to the moment of said crime as absolutely impeccable in order to magnify her victimhood and maintain the illusion of feminist power over all events, everywhere. Suggestions of taking responsibility for your own safety, on the other hand, cause the feminists to bring out the knives, and we’re going to take a look at why that is.

Girls just “having fun”

The common story approved by the narrative is that one or two girls are either traveling abroad, or out partying, and they encounter a man, or men, who proceed to isolate them from their group, and take advantage of their inebriation, or at least their weaker physiques, have their way with them, and often kill them, sometimes even dismembering their bodies afterwards.

But she’s just having fun.

In the outpouring of grief from their friends and families that follows, any questioning of the details of what she or they were doing that led up to the tragedy is immediately condemned as “victim blaming,” as if there could only be one party at a time making bad decisions, and that abducting a girl from her bedroom in her parents’ house in Suburbia, USA and killing her is no more heinous than that same girl being snatched while she stumbled back to her resort after drinking in a not-so-safe part of Mexico and receiving the same.

Such is the psychology of the left. Instead of admitting that, perhaps, pretty women might want to take a little more care in the environs in which they associate, the victims are held up as yet another martyr to the feminist cause, and nothing is ever learned. Why?

A disclaimer

Before we get to why the above is what it is, I feel obligated to put a disclaimer in here. I don’t, nor do any of us at ROK, condone any sort of assault or rape, or any other violent crime on women, and certainly not murder, even if they made every possible bad decision they could possibly make before such a crime were to happen. If two college girls, on vacation in Mexico, were to decide, after a night of drinking, to streak naked through a neighboring slum controlled by a cartel at 3am, they would not deserve the bad end that would almost certainly befall them in any way. Poor judgment does not merit an execution or violent assault.

The real world

Men, and in particular the men involved in a real occupation where you do something to make the world go, know that no amount of wishing and engaging in mental navel-gazing will change anything in the real world. If a machine breaks at work, I cannot wish it back into operation, I have to go get a spare part, take the thing apart, and fix it before it will work again.

If you mountain-bike through a park that has angry grizzlies, no amount of panicking will stop one of them from eating you. If you are climbing a cliff, and you fall and your safeties do not work, no amount of wishing you can fly will make it happen. If you leave a bar with the wrong guy, and he takes you to his house where his roommate and he take turns on you, then kill you, no amount of screaming and writhing is going to stop a disparity of force. In all these situations, you’re going to die.

Just like this guy, your time to make decisions and influence the outcome was before the attacker saw you.

People who take responsibility for themselves know that they do not control the actions of other people and things, and only can influence their own. I know, despite the fact that I am a big white guy in good health who usually travels around heavily armed and is cynical and suspicious to a fault, that there is a time and a place, and, for a lot of locations, that is not the time or the place for me to be there.

Simple things like, is this a bad area of town? Shouldn’t I be home before midnight? Perhaps I should only have one or two drinks? Maybe I should make sure no one is following me. Is my gun loaded and ready to go?

Shattering of the illusion

The reason for the reflexive hatred of any woman taking responsibility for, well, anything really, but specifically for her safety is that it shatters her carefully constructed reality that she has built for herself over many years of painstaking social conditioning and artificial orders of society. Cognitive dissonance, the bane of all leftists, sets in as she realizes what she has been told, and what she tells others, is simply not so, and new, usually unpleasant, lessons are presented for her to learn.


The first lesson that a woman will learn upon threat or receipt of violence is that this world is not her world. She does not control it, and her wants and desires are really important only to her. An example would be a woman dressed to party, who, while walking to her destination, encounters a man intent on raping her. In her world, the man maintains his distance and does not encroach upon her personal space, let alone her body, and if he does look her way once too many times, she is confident the pepper spray she bought years ago, dusty and buried in the bottom of her purse, will be an effective deterrent.

This does not work.

In the rapist’s world, he waits till she walks by, hits her in the head with a sap, and hauls her behind a convenient hedge.

Whose world is going to win out in this situation, do you think? Her worldview depends on the man in the situation respecting it, otherwise it is broken immediately. The rapist’s worldview, on the other hand, only depended on her being attractive, female, and walking by; her respect for him is unnecessary and irrelevant. This brings us to the second lesson.

Not only is this world not hers, but she is not the baddest thing in this world, either. Woman are genetically smaller and less physically impressive in every category with the exception of longevity than men are. Although the modern woman has convinced herself that “she don’t need no man,” all women know that, in moments of violence, she either does indeed need a man, or she is going to lose.

While there are obvious exceptions like UFC fighters and mean redneck mountain girls, the average Western girl, with her sedentary lifestyle and diet-derived weak physique, will be no match for the majority of men out there, including the heinous ones bent on assault, violence, and murder.

No interest in stopping the violence

Aren’t women opposed to rape? Don’t they understand that, no matter how much they preach the Narrative, some men, especially those from cultures that mistreat women, are not going to care what they think and will rape when given the opportunity?

I don’t think they do, but, more importantly, this is a culture war. I’m a realistic man, I accept that there are evil men in the world, and, while I try to help spread enlightenment, I also protect me and mine from the possibility of their visiting of violence upon me. The anti-rape movement does none of this, and I will show how that is by explaining what I do to protect myself from violence, and how it is the same they could espouse if they wanted to do so.

I carry a gun when I go places. I don’t go places where I can’t carry a gun. I practice with it regularly, and I know the laws of my area. Women can carry guns just as well as men can, but the idea of arming yourself is frequently not thought of until after a rape shatters their liberal illusions that pepper spray is good enough.

I don’t go to bad areas, and I don’t go much of anywhere at bad times. This works for women even better than it works for men. You should never go to unsafe areas, and you should not be anywhere other than where you’re going to be for the night in the late evening, after midnight until about 4am. Oddly enough, it seems pretty safe after 4am, as the only people up are going to work or going hunting.

Lastly, I don’t act the fool. Drinking is fine, but drinking to excess leaves you at a disadvantage. This, also, is better for women, as they tend to get drunk faster off the same amount of booze than men do.

Do you see anyone ever saying this to women? “Carry a gun, don’t go to bad parts of town, go home early, and don’t get hammered”?


I think women indeed want to stop rape crimes from occurring, but I think they want other people to change their ways and conform to an idealistic worldview, as opposed to taking sensible precautions and living in the real world. Any man here owes it to the women he cares about to make sure they are grounded in reality and take real precautions for their safety.

As for the rest of them, while they certainly didn’t ask for it, they did nothing to prevent it, either.

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