Social Justice used to only have an influence on the internet, where the weird kids who never had a voice could share their ridiculous opinions. The bathroom wall has now moved to the web. From allowing a bearded man named Jennifer inside of a woman’s bathroom, to blatantly throwing all science and logic away for feelings and safe zones, the web has become a festering nest of absurdity.

Who would have thought it would ever leave the wild west of the web and enter reality? Who would expect that politicians would begin to take the beliefs of the misfits in earnest?

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

I didn’t. Nor did I foresee that this kind of child think would invade the workplace. Now that it has, if you’re a man you’ll likely be unemployable. If not now, certainly in the future if things continue the way they’re heading. Below are six actions you’ll be ousted from the PC workplace you live in. If you don’t leave on your own accord, you’ll be removed at a time most unexpected. Take these as warnings.

1. Having a non-mainstream opinion


Disagree that Caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful, strong woman? Better keep your mouth shut. Having different opinions results in conflict. Conflict, while promoting growth and innovation, is frowned upon in the workplace. Differences of opinions reminds people that they aren’t in their safe zone, and that bothers them. They feel shame, and don’t know how to use it. Shame is actually one of the most powerful emotions at your disposal, if you know how to use it correctly.

Social cohesion is required when menial tasks are needed to be accomplished. Such is 80% of most general office careers. Bothering a social justice warrior will result in doxxing, and those Facebook pictures from high school being brought directly to HR. A simple disagreement can trigger another to bring all of your past conversations to today’s light. Keep your opinions to yourself. Focus on extracting as many assets as you can while preparing an escape plan. Freedom is the only safety.

2. Speaking your mind

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Your friend at work is just that: a work friend. In a corporate setting everyone around you will do anything to cut their way to the top. Telling Mike and the cool girl “Jenny” about your one night stand this weekend will eventually reach every other person in the office like a viral infection. Anything you say, can and will be used against you.

People need to feel important. Outrage culture has taught us that you don’t have to be remarkable anymore to be special. Whining and complaining will create the same affect. Keep your head down, smile, nod “my weekend was nice thanks.” Anything more, you’ll risk losing your job.

3. Expressing masculinity

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Doing almost anything masculine is a guaranteed way to make someone in the office feel uncomfortable. Think a few decades back—men would wear tailored suits, drink hard liquor, and work was done. There weren’t emotions in the boardroom, there was action.


Now, everyone’s feelings and thoughts needs to be accounted for. If anyone feels left out, or dominated, complaints will rise. The workplace isn’t about getting things done. it’s about casually moving towards a direction while carrying the slack and baggage of those below you. Now speaking of this would offend someone. Even if you think you’re being safe, you still need to turn it down. Just existing can offend and trigger. If someone has a terrible idea, you can no longer say as such. Feelings must be accounted for.

4. A want to become wealthy

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur by creating a startup or app that becomes groundbreaking? Dreams don’t belong in the workplace, compliance does. Having dreams in the workplace is like dousing a forest in kerosene. While nothing will inherently burn up, with one spark everyone catches on fire. Your employer does not care about your dreams. They care about your compliance with their own dreams. Having a job will not guarantee any of your dreams to come true. Large corporations do not want outside ambitious individuals; they want inside ambition.

What does that mean?

They want you to work for them, and achieve all of your goals within their ecosystem. Not yours. They want you to believe that the peak of your greatness is 70k a year when you know it’s millions a month. The worst thing that can happen in a workplace is for employees to realize there is life outside of their cubicle. That their control can go beyond copiers and happy hours. Your goal, according to your employer, needs to be promotion. A dream of becoming self-employed is the owner’s nightmare.


It may motivate others to achieve their dreams, instead of their bosses. Having a purpose is a threat.

5. Being Conservative.

PC culture is here, regardless of whether you want it or not. Don’t agree with gay marriage or the Quran? Say a word of it, you’ll be fired faster than you can say “but I respect your views too.” Social media allows everyone to have a voice, even those that really shouldn’t be speaking that often. Having conservative views has now become a liability in the workplace. Companies now fear a triggering. They fear a blue haired vapor gender becoming offended, then crawling to the Tumblr boards to flame.

Any conservative views you have can and will be used against you. Hilary used to oppose gay marriage. We can see fatal beginnings of PC culture here. If she muttered “no” in today’s regime, she’d be falling from the polls like a comet hell bent on restarting the earth.

6. Having higher standards

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Co-workers don’t want to hear how you spent your Friday night working on a project, reading philosophy or learning how to woodwork. They want to hear how you went to some dive bar, got way too drunk and slept in too late. People who you work with do not want you to accomplish your goals. They want you to stay the same. They want to keep you in the exact position they are. A vicious cycle.

Why would someone do this?

Fear of being left out

Fear of being left out comes from tribal thought and primitive grouping. Since being seen as weaker than the rest of the tribe often ended with being excommunicated from the group. This would result in a loss of assets. Food, water, shelter, safety in numbers. It reminds those who want to pull you down that they have failed or, are in the process of failing their purpose.

The only way to be safe if you are in a hostile environment such as this is to shut your mouth. Remember this adage: “loose lips, sink ships.” If you’re working for another as your primary source of income, you do not want to sink your ship, regardless of how hostile it becomes. That is, until you find a new vessel that’s more suitable for your tastes.

Stay vague. Kill your ego and don’t bring it into an environment as destructive as this. When you’re ready to jump, stay even more shrouded. No one leaves for something worse, and that target on your back will grow larger.

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